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  1. Sackboy: A Big Adventure. Great game and a really fun platinum to go for.
  2. You're overthinking it tbh. If it's a game I love then I would be more than happy to stack the game again.
  3. If it's possible by legit means, then it's possible by legit means. It's a feature implemented by Sony themselves, so it is 100% not cheating. Imo, the leaderboard system of this site should not change just because a few people don't like auto pops for whatever reason. The changes that people requested here (eg, make a minimum time requirement for occurring on fastest achievers in certain games) is far too specific to be even possibly implemented in a simple fashion or at all.
  4. I messaged them 2 years ago over the course of 12 months. They said they’re aware of the issue and are looking for a fix. Like 99% of other unobtainable games, I don’t really see it happening.
  5. Don’t forget Bethesda. I hate that company with a passion.
  6. Great collection, as always! I'd say work on Monkey Ball pretty soon. You can get some of your unearned trophies pretty quickly.
  7. Looks like your typical call of duty list, maybe a touch easier than the previous games. 5/10 difficulty is my estimate.
  8. Seems pretty easy. 3/10 is my estimate.
  9. I agree. It's pretty wack to have to play a game on a newly unlocked difficulty under a clean save, when you already spent several hours upgrading everything on the previous one.
  10. Good going. Now everyone is going to be using this method to unlock all of the trophies smh.
  11. I need a video on how to find it lol. I can’t understand the complexity of this game let alone know how far down to dig. Edit: Nvm, found it. Haven’t touched this thing in 2 years and the rust is showing lmao.
  12. Preach brother, preach! The game is utter trash. Boss rush was hard af. I honestly wouldn't have minded playing the game without dying, but the game fails to make this feat feel like a rewarding experience or at the least, fun. I take stabs at it once in a while but there's so many other games that will be worth the time than this garbage.
  13. You can still obtain the trophies illegitimately because the list is shared, regardless of whether the update is available on those consoles or not.
  14. Likely a PS3/Vita user who used CFW.
  15. Yep, it's bugged.