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  1. This would be my personal preference. DLC was once meant as added bonus content. So in my opinion completing the base game should always be 100%. You can go above and beyond by buying and completing a game's DLC as well. But anyway, it's a bit too late to change this website's methods now. (And personally I do not care about my completion percentage anyway.)
  2. The defense seems to be: relax, it's not the only evidence that is used. And that is fine. However, my issue is that the times can be so wildly wrong that they should not be used as evidence in any situation, not even the ones where all other evidence points to cheating. Simply do not use or even mention it because it should have no effect on any flag anyway. In the end, regular users will mostly never know why a particular flag was approved. We simply do not have all the info. I think it would be better if the disputes are hidden by default, because in the end the CRT is judge and jury anyway. And that's fine, this is not a judicial system. It would cause far less drama if they would only open up disputes to us regular users in case of doubt. I mean, do we really need to see every user that disputes Big Leagues for example?
  3. I have been getting some progress in lately but will be finishing up Heavy Rain PS3 for another event first. So here is what I have done so far: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (PS3) NASCAR The Game: Inside Line (PS3) Farming Simulator (PS3) Wolfenstein (PS3) WRC 7 (PS4) I kind of regret putting WRC 7 on the list now. The mileage grind is either going to take ages or cost me my sanity (if Heavy Rain does not do that first).
  4. Trying to rank all these wildly different games in one list. You are a brave man.
  5. I'm not sure. From what I see on Youtube it could be alright for a true Hannah Montana fan. Let's put it like this, I would definitely tap Hannah Montana before I would tap a mayo jar. About worst trophies: playing shooter games on the hardest difficulty usually puts me off the games completely because it has a way of uncovering all the worst mechanics and shoddy controls. Most of the gameplay for me seems to consist of hiding in cover waiting for my health to regenerate. Those are the moments when I question what the hell I am doing with my life, not when I am platting easy games
  6. I did not even expect it to last that long. Still kudos for the creator.
  7. Hannah Montana has meme status now. Wear it with pride. The Rata stacks is where the true shame is nowadays.
  8. I keep thinking: well I can sort of understand them phasing out old systems, because updating them to the latest technology standards will be too much cost for little financial benefit. And then they keep doing stupid things like keeping the actual systems online and just deleting the links to them. Epic stuff Sony. πŸ€“πŸ‘πŸ‘ I will enjoy it while it lasts though, thanks for bringing it to our attention.
  9. That profile had plenty more issues than only this trophy.
  10. That's very fitting to this theme. However, I hope it just means you will be entering. Edit: I might as well join to try and motivate myself to finally finish PS3 Heavy Rain.
  11. I am glad there are four or five people that post their video guides whenever another 1 minute platinum hits the store. I really have no idea how I would beat these games without you guys. πŸ‘Š
  12. I can confirm that it's the full version, I got the plat with it myself. Does it state otherwise in its description on PS Now? They sometimes get that wrong. For example, the Dutch description for Nascar Heat 3 says you can only run 12 races on it, but that is absolutely false. It's the full version of the game without restrictions. I would be pretty pissed off if I paid for PS Now and would find demo versions there
  13. The guide writer is still active on this website I believe so writing him a message should be the fastest way to sort this out: I agree with your statement, the trophies should not have been marked as unattainable prematurely. Theoretically they can still be unlocked. I do think it's far fetched to say this is preventing you from getting people for your session. That was already pretty hard half a year ago. You need 6 people for one trophy and most people who wanted to get this done did so when the server closure was first rumoured/announced.
  14. With the upcoming server closure for this game, some trophy hunters are bound to pick it up I suppose. But beware that some people (including yours truly) run into career trophies that glitch and do not pop when they should. There is some discussion about this over at PST, but I did not see it mentioned here. This can include the trophies for getting a rival, getting a friend, having 6 cars in your garage, getting into the playoffs at the end of a season and more. Make sure to keep an eye on the trophy guide as to when the trophies should pop. If they didn't, then restarting the game usually helps. Getting back into the career mode might pop some. Sometimes you can get the remaining ones by running another career race or repeating the action that should have worked in the first place. Unfortunately sometimes this all still does not work and it's good to have a save file backed up for those cases.
  15. Never. Some heroes simply don't wear capes. Deal with it.
  16. Jim Ryan is Nice like Jesus because he finished our PS3 and Vita Hostages Situations
  17. It will become free on the 20th as far as I know, so look again tomorrow. Edit: it's free now. Grab it!
  18. I voted yes. I will now contact my sollicitor to find out if that was what I intended to do.
  19. Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like? Has not nobody not really been close uneven not as undecided from unused uneven not want from undo blind less unlike?
  20. If it's a post, edit it. If it's a topic: no. It spawned from your loins but that does not mean you own it. And besides, you can not abort something that is already running outside playing in the sun. It's immoral.
  21. I am usually quite good at this kind of thing, but I can actually not tell this time if you're being sarcastic. Please help me out here.
  22. If you do have all ending trophies but not all world lines complete, just redo any ending and it should pop.
  23. It probably also has to do with it being a PS+ game some years ago, that always seems to drop the rarity down a lot. But if the gameplay is not what suits you, then I can imagine this game becoming quite hard and frustrating at some point. I enjoyed it hugely and once you get to know the mechanics then it's very doable with a little patience. The only stages I found rough were the ones with environmental hazards and the randomly changing wind directions. Good luck with the guide.
  24. Nurse, I would like a double dose of my medicine today.
  25. You forgot 4: Deleting all existing PS3 and Vita trophies from everyone's profiles to banish the memory of these blasphemous consoles forever.