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  1. One thing that does stand out is the £7.49 one has been previously listed on the store for free from 2017 to 2021.
  2. Think these are what OP os referring to. £7.49 £4.79 Likewise I cannot see any difference in the descriptions but would assume the more expensive one has some sort of DLC included.
  3. The PS4 fan going on and off or just generally being loud is unfortunately by design, as others have said as long as it isn't over heating or shutting down then it is ok. I've yet to try one in person but i'm hoping playing PS4 games on the PS5 has a much more consistent fan level/noise levels.
  4. Exactly what is the achieving part in not playing a game for 10 years?
  5. This helps immensely, thank you for the detailed explanation and happy that I should be able to unlock every trophy offline even with a bit of grinding.
  6. Looking forward to getting this on the PS4.
  7. Also thank you @Heather342 How do the Research Nodes work? Do you know if the trophy can be unlocked in single player as well?
  8. Once you've completed 85% of the challenges that is.
  9. Borderlands 2 Borderland Defender Round Two
  10. Guacameele Super Turbo Championship Edition Greatest Tag-Team in History Defeat both Lightning Skeleton arenas in The Great Temple on Hard Mode, with 2 or more players (or as Javier Jaguar)
  11. I'm adding it to my watchlist for the future. I've played Severed and I'm almost at the end of my first playthrough of Guacamelee and enjoyed them both so Drinkbox have yet to let me down.
  12. Borderland Defender Round Two Borderlands 2 (PS4)
  13. I played DC Super Villains (one of the more recent games) last year and had no issues at any point.
  14. You cannot really incorporate the Vita's extras (back touch pad, mic, etc) into a controller.