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  1. Thoughts Your title is very click baity.
  2. No chance of that.
  3. Anyone else miss the days when Terminator Salvation and Hannah Montana were the go to cheap platinum games?
  4. Glad that i've managed to help another person out. Congrats on the platinum.
  5. Excessive fan noise is the entire reason I feel like i've missed a generation of gaming and will be picking up a PS5 just to play PS4 games on for the first few years at least.
  6. Following this topic
  7. The DLC is currently on sale for £1.19 (85% discount) on the UK store.
  8. That would likely explain it, here in the UK some of those are going for at least £50.
  9. Where are you getting these games so cheap from? Would love a copy of both Sly Cooper Thieves in Time and the Ratchet & Clank trilogy.
  10. Rockstar when GTA V releases...again.
  11. Cheers both of you.
  12. Will patches for older games still be available?