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  1. cheers, thank you for the quick reply
  2. hi there myself and a couple of friends are planning to work together to get all the online trophies on this game. none of us have earnt any online trophies on gta 4, nor have we ever played the online mode. i was curious as to what is the bare minimum number of people needed to get through everything needed to complete all the online trophies, from start to finish. is it 2? 4? more than that? if anyone can help with this piece of information, i'd be quite grateful
  3. so, has this world been updated for the new update?
  4. Not currently sure on how to add pics into a forum post, but needed to share the fact that I've just earned my 10th platinum, from Final Fantasy XV Not a bad game IMO, certainly not the worst I've ever played, but nowhere near the best. having to grind out those max up skill ones, especially walking and fishing, were tedious beyond a joke. Thankfully, there was a much easier way to do the adimantoise related trophy, which made the final trophy for the plat very simple. Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment 5/10 I'd give it a 3, as once you get into the swing of the game, it isn't overly difficult. There are some very easy ways to grind both exp and money, and once you have copious amounts of both, you can very easily just button mash when it comes to combat, plus you can afford a lot of healing items. Enjoyment only reaches a 5, because, for me, a lot of the fun from this game seemed to vanish when I entered the linear section of the game towards its later stages. For a first FF experience, it did its job in getting me interested in the series, but didn't do enough for me to consider buying the dlc, unless they do an Episode Ignis....