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  1. More like an 8 or 9 depending on the leniency of the relics. Golds are very hard to get even.
  2. You’ll get crash team racing done. You can do it!
  3. Will this be the 10/10 difficulty crash plat we’ve been waiting for?
  4. There’s a chance that the platinum is still obtainable! The recent player who earned the flag trophy didn’t earn any trophies until this september (profile seems legit too). Can anyone confirm?
  5. Really nice that someone else appreciates the game. Definitely gonna nab it day 1.
  6. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4
  7. Furi. I may just be trash at the game, but it always takes me 50 or more retries to beat a boss (including the first one). Impressive plat!
  8. 134/171. Most of my incomplete games are from PSNow trials lol.
  9. I initially had hidden 9 trophies because there are 2 games I have with servers closed, but I decided to unhide them. I hope one day psnprofiles can do a workaround for unobtainables, perhaps give the option to not count unobtainables as part of the completion percentage. As for hiding games because you didn’t like them, that’s a bad excuse imo. There are about a dozen games in my profile that I have no intention of going back to, but it represents my history of gaming, so it stays public.
  10. No
  11. How on earth do some people have the game done in 15 minutes?! Hackers? Exploits?
  12. Well for me the issue isn't about platting it, the issue is about not getting the full experience. I don't really care if the game is unobtainable due to a trophy glitch (rather than a shutdown), because I'm still given the full experience of the game which is what truly matters more to me. In this case, I wouldn't play the game because the full experience is no longer offered.
  13. I’d be down to tackle it with you if you want.
  14. The dlc trophies seem hard, grindy, and possibly bugged. 7/10 in difficulty if you're doing it legit (Mainly due to getting all kills by yourself on 2v2 matchmaking). I've reached level 10 with the orb and cannon legends BEFORE the expansion came out, but the trophies didn't pop when I booted the game... Edit: Due to how hard completing Wave 26 of Horde is, the difficulty of the DLC might approach 8/10 depending on skill.