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  1. That’s exactly what I’m thinking of doing. I saw a lot of people getting log 9 on a fresh save so I thought let me try. Went on my US account and guess what I got it on there, same with the ciphers I’m pretty sure I saw the 1 cypher I need on my actual account too on there.
  2. Okay thanks I have all the glyphs in echoing ruins but just missing maybe 1 scout log then! Hey, the glyphs show up as sets and the bottom of the list it should say a number out of 90. I have no idea which area I’m missing how many glyphs in which sucks. I have all the glyphs in echoing ruins I’m missing 1 in overgrown and no idea how many I’m missing in the other biomes some sort of proper in game tracking would have been nice. I’m missing I believe 3 scout logs and one of them is number 9 I assume the other 2 will spawn when I finish ACT3. Good luck on the plat I hope everything runs fine for you in the end!
  3. Yeah I think personally I’m screwed out of it unless there’s a way to reset progress. If the log you’re missing is number 9 check the forums it’s supposed to be super rare so keep going! Also yeah I checked every single area multiple runs in a row and didn’t see the fragment I’ll try again tomorrow and hopefully I have better luck.
  4. Hey everyone, I want to start off by saying I absolutely love this game, but I’ve got an issue. My activity card for echoing ruins shows 66% this morning it was at like 98% (I was missing 1 glyph), so I loaded the game up just a bit ago saw my tracker was 66% okay no biggie, pick up the glyph no trophy and the activity card shows I’m missing all scout logs??? Also anyone have an general idea where the sun face fragment spawns in the last biome? Idek how many times I’ve ran it and can’t find that last fragment.
  5. Ah okay for me it felt like something bugged out whenever someone went down and got back up as both times she glitched out I went down got back up and she died when she tried getting closer to me but that makes sense I had a feeling it could have been that too it’s nice to have some clarity
  6. No if someone leaves during the boss fight and the boss is killed before they rejoin the person who left won’t get the trophy, sometimes the boss can die even on 90% health somehow due to a glitch so you have to be super careful as you never know when the boss could be insta killed.
  7. For the crashing? No. For the actual mode it’s quite simple until the blood arena where it complicates things, watch a play through video from that point onwards and soak in the tips. As everybody knows you can leave and rejoin to replenish lives, speed boosts and nukes the decision lies in whether you make your worst player your host or your best player, also save 2 keys to reveal the fate stones for wave 20 ( there’s a guide on YouTube as to what each one looks like) IMO firepower and the shield are the best fates the death machine and 2 nukes with a shield come in clutch, aim to give your host one of them fates if you don’t get them I guess just restart, also the silverback sideways machine is a beast you can get extra lives, keys, nuke and points etc without losing lives in the game this can really save you ( I didn’t get this when I got the trophy both times but I didn’t know this existed at the time while trying to help people this deffo helped a lot) For the warden wave, mama back house and the fireball levels there are camping spots to make your life easier utilise them, for the warden area get the host to sit on the ledge on the staircase, for the mama back house camp in the back behind the ramp and for the fireball area camp on the bridge. I forgot to mention if you can get people that play on PS5 as they can leave and rejoin within a 30 second or less time frame this is useful for mid round leaves, I will also add the mama back can glitch out and die at green bar health or any stage so be careful if you’re leaving and rejoining during the boss fight as you could miss out on the trophy. Fair enough I just wanted to do it ASAP either way works this is here for anybody who would want to do it sooner
  8. So I finished both the stacks about 5 days ago for Cold War, I can see a lot of people are wondering how to unlock six pack on both consoles and it’s simple you just go to the activision website and unlink your account from the PlayStation section BUT beware this will reset you back to level 1 as you’ll have to make a new account when you next load up Cold War, the first dlc I assume is less than a month or just over a month away so I guess it’s a matter how you early you want this done. As for auto popping trophies campaign does not, for MP you must do each action once again to unlock eg 1 more elimination etc, for zombies nothing auto pops except for onslaught where you just do each action one more time also DOA does NOT auto pop.
  9. Uncharted 4 I really want to play that game