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  1. Wasn't this thread already locked?
  2. Just a couple of days ago I watched the entirety of WWF Fully Loaded 2000 in one sitting with no problem but I struggle to just watch the odd clip on YouTube of current WWE due to the ever changing, shaky and jerking camera work. 😵
  3. Name value. Pure and simple
  4. Both from Resident Evil 2 The start as you are surrounded by burning zombies in the street after the opening cutscene wreck. The theme that plays as soon as you make it inside the Police Station.
  5. Wanted Corp on the Vita Dull, boring and a chore to even finish up the single player story.
  6. It's finally here!!! I'll likely wait for a sale. 😜
  7. Not that I'm aware of unless you have already earned Thrillseeker and Buddy System.
  8. Does anybody know the name of, or even better a YouTube link, for the themes that Private Party and Angélico/Evans came out to at All Out?
  9. This, I've had no trouble over the last few days on my PS4 at least.
  10. Point
  11. We Had Fun, Didn't We? Tales from the Borderlands
  12. Appreciated the answer mate.
  13. Have I missed a new dispute team member announcement or something?
  14. Life is Strange is Square Enix not Telltale.