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  1. 3 years of bo2 disputes and still no whitelist? Ok then....
  2. I’m guessing the in game method was that a modder popped and unlocked all your trophies in a multiplayer lobby. Unfortunately, you’ll need to hide the game until a whitelist is implemented or until the method is treated as an exploit.
  3. Mighty No. 9 a 4/10? Naw it's at least a 6.
  4. NBA 2K16. Due to the grind and the server shutdown, it isn't worth going for the plat.
  5. Fallout 4. One day I’ll give it a chance.
  6. Is... Not that bad In all seriousness all it takes is practice. It’s just 10 points.
  7. It doesn’t bother me, plus I’m not really a trophy hunter. Too busy with life.
  8. Unless you want to rip your hair out, don’t go for the fall guys plat.
  9. Likes single-player games with a challenge.
  10. They should really just change the trophy but they’re too hesitant to.
  11. Crash Team Racing. Hard to plat but the game is so fun you just refuse to give up on it. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself!
  12. Crash is KNOWN for its difficulty though. So it makes sense for the difficulty to be in the 6-10 range. It ain’t a crash game if it isn’t hard.
  13. It’s no longer Crash 4, it’s now Super Meat Crash
  14. The challenge is what makes crash games fun lol (to me at least).