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  1. Same. I already did and so have others but still no answer.
  2. Yeah... actually you can’t play online without updating the game
  3. Blazblue Cross Tag is having the same issue. The wins and rank related trophies won’t pop. I’ve already wrote to AkSys. No answer so far…
  4. Agree. I also did the same. The more people complaining about it the better chances we got. The community is still pretty active.
  5. I started this game yesterday and went along with a friend to tackle the online trophies but none of the wins trophies for Casual / Ranked matches popped. We even got to Silver rank and none of us got the trophy for that. The only ones that actually popped were the ones related to emojis in lobby and customizing avatars… Has anyone else had this issues before? Now we don’t know if it’s related to the latest patch but we saw that the latest person to receive one of those trophies did it 2 weeks ago. Edit: Now that is confirmed that the issue is real, I’m updating the post and including Arc Sys website so you guys feel free to report the bug: https://arcsystemworks.com/support/ The more of us that report this, the most chances we got to succeed.
  6. Just a heads up for the recent players: better hurry with the online. While I was working through the remaining online trophy (300 player / ranked games played), my brother was helping me with his account and the game kept us disconnecting. In the end, his lifetime stats were reset (he had more than 120 games played and everything appeared in 0!) Can’t say if this is only a visual stuff within the game (as stats should be saved in servers) but I would be extra careful. Cheers
  7. Actually, Play Now is VERY active at any given time everyday. I suppose it would be really hard to find yourself even though you have the two consoles. Also, there are tiers as you start winning, so moving ranks would make it more difficult to self boost at certain moment.
  8. Don’t you worry, bud!! I got a couple of recommendations you might be into: games with well deserved ultra-rare trophies. 🙂
  9. Thank you! I will be waiting for your update! I also contacted Sony but after an hour or so they told me to contact Gearbox for support. I also created a ticket there but still no answer at all. Hopefully this gets solved soon for both of us. Update: Just received an answer from Gearbox. I’ll check that once I get back home. Update 2.0: Just received a code for the Challenger Edition Story Upgrade from Gearbox! They were very helpful with the issue and provided the right solution!
  10. No, none of us has done that. I read about the related issues with name changes. Anyways, this morning I tried to get into the game and it finally worked!! It looks like it was just a temporary issue. I believe, maybe, servers maintenance or something similar. The common factor is that the games were all from AkSys. Thanks for your answer though
  11. Hi everyone, I was playing Arcana Heart 3 and when I tried to get into the online with a friend, we couldn’t initiate and it said “Player information not found”. We then tried Arcana Heart 3 Love Max!! And the same thing happened… then with Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend and again, same error. Tried Chronophantasma as well and also had the same issues!! Finally, it worked with Blazblue Calamity Trigger but as I said previously, all the other games were unavailable to play online at the same time. I don’t know if someone else experienced the same recently. I thought of it as something from the PS3 but it just happened to us with those tittles I mentioned. Hope this is something temporary 🥲
  12. Hi everyone, In the latest offers I purchased the upgrade for Godfall that included the Fire and Darkness expansion. I was playing the PS4 version and got the 100% but when I entered the PS5 version I didn’t have the expansion not the story available. When I enter the store now, it shows the upgrade for the PS4/PS5 version available to buy but I’m pretty sure that was what I did last time as they didn’t offer them separately. Has this happened to anyone or is it that they were not crossbuy in first place!?
  13. A friend is having issues with that as well… have you tried after yesterday’s update?
  14. Just did it now. All you have to do is finishing the game twice without dying with each character.
  15. Hi, Got to be extra patient and careful here. Maybe you got used to the auto block in the normal mode (?) You just have to learn the bosses’ attack patterns and using the secret arts sometimes to avoid getting hit may prove useful. Remember to block incoming attacks holding square, always watching out for the sword energy. For the Chimera I recommend going to the corners and wait for it to get staggered and take advantage of it, and don’t try to block the tornado-like attack, as it’ll eat your swords. For Kisuke, the first boss is quite easy. Just get away from his heavy attack and don’t even try to block the massive shuriken. Punish then repeat. Be always mindful of unsheathing swords in the right time. Hope it helps.