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  1. So without explaining the details left in the Naughty Bear flag how exactly are you expecting to dispute it?
  2. You also have to state the reason for the flag if you wish to make a dispute which you have failed to do with Naughty Bear.
  3. How about you answer the first question rather than (seemingly) trying to find out what it is that gives you away so it can be covered up next time?
  4. @Zolkovo thank you for the reminder, much appreciated. Voted in the poll and I'd have to confirm that my favourite game is, and has been since 2009, BioShock.
  5. Ah fair enough and that seems to make sense, hopefully nothing else changes and I'm excluded from entering though I do think I'll be OK as I only play games I'm interested in regardless of difficulty. Thank you for doing this, I and others appreciate it.
  6. Probably already been asked but why no entering for another 2 days @Zolkovo? Not moaning just curious.
  7. I'm surprised that my most common platinum in the last year is only 46% and it's from a bloody Wonderbook game. Checking again and even my most common platinum ever earned (Walking Dead) wouldn't qualify me for this.
  8. I think I'm valid for this, will need to remember to post again in 2 days.
  9. Even with this, your previous disputed game and the ones MMDE mentioned above you still have more games currently on your profile that are obviously not legit.
  10. I think you're gonna have a bit more explaining to do soon.
  11. I unlocked 4 trophies at the end of Heavy Rain however that games trophies all unlocked in loading screens at the end of each chapter so stacks were common.
  12. Your Arkham City list is a complete mess, totally out of order and also has the platinum unlocking after a DLC trophy. Also the following are obviously hacked as well, Portal 2 Tomb Raider Red Dead Redemption Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones I think i'd struggle to find any legit PS3 list on your profile, What exactly are you expecting from this 'dispute'?
  13. Just for reference Irony can be unlocked before finding Cohen's secret apartment as long as you kill him at the end of the Fort Frolic level and reload a save from before you kill him or load a separate save made at the end of Fort Frolic, if you carry on after killing Cohen using the same save though you can't get into his apartment. Not sure if those 2 trophies are up for dispute as well as the weapon upgrade ones with them being highlighted together but thought I'd mention it just in case.
  14. You've been checking the wrong game mate, the dispute is for BioShock not BioShock 2. As I stated in the previous thread the weapon upgrade trophies are both out of order and earned too close to each other and I really don't understand how this dispute is still going on.
  15. What am i looking at here? Whoever flags you remains anonymous however only a user that has played the game and has experience with the game in question is able to flag someone.