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  1. Which trophies are bugged on the PS5?
  2. I'd say the digital copies are still worse than physical as if you don't have the game installed and you are without internet you cannot play it at all, at least the disc based games allow you to play it unpatched even if that means it is not fully up to scratch plus it will be quicker when the internet is back up as you don't need to download the entire game each time.
  3. The digital copies of said games are also broken without the patches but come with it included and you still need the internet to download it in the first place.
  4. Appreciate it. Anymore? Keep the feedback coming everyone.
  5. Can anyone give any feedback onto how the following games behave on the PS5? Infamous: Second Son / First Light Dishonored 2 Mirror's Edge Catalyst Grid 2019 Prey Two Point Hospital Borderlands: The Pre-Sequal Assassin's Creed Origins Medievil Metro 2033 / Last Light Redux Spyro Reignited Trilogy
  6. Where does it show the time played? Looking on some of my PS4 games and I cannot see where any listed/tracked times would be, however I do tend to play offline 99% of the time with my games and I'm assuming it won't have any way to track that time?
  7. Aren't Forensic Expert, Contract Terminated, Mystery Stalker, Aggravated Assault and Serial Killer (all of them being side missions) required to unlock Perfect Knight - Day 2?
  8. Hmm, I might finally get around to giving it a try soon. Thank you.
  9. So you havent had any problems with any of the trophies unlocking/bugging out then?
  10. What are the reasons stated on the flags for each game?
  11. Well done on finally getting it finished up, I remember it being a bitch and being something that really made me reconsider trophy hunting.
  12. I though the PS5 was supposed to be quiet or is there a different fan noise problem?
  13. The bar colour is determined by what you set your profile colour as back on the PS3, I think there have been discussions about making it an option on the site to change it but nothing as of yet has been made available.
  14. Please be aware that @jmartinez8089 is not the person who applied the flags to your profile, they are just another user trying to help out. The CRT will be along shortly and they will discus the flag itself.