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  1. I finished NASCAR Heat 3 and with that my final game of the first tier. Compared to many of the PS3 NASCAR games it's pretty much a walk in the park. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (PS3) NASCAR The Game: Inside Line (PS3) Wolfenstein (PS3) Farming Simulator (PS3) 100% NASCAR Heat 3 (PS4) My second tier will be very racing oriented: MotoGP 09/10 (PS3) IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey (PS3) Project Cars 2 (PS4) WRC 7 (PS4) Assetto Corsa (PS4) That should probably see me through to Christmas considering that it's already June
  2. My computer was shit and now I have one that could leave earth and power its own civilization if it wanted to.
  3. Nothing out of the ordinary. Another announcement just means yet another attempt by Sony to push me back to PC gaming.
  4. I finished Farming Simulator on PS3 last week. The only 3 ultra rare trophies are for collecting 100 horse shoes, which takes about 2,5 hours in total with a guide. The rest of the game is a breeze. After becoming a millionaire idling around you can use your wealth to buy the best equipment to actually farm for a bit and then finally rubberband the 1000km distance trophy. It was fun for what it is, I can understand why people like to play these kind of games legit. Not me though, it's almost June and I still have the first tier to finish. There is one game left for that. I will be using a second swap already, because it turns out that to do Madden NFL 11 you actually need to know quite a lot about American Football. Both the trophy list and the trophy guides I find are total gibberish to me. And to be honest: I would rather have this game sit at 20% forever than spend any time learning about it. So anyway, tier 1: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (PS3) NASCAR The Game: Inside Line (PS3) Wolfenstein (PS3) Farming Simulator (PS3) 100% Madden NLF 11 (PS3) -> Becomes NASCAR Heat 3 (PS4)
  5. On PS Now your friend just plays the PS3 version of the game so it should be no problem playing together.
  6. I will plug GPLaps' video about the game here. That should give you a good idea about what this game is. And definitely check out his channel if you enjoy vintage virtual racing. It's less dirt focused than I thought but still looks pretty cool. Having Eldora and Knoxville is always nice. But I do think it's a bit pricey for a game with only 6 tracks.
  7. Oh boy don't I know it! I am still involved in Indycar Racing 2 on PC, a game from 25+ years ago
  8. NASCAR Heat already has some very solid dirt track action in the latest games. In fact, I think the best quality there is to find in that franchise nowadays is racing the late models on the dirt tracks. So it makes sense to use that engine and create this game from it. I can only hope that they will use the same engine and use it to produce a new World of Outlaws game at some point. That could be a lot of fun.
  9. I'm having it too. No use trying something yourself because this is definitely a PSN issue.
  10. Yay! Thank you
  11. I was planning on finishing up Killzone 3 as my bonus badge but even if I start now I will not be able to complete it I'm afraid. I want to spend the remainder of the month doing relaxing games and not stress myself out over doing a hard walkthrough in time for this event I did complete Wolfenstein for PS3 this month after I did Heavy Rain. Wolfenstein was intended for my Ultra Rare Cleanup games, so not sure if it can count for this then as I already used it for the other event. Technically I'm sure it counts, because it does have online trophies that I managed to boost with a couple of folks right before the servers shut down last year. That was an excellent display of fruitful cooperation between some gamers that had right before that point been complete strangers. See? It counts! (Please accept this game...) Also, it's a very good game and I enjoyed finally cleaning it up.
  12. I don't think you can search with that much detail. We recently had a topic about how much the search functionality is lacking. So your other option may be the better choice. For your example, pick these settings: Order: Rarity PSN Profiles Rarity: Ultra rare Type: Platinum Direction: Pick your king
  13. The biggest problem with that in my opinion is that it went the same last time around. So apparently this is good enough for Sony. If I delivered this quality to a customer I would not get paid, simple as that.
  14. His inputs look identical to a bunch of other guys who got caught with the same analysis and have admitted that they indeed cheated. I think the proof is already there. All that's left is a confession at this point and you don't always get one. His skills are still not really in question, he is a very good player. When he plays live at an event or on stream those runs are legit and you can still be as impressed by them as you were before.
  15. Yeah mate I absolutely agree on that part. I buy a couple of them every once in a while to keep my Vita occupied. It's amazing how many you can store on even a 4Gb memory card. It's no problem to keep the fun ones around after the plat because they hardly take up any space. I would not play this specific type of game myself but I am sure there is a grateful target audience out there for them and I would not want to withhold their fun just because the trophy list is lazy. Or in this case, the game itself supports high speed skipping.
  16. I agree, Laika Rata would not get this much hate if she showed some more titty.
  17. Congrats on finishing it I had about 10 trophies glitch on me on NASCAR Heat 3 so far. You're saying 4 is even worse? Holy crap.
  18. After being one of the very last players to get the online trophies done for this game, I have finally finished Wolfenstein 2009 on PS3. It's a good example of the rarity being completely out of whack with the difficulty (like it is fo so many PS3 games nowadays). It has its spikes on Uber, but nothing that a good strategy can not fix. All in all a pretty good game to be honest, definitely one of my favourite PS3 games so far. Edit: I am going to cheat for this tier and replace WRC 7 with Madden NFL 11 on the PS3. That should be way quicker to complete and then I can make my second tier all ultra rare PS4 racing titles. That will be an excellent excuse to finally go out and buy myself a new racing wheel that I can use for Assetto Corsa on PC too. This means my tier 1 list now looks like this: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (PS3) NASCAR The Game: Inside Line (PS3) Wolfenstein (PS3) Farming Simulator (PS3) Madden NLF 11 (PS3)
  19. I agree. When they started adding more recent games something like a year ago it really looked like they were putting more effort and resources into it. The value of having PS Now really shot up for a moment. That was probably initiated by Google Stadia more than anything, and now that has pretty much failed it seems a lot of urgency is gone. On the other hand, some things will be out of their control like I said. Publishers not renewing licenses to add those games to their own service could be a reason for many of the games that are disppearing at the moment. By the way, if you download a PS4 game that gets removed, can you still play it for an X amount of time or does your access get revoked immediately?
  20. It must be license renew time. Games are being removed faster than they are added right now it seems. The F1 games could be moving to EA's own subscription service since Codemasters is now owned by them. I do not expect we will see F1 2021 on PS Now. Bethesda games going away should not be a surprise either for obvious reasons. This also means that Sony should worry about more of this happening in the future. Once other publishers start their own games subscription service, I suspect it will become increasingly hard to secure games for PS Now. I think PS Now is (still) a great service when you have a good connection. You can play many recent and older games without the need to buy them all. For the last couple of years I have always played games worth far more than what I paid for PS Now. I collect PS3 games but do not care about owning PS4 games at all so for me it's perfect. Of course I understand that games could be removed at any moment, I do not own them. This goes without saying. But I would like to see PS Now flourish and add more games instead of removing existing ones. I have no problem with people expressing their disappointment that a service they pay for is being steadily eroded. I do not blame Sony for this (for once), but more the market forces that they are subjected to.
  21. Keep fighting the good fight man. 👊 We're all behind you (running away).
  22. I could not help but think they had more enemy types in Terminator Salvation at some point and basically had to remove them at the last minute because of AI or general performance issues. Or maybe someone at the film studio had to approve the game and told them they could not have a generic soldier enemy type because they were not in the film, so they had to take them out a week before release. If that is not the case and the execution is 1:1 what the design was, then they really had no clue from the get-go. Still, I quite enjoyed getting the plat in this game within a couple of days. But then again, I only paid a couple of euro's for it. Paying full price for it would have been very unfortunate back in the day. Also, I have pretty low standards and I am very much not a scientist.
  23. I have no idea what the game Zero Zero Zero Zero is, but if it does not end up at the very bottom I will be severely disappointed.
  24. I completed Heavy Rain today. I only had to finish up Perfect Crime and All Endings, picking up Trial Master along the way. When talking about mental health and Heavy Rain, it always seems to be mainly about Ethan. Of course he suffers from depression, he feels rightfully responsible for the death of his son. On the other hand, I really see no way anyone could deal with that in a 'good' way. There are some things that you can do (or fail to prevent) that you will never be able to get over for as long as you live. Everything that happens in the rest of the game puts even more stress onto him and to be honest he deals with that pretty well. Anyone who can still function completely normal under all that stress is probably a psychopath. So I would rather make this about the antagonist. He has been scarred for life by the events in his childhood, which were very much not his own doing. He fails to value the feelings of other people and acts in a meticulously thought out and very selfish way, only so he can deal with a small part of his own emotions. Anyway that was the game, back to real life. I have suffered from a quite severe depression for about 10 years of my life. I normally do not really talk about it with anyone to be honest and I will not be making an exception here. I will just say that it's good that there is more attention for mental health issues nowadays. I do not think the stigma will ever completely go away, but every bit helps. So thanks for this event! I might return for the co-op game. That would be Killzone 3 if it counts (it has co-op mode I think).