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  1. You will keep your trophies after the game is deleted?
  2. Dear Trophy hunters, My name is Mayo isn't available in EU. I really want to plat this game. Is it possible to game share or anything? -Thanks
  3. Hi, The trophy called The Devin in Iron is glitched for me. I killed the KingBeneath a lot of times with the admin panel. Can anyone help me? Do I need to reset my game? Thanks.
  4. Hi, You probably all know there are some glitched trophies since the update. So, I got yesterday 11 kils, A crown royale with each class and a win without losing someone of my squad. My question is if they will all auto-pop if it is fixed or do I need to do it all again? -Thanks, ItzTiboGames
  5. Hi, Im gonna play this game. How can i get this platinum trophy fast? 🤔 Any tips are welcome. -Thanks🙂
  6. Survival is deleted from the game.
  7. I need this trophy for my platinum. Can someone help me with boosting?