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  1. Also, Twisted Metal ☝️
  2. You can transfer Warthog to digital, though. It's glitched. Still you would need to do every kill / win with one version. That's definitely true.
  3. That's not true. Tested it a minute ago. Still up (from Germany).
  4. That's not true. Tested it a minute ago. Still up (from Germany).
  5. Worked! Thank you. Watch out for the Finders Keepers trophy. It's really helpful to boost it on an empty server (obtained via website).
  6. Well, I can't log in so it's still broken for me. It's such a mess.
  7. I just finished Finders Keepers with the help of the site to get access to empty official servers. Would have been a lot harder to get the online collectibles without it.
  8. What's going on with ... looks down from here
  9. Oh my bad. I overlooked that you don't have the online pass. Actually I am not sure how it exactly transfers now that you ask. My original intention was to make all kills again with the physical version because I didn't know that Warthog would magically transfer (which is a glitch btw). So I bought the online pass (if you add the retail disc I paid 28$ just for this single trophy + plat 😢) and went online. I was surprised to see all rewards unlocked but not being able to select all vehicles in Deathmatch. I am pretty sure that I didn't play a single match with the physical version before I switched over to my digital copy being even more surprised to see the same selection bug BUT also being able to select Warthog. So if you unlocked Warthog already but you are not able to see it in the digital version, I guess the "transfer" is initiated by going online with the physical copy. So I am afraid you probably have to shove some more money down Sony's throat.
  10. After I went online with the physical copy it showed up automatically in the digital version. But as I said, it also messed up the vehicle selection. I would make sure to have all vehicle kills first before transferring Warthog.
  11. Thanks, unfortunately that didn't work BUT I realized that I could select the Juggernaut in NUKE mode so I had to do 50 kills with the Juggernaut in Nuke and actually again 50 kills with each of the other cars in Deathmatch (the trophy progress is not downloaded along with the online progress as we all know). And *ding* last online trophy is mine! I'm so happy. Good luck to everyone who is still working on this difficult plat 😊
  12. I played the digital version and unlocked everything online but did not do 50 kills with all cars. Then I switched over to the disc version and went online after unlocking the warthog. Now on both games my stats are totally corrupted. I can see all standard vehicles and the warthog but non of those unlocked during my online progress like the Juggernaut (I still need 50 kills with this guy). I can't unlock them because the game shows me that I am at rank 30 and all vehicles are already unlocked in the rewards section. Deleting everything and starting all over did not help -.- I'm fucking furious.... it was the last online trophy for me and there is no way to get it with my account -.- Man this is fucked up. I can't believe that. Now I have fucking Warthog from the start but cannot unlock anything else -.- Any ideas ? I'm pretty desperate right now EDIT: Correction. I can choose every single vehicle with the exception of the Juggernaut. Probably because I had not a single kill with him? EDIT2: Got it! Sorry for the confusion! I actually could select the Juggernaut in NUKE mode and was able to get the last trophy
  13. I did "All sales are final" first. I tried to keep the dates consistent after that for the other trophies but I forgot to change it one day (so I was technically playing in the past from that point on) and I still got "A la Mode". I just kept the "real" date which was in the past after that for all further rounds ans still got "Another Level", "Point, Shoot, Kill" and "Calypso".
  14. No you don't. The game doesn't care about the date for the other trophies. It still counts the stats properly, even if you switch the time back and forth.
  15. I apologize if I fail to interpret your actions correctly but it seems like you are trying to find the DLC in the actual store. It's delisted there. But it should be in your download list which you can access through this link (I suppose you are using the Swedish store) or through the PSN Store App on you PS3. Again, if you've already checked that, sorry for my misunderstanding.