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  1. There is an exploit where if you get a one star wanted level and let a single cop chase you, the gang members will ignore you, just make sure to keep the cop chasing you alive and spam the jump button so he doesn't land his hits on you. The exploit is almost a necessity if you progressed into the story and let the gangs have better weapons, especially the spaghetti mafia.
  2. This concerns mostly the people who just got the game since it was one of May's PS+ titles. You will likely end up around division 6 (FUT) towards the end of the plat, cuz of the way divisions work at 22. You can't forfeit and relegate on purpose anymore either, so either you would have to not play the game for a while to relegate or go up against opponents with stacked teams (people who got the game on release or months ago). This would make getting 3 wins in a row much more difficult compared to going for the other version as soon as you pop the trophy in one of the versions. Otherwise it's either a matter of luck, being really good at the game so u can beat squads much better than yours, or you gotta put tonna hours to grind for a better team.
  3. Got mine to pop with 15 missions and 30 assignments. Recommend cleaning up citadel since it's basically dialogue and fetching at the same area, then doing the missable stuff at Feros and Noveria. Bug Garrus and Wrex every so often as well, their missions are pretty straight forward too. After that, I was planning to do as much UNC assignments as I can but it popped in one of the earliest ones. Make sure to keep a backup save prior to Virmire since you will only be allowed a single visit to Citadel after that.
  4. Tried reloading a save, returning after few missions and restarting the game, going to try reinstalling the game as a last resort. Really would rather not start another play-through, anyone else experienced this bug as well?
  5. Managed to get it done with this strategy, you still need some luck to either not get patient spawns in that little Cartel area or not get shot as you are picking up patients. What really helped was entering the front side of the hospital by taking a longer route and entering from the side where there is the stadium. You will be wasting some time but will be avoiding automatic weapon fire, other than that you can take quite a lot of pistol hits by the Jamaicans and not even smoke will come out of your engine. Thus your only obstacle remains the possibility of a game crash or getting pulled out by the Jamaicans with the bats. In order to avoid getting pulled out the furthest camera view is the most optimal to see if anyone is approaching your door. Still harder than I remember from the PS2 version but doable.
  6. Paramedic completion is the only thing I've got left for the platinum, and after attempting the 2nd and 3rd island multiple times all attempts resulted in being blown up by enemy fire while barely scratching the ambulance (no need to mention the first island with the spaghetti mafia shotguns) . Don't remember it being this painful in the original version, the amount of NPC spawns might be the cause of the difference. Has anyone completed the paramedic missions other than at the start of the game?
  7. Just done my first playthrough but didn't get the trophy for flipping 16, I wasn't able to flip any boss at the first area since wiretapping wasn't unlocked and I couldn't not kill the one KKK dude even though I got the area tapped. My guess is that my counter is at 15 right now, should I be good if i flip one more boss and quit application right as I unlock the trophy so I don't void out the kill every racket boss trophy?
  8. Did anyone try force quitting app to see if the loss didn't register?
  9. I am planning to just go for the campaign, at least initially. Do I need the base game plus the two campaign packs in order to play the whole campaign, without any special add-ones, solely for the trophies?