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  1. I got mine outside Zero's shop.
  2. You look like you're having the same problem as the OP in this thread.
  3. I don’t know what to tell you. I'm in the UK currently on mobile and it takes me to Dead Space Extraction on the US site with no trouble instantly, the UK site was working earlier for me as well as someone was asking about it.
  4. That link is working perfectly fine for me.
  5. Skip all cutscenes, use the taxi to fast travel to each mission and you'll still have about 10 hours to spare.
  6. According to the trophy guide over at .org you need 2 Move controllers to get the platinum.
  7. I'd still recommend getting the physical version over digital, you'll have to download 33% less plus it will still be cheaper (especially if not bought on release) and will have at least some resale value if you choose to sell it on in the future. I wouldn't be surprised if Activision did this to try and push more people buying digital as a subtle way to reduce the used market over time but without being so blatant to cause an uproar as big as the Xbox One. Remember not a single part of any of this fiasco has been done to benefit the customer only themselves.
  8. Hi guys. I'm currently using a USB fan near the back of my PS4 whilst gaming in the recent heatwave to help remove a lot of the hot air from the area that my console is in however as this is just a fairly cheap plastic USB fan it can be a little noisy on full speed, is it possible to buy an adapter to go between the PS4 and fan to control the speed and maybe set it to 50% or 75% speed?
  9. Should be fixed and ok now?
  10. NAT 1 = wired connection direct to modem, no router NAT 2 = wired/wireless connection via router but generally set up well with no/few restrictions NAT 3 = wired/wireless connection via router but with many restrictions.
  11. I'd say the violent character from the blood soaked TV series that uses a barb wire baseball bat is far more suited for a series like Mortal Kombat than the gore free Tekken games. Even though MKX came out 3 years ago it is not a dead series and he would still fit better with the next MK game whenever that is.
  12. I think people are making a huge deal out of this because we have seen time and time again where general indifference and/or defending publishers with shoddy business practices has left us, in the past we have seen arguments between 2 sides of gamers for DLC, season passes, microtransactions and loot boxes which, because some people will just 'not see the big deal' has allowed the already rich companies to exploit and milk such practices, heck we already see some physical editions being released with nothing more than unlock keys or tutorial levels. Again none of us actually paying for the product benefit from something like this, why would you be ok with something that hinders you just to put more money in someone's pocket?
  13. Yep, there was quite an uproar when Konami not just delisted PT but removed the ability to download it even if you had previously done so, this is a rare (maybe one of) case compared to other companies removing content however, as I said on a previous post, I see no reason to 'accept' a situation that helps out the publisher (one as big as Activision at least) whilst only adding inconvenience, minor or not, to the user just to save the corporate folks some money.
  14. Fair enough, I acknowledge that I missed putting possibility in my post however this re-release you refer to, do you mean a re-release of this current collection with everything on the disc or yet another remake down the line? If the former why is it seemingly unreasonable to expect that to be the case now?
  15. As others have said Negan is really more suited to Mortal Kombat than Tekken.