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  1. Hi, Got to be extra patient and careful here. Maybe you got used to the auto block in the normal mode (?) You just have to learn the bosses’ attack patterns and using the secret arts sometimes to avoid getting hit may prove useful. Remember to block incoming attacks holding square, always watching out for the sword energy. For the Chimera I recommend going to the corners and wait for it to get staggered and take advantage of it, and don’t try to block the tornado-like attack, as it’ll eat your swords. For Kisuke, the first boss is quite easy. Just get away from his heavy attack and don’t even try to block the massive shuriken. Punish then repeat. Be always mindful of unsheathing swords in the right time. Hope it helps.
  2. Interesting. The remnants part is kinda a reminiscence of Demon Souls. Thanks for sharing 😊
  3. I noticed the same a couple of minutes ago. Let’s hope it’s just a temporary issue.
  4. So, I finished the game yesterday and didn’t get the trophies for campaign completion right away. Later I noticed that the game itself didn’t recognize that I had completed Nimble Guardian and Swift Arrow (Mission 1 and 2), and I noticed that because an attachment for the weapon said that I needed to complete certain mission, but I had already done those missions back in 2018, when I started the game. I resumed playing this year and it seems that it didn’t recognize the previous progress somehow, although the save file was in the same spot I left it 2 years ago. After I finished the last mission, I didn’t get the trophies and in Mission Select I didn’t have the two missions mentioned beforehand, so I started a new campaign and replayed them, and finally they popped. Did someone have a similar issue? Edit: Now I realized what happened: I have a digital copy and a physical one and the save progress is not compatible 🤪
  5. It looks like some stuff will be more luck dependent than skill. Looking to have fun grinding in RPG mode
  6. Servers are down since long, so better not buying it.
  7. OMG... that’s so cheesy it’s embarrassing 🤣... I even felt pity for the poor demon.
  8. Oh really?? I thought it was just one of those difficulty DLCs that are added in certain games such as TLOU, Horizon, Spidey, etc
  9. But maybe he’s a completionist and doesn’t want that 97% there 😅 Btw, it reads DLC 1... Maybe there’s more to come? 👀
  10. You need to finish the game in New Game + so you can unlock that trophy. You will see the Epilogue as a stage just like the one you said you unlocked the first time.
  11. I decided to finish with a bang, so I finally platted Red Faction Guerrilla (PS3) for my last trophy of 2018 😊
  12. Oh, great! Thank you very much for this “Xamonic Guide” XD. I was trying with Serious Sam because I had previously seen the “nudge nudge!” phrase while using him. This combination of characters and scenarios seems to be pivotal for some trophies.
  13. That’s precisely why I asked about it. The thing is I was always choosing to fight stronger opponents thus I get beat up regularly XD, but winning around 70 games I’ve gotten to 260 K BP. Then I tried changing the search criteria to find opponents around my level but I was getting a pitiful amount of BP (just around 150!) for winning, so I switched back to the same criteria I had. I guess I’ll try the “Anything goes” option, and also that of the connection rate. I had such a bad time with people quitting when they’re about to lose.
  14. That’s hell of a progress you’ve made so far! Do you chose to fight opponents “Stronger than you” or “Same level as”?
  15. Yeah, actually playing that game and I can confirm that it is as you say, just that in my case it happened with the “Shun the Gods” trophies. I started Valhalla and killed Jera with no powers but the specific trophy didn’t unlock, then I went back to Normal mode, killed her again and then the trophy popped.