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  1. This dispute got dark quickly. 😟
  2. On your ICO trophy list you have the 'Split the Watermelon' trophy unlocked before even completing the game for the first time, this trophy can only be unlocked on the second playthrough at the earliest. You also have Castle Guide (beat game in 2 hours) and Express Journey (beat game in 4 hours) unlocked an hour before completing the game.
  3. Looks like the finally got around to adding a trophy in for the new DLC/patch.
  4. Thank you for this, I've been playing the PS4 version of Brotherhood for sometime and even after completing the Da Vinci Disappearance DLC still have found no way to start the Templar Lairs (even though they aren't needed for any trophy) and was getting worried i'd missed an unlock condition somehow.
  5. Really? I never played the PS3 version but am fully aware of the problems with it but have encountered no problems with unlocking trophies on the PS4 version.
  6. Not as far as i'm aware although i haven't played the game for years.
  7. Anything that can be done via local co-op should still be available with no problems.
  8. If you want to quote someone then just find the comment you want to quote and select the quote button underneath it.
  9. This^ You need at least one valid (non auto-popped) Sound Shapes list on your profile which you do not have. Also it looks like you have some more flags coming seeing as the option to report some games (GTA IV, SOTC) isn't available.
  10. No you cannot, the co op (and single player) trails are online only.
  11. It means you unlocked 'Star 69' 'Honor Roll' and 'Professional' literally seconds apart from each other and out of order, can you explain how this occurred?
  12. No problems with it so far. PS4 Slim *fingers crossed and knocks on wood*
  13. You somehow unlocked the trophies for finding a relic (Relic Hunter) and finding all holy relics (Light Relics) at the same time as well as unlocking the trophy for finding all 3 Beatrice stones (Power of the Cross) before finding one (Precious) This game is not known to be particularly glitchy and the dates do not match up for either the leap year bug or the PSN 2011 outage.
  14. Likewise. Could someone explain what the flagged reason is for Resident Evil 5 (and also which version) as I also cannot spot anything off.
  15. None and I intend to keep it that way.