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  1. I'm interested!!! As for my favourite horror film? I'll go with a little known Canadian flick called Ginger Snaps.
  2. What game are you talking about? Might be able to advise better.
  3. You are way over the maximum limit of flagged games.
  4. When the best thing you can say about the new PS+ games is that there is nothing of interest it's not exactly a selling point is it.
  5. Well i managed to unlock a grand total of 2 trophies, not a lot but with a power cut i was lucky to get those.
  6. Why didn't you ask beforehand if that was the case to avoid getting it wrong?
  7. Cheers for the reminder @Beyondthegrave07, like others i'll try to earn at least one but will want to contribute much more.
  8. Agreed with the above.
  9. I've only played Jurassic World, Harry Potter 1-4, Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel Avengers but would say all 4 are very fun games...seen a bit of The Hobbit recently but it looked pretty dull and only contains the first 2 films so sort of ends a bit prematurely.
  10. PS Store? Amazon?
  11. Congrats to @mariosF94 and @Ptirle and thank you to @Deadpool--Rik for the chance.
  12. Congrats to all these lucky people getting premium to them.
  13. Naughty, naughty brothers. Also you earned trophies from different games within seconds of each other.