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  1. Ah, this explains a lot. I am pretty sure I collected all letters multiple times on that level, but keep ending up with 7 out of 8.
  2. This game is an insult to the game of pool. Do not try to to understand it. The computer opponents are laughable. They are not able to play position with their cue ball at all. They never use spin/side/english. So the devs made the decision to just make them able to pot any ball from any angle instead. It's no use trying to play safe putting the cue ball on a rail, it does not make a difference for them. The opponents are also able to calculate every shot beforehand, including the flukes. So if it can fluke you into a snooker or a ball to go in, it will do so. So it's almost never an option to play safe. I have no tips for you, except for just try to keep playing despite the unfair disadvantage you are at. Even master opponents will sometimes just drop the white ball in after the 8-ball (in the same pocket) because they are unable to use spin at all. Never give up hope before the game is over, and walk away for a while before you're about to throw your contoller at the television.
  3. Of my ultra rare trophies maybe 10% were actualy skill based. All the others are just about being arsed to go out of your way to collect them by grinding or boosting. I do enjoy getting them, but I think their value and meaning are overrated. I also feel like a lot of games I play/plat on PS4 would have been definite ultra rare plats on PS3 so if you are actively looking to boost your UR count, get a PS3.
  4. So basically what you are saying is: EA is not like Reddit. Mind, blown. In an ideal world this should not have mattered. In the actual world though, you're better off dealing with these big companies like you would deal with a policeman: never expect them to have a sense of humour.
  5. I was racing on higher difficulties before, but did not even have a single flat tyre after passing 3.000 km's. I was getting slightly worried, so I started a new career on easy. That made me get a huge lead on the AI. Sometimes up to 3 minutes at the final stage. Then I started getting flat tyres actually quite a lot of them! I am now guessing that the game is more likely to hold you back a little by giving you a flat when you start a stage with a big lead already. Starting a stage with a lead of anything over 1 minute saw my chances to get a flat tyre increase drastically. With this method, I actually got back to back flat tyres in my first 3 or so rallies in Junior WRC. So it might still be a coincidence, but could be worth looking into if you were struggling like me. (Funnily enough in my statistics it still says I have had 0 flat tyres.) So now only the stage and km grind left. Ungh. Oh well, at least grinding the Great Orme stage has bumped me up to position 23 on the global leaderboards!
  6. The only solution to cheap plat games is to stop giving a fuck. The only solution to threads like these is negative like points for the topic starters. There, trophy community fixed.
  7. Edit: I have stopped listing all the things that are wrong about this game. It's piss.
  8. I have a script online that reads my PSNP page to produce a custom trophy image (with rarity medals, see below). It still collects the data and works like it should, without me having to do anything. So what kind of service are you talking about here?
  9. Git gud man.
  10. Gamers who enjoy easy plats might also enjoy some easy likes on a forum post.
  11. The two demographics are entirely different. The people who are doing this are not gamers themselves, they have a well oiled system in place to make money off of pretty much every new popular tech device. Which makes it so silly to try and offend them with a post on this gaming forum. Regular people can hardly get 1 PS5, let alone 50 to sell off at eBay. Anyway, a few of my friends have popped online with a PS5 and they are all playing Astrobot. I'm sure it's a fun game, but is it worth $1.500? It's like buying a Ferrari and not being allowed off of your driveaway for the next 3 months. Have fun sitting in it I guess.
  12. I am in the process of grinding out mileage on WRC 6 at the moment. The road towards the final trophies will be a long and boring one. I think stacking clicker games is probably more value for your time and effort if you enjoy getting trophies.
  13. I just picked up this game and it plays like any tile matching game should play. Boards become unsolvable when you make the wrong choice, which is sometimes skill based and other times luck based. There are multiple pairs of the same tiles in a game, which means you can mess it up when you remove the wrong ones. You should look at what combinations you have at any point and which tiles would be best off the board to create new options for you. This means that when in doubt, leave the tiles alone that do not hamper your game too much and remove the ones that give you the most new options. Sometimes you will still get it wrong, but what is the point in a game that you can not lose? This is not "My name is Mahjong" after all. Edit: I have now 100% on this game and its even easier than I initially thought. Always make sure to only remove tiles of which you can see all four. Every board is very easily and quickly solvable when you do that.
  14. I did a full season with 22 races and another one at 10 races to get all the R&D and money I needed for the plat. On most tracks you should have enough time in 1 practice session to do all the R&D programs except the race pace one. I had to sim another 10 race season to be able to offer a top driver a contract, because I forgot to upgrade facilities in time so they were not interested yet. Oops. Anyway, I have no idea how the guide has this game at 45 hours. Easiest and fastest F1 plat to date. I think it only took me around 25 hours and if you boost the 50 online races in a 3-lap league instead of public lobbies then it should be even faster.
  15. There is something odd with these trophies for sure. I got "Full potential" before getting "Team building" and going by the descriptions that is not what should happen.
  16. Using a wired connection via my router and my Playstation TV, remote playing on my PS4 is like a dream. There is no noticable latency at all, it's like playing on the console itself. That's in sharp contrast to the Vita on the same PS4 with wifi, which starts out terrible and gradually becomes even worse. I'm sure with better wifi and router it could improve, but if there is any way to hook everything up to ethernet cables then absolutely do so.
  17. Finally!! My Name is Mayo on sale!
  18. This one should be large enough to print at decent quality yourself:
  19. In his sleep on the Bahama's after a long and succesful career. There are worse ways to go! Edit: ow, I just read he had been ill for a while.
  20. Okay Jeffrey Eppstein then, or Jimmy Saville. Whatever, still pointless.
  21. I am not sure about the PS3, but PS4 should be safe. Its software is based on FreeBSD whch should be storing UNIX timestamps as 64-bit value. That means you can still sync your trophies as late as December 4th of the year 292,277,026,596 AD.
  22. You hit the nail right on the head there. It's Sony trying to hop on a popular train without even knowing its destination. This new store yet again proves my point of Sony having no clue how to code or design anything but the consoles themselves.