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  1. Eh... no. We still have to learn that some trophies in hardcore are meant to award you for your abilities in that game and distinguish you amongst the rest. As Bethesda answered back then, when the Mein Leben Trophy was causing seizures and all that, someone got the trophy already so that means it’s not impossible. It’s not mandatory to have the plat for a game: just enjoy it and try your best if you are going for the big prize
  2. You need to finish the game in New Game + so you can unlock that trophy. You will see the Epilogue as a stage just like the one you said you unlocked the first time.
  3. I decided to finish with a bang, so I finally platted Red Faction Guerrilla (PS3) for my last trophy of 2018 😊
  4. Oh, great! Thank you very much for this “Xamonic Guide” XD. I was trying with Serious Sam because I had previously seen the “nudge nudge!” phrase while using him. This combination of characters and scenarios seems to be pivotal for some trophies.
  5. That’s precisely why I asked about it. The thing is I was always choosing to fight stronger opponents thus I get beat up regularly XD, but winning around 70 games I’ve gotten to 260 K BP. Then I tried changing the search criteria to find opponents around my level but I was getting a pitiful amount of BP (just around 150!) for winning, so I switched back to the same criteria I had. I guess I’ll try the “Anything goes” option, and also that of the connection rate. I had such a bad time with people quitting when they’re about to lose.
  6. That’s hell of a progress you’ve made so far! Do you chose to fight opponents “Stronger than you” or “Same level as”?
  7. Yeah, actually playing that game and I can confirm that it is as you say, just that in my case it happened with the “Shun the Gods” trophies. I started Valhalla and killed Jera with no powers but the specific trophy didn’t unlock, then I went back to Normal mode, killed her again and then the trophy popped.
  8. Yep, some people was celebrating way to early saying that this plat was going to be easy because you didn’t need to win Ranked matches. It’s definitely going to be a grind to the top. Yep, some people was celebrating way to early saying that this plat was going to be easy because you didn’t need to win Ranked matches. It’s definitely going to be a grind to the top.
  9. It wasn’t perfect at all, but I did so by defeating someone with more than twice the BP I got. It was more a come from behind (and lucky) win XD.
  10. It doesn’t work that way... sadly. It’s true you start losing BP but not necessarily after reaching 200 K BP. If you are fighting someone with less BP than you and you lose that match, you also might lose between 1000 - 2000 BP depending on opponents BP. The most I’ve earned so far in a battle is around 4500 BP for defeating someone with more level than me. I suppose that working with a Boosting partner is difficult because when you go up levels, you won’t be able to find him again so easily.
  11. Exactly. Those were my thoughts when I saw the trophy description: In fighting games with similar systems, Battle Points always get harder and harder to obtain and you have to be almost perfect not to lose them in fights. You will have to win more than 200 ranked matches and try not to lose many. So those who said 3/10... Sorry but no!
  12. I can assure it's 100% legitimate. As you can see, it happened on totally different instances. I would like to appeal to extenuating circumstances, if possible: Besides being a gamer, I'm a 37 year old professional ( old man, i know ) and I can assure you I haven't ever done anything like cheating / hacking. Gaming is my main hobby and I respect all its aspects, as it's my sanctuary when I'm at home. Be sure that if I can't get a trophy legitimately, it will stay that way. I have some unattainable trophies in my profile that can speak for me That said, I can't be more serious about this. I know my word may not be enough but I'll like to give it anyways.
  13. Please find attached the link of the thread created by my friend in that time. It happened to us in different sessions and I think we were "unique" cases. For your consideration.
  14. godhand2k Mortal Kombat Greetings,<br /> <br /> Before the Mortal Kombat game servers were relocated (don't know if the term is right), i had an issue with the 1000 respect points trophy not unlocking when I already had fulfilled the requirements in KOTH. I continued playing to see if I needed a little more than 1000 points but still the trophy didn't unluck for me. Then, I finally freaked out when I arrived to 2500 points and I received that trophy, but still hadn't received the 1000 points one.<br /> <br /> At first, I tried to see if getting more points would help me but sadly I knew I was screwed due to having the last one unlocked, then I realized I had suffered a glitch, which also happened to a friend here (he even published about the issue in this page's section of the game)<br /> <br /> Finally, I decided to quit playing the game because that plat would be unattainable.<br /> <br /> But then, after the Gamespy servers shutdown, the servers migration happened for this game and after the latest game update I saw a glimpse of hope that maybe I could get the trophy. And indeed, it happened! It seemed the statistics reset or something but I finally could get the trophy and so did my friend.<br /> <br /> In the end, I knew that this would be troublesome in this site eventually, as the order in which I got the trophies is not the proper one but as I explained before, it was just a glitch.<br /> <br /> I just hope that you believe my statement for which I give faith that everything I've said is true. I'm not a hacker not something even close to that and I've been an all around player for games even tougher than this one and have achieved success on them.<br /> <br /> I rest my case for now, awaiting your considerations.<br /> <br /> Godhand2k