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  1. ^This right here...especially in regards to Uncharted 3.
  2. Careful what you ask for, some remasters can introduce extra bugs that were never in the originals.😜
  3. Not that I'm denying you have had problems but I can say for certainty that I had no problems with the game (or any of the trophies) so I wouldn't put the blame entirely on the quality/stability of the port.
  4. Appreciate it mate, I think i'd normally be able to spot that a mile off just seem a little slow today...thanks for confirming my suspicion though. 🙂
  5. Dead Space 2 also looks off but I just can't figure out exactly why.
  6. I was wondering if it was a similar situation as Driveclub with being able to send challenges out to other players doesn't require a PS+ subscription (I think anyway) but racing directly online with other players live does.
  7. Can anybody tell me if this game requires PlayStation Plus in order to unlock any of the online trophies (even the ones that can be boosted using multiple accounts) or can the platinum be achieved without it?
  8. Out of interest what is the game you are planning on playing?
  9. PSP Go 2 anyone? I've got a feeling Microsoft is testing the waters and trying to get the general public more accepting of the idea of a digital only future just this time not gambling an entire new console generation on it at the same time.
  10. The PS3 version was a port of the mobile version but the PS4 version is just the same (with a few songs removed) as the PS2 edition.
  11. I don't know about the first but the beeping whilst on the map was an issue caused by the port. What i found out was it only happens when you have the radio on and then pause it keeps stuttering but when if you turn the radio off and pause it doesn't happen.
  12. Anyone know why it has HD on the trophy list? The original PS3 release was in HD so it isn't like this is new to the PS4 port.
  13. I've always liked that my 1337 trophy is... Can't Touch This Portal 2
  14. As would I but I fear the big problem. 😟