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  1. So I went offline, and earned the trophy for 15 relics earning me the platinum. But when I go back online, the trophy count switches back to 45/47, and doesn’t show I have the platinum. But if I switch back to offline mode, it shows I do. Anyway ever have that happen before? Edit: Nvm figured it out. Just had to hover over the game on my trophy list, hit options, and sync with PSN.
  2. It’s similar to RE7 where time stops when paused.
  3. At the beginning of the fight I would usually block the hits, and go after the eyes on his arms with the circular saw. Then when he drops down you can get behind his arms, and move with his body while hitting the eyes with the saw. If you get behind his arm on the right side you can even crouch down, and get an eye on his bottom. Once he moves up top you can shoot the eyes with the albert, he'll usually do three swipes or so before popping his head down. When he does that you can get some free hits in with your saw to the eye on his head. Good luck!
  4. Hey guys, so I just found it thankfully. It's in the section with the spinning fan thing in the sap that you need to use force slow to get across. The one with the chest that you needed double jump to get. The part right before that has one of those that's stopped with a dead wookie on it. Climb the wall at that part, and you'll see a climable grate on the wall you need to double jump to reach. Climb up there, and you'll see the collectible. Trying to post a pic, but it's not letting me. I'll keep trying.
  5. I just did the skirmishes around Evermore as they spawned, and fought random battles around the area as well. I did this for the last 3, and it probably took about 10 to 15 minutes for each one to spawn.
  6. Thanks for the tips guys. I just started to level grind last night, and was dreading grinding out 20 levels.
  7. I beat it three times in a one week span for the platinum. It's not too long of a game, and I remember my playthrough as a magic user was a breeze. It would have been faster if I didn't do my first playthrough blind, and not messed up a quest line on my second run, requiring the 3rd.
  8. Oh, awesome. Thanks for the info! I always forget about the Twitch Prime goodies.
  9. The list seems similar to their Risen games. One exception I'm excited about is the slay 1000 monsters. It's 2000 in Risen 3, and I'm still working on the grind!
  10. Everything is doable in one play through as long as you start on nightmare. I'm about 4 hours in, and nightmare honestly isn't that bad so far. Just explore everywhere, and do the sidequest as available, and you shouldn't miss anything from what I've read.
  11. The kill trophies are a huge bummer. The list would be great without them.