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  1. Primarily, not exclusively.
  2. And nothing of value was lost
  3. Are the online trophies still able to be unlocked now the servers have closed? I've never dabbled in Ad Hoc mode on my Vita so no idea how/if it still works either.
  4. Can anybody confirm how the Peer Reviewed tropy works? When it says multiplayer does it need to be done online with another player? Self boosting with an alt account? PS+ required?
  5. Tried it out earlier for an hour or so but noticed that there didn't seem to be any controller vibration at any point including when shooting, has anyone else had the same experince and yes I did check the PS4/DS4 system settings.
  6. Nothing wrong with it at all however I thought it stood out a bit as the most common platinum on my profile and the next one (that isnt a Telltale game) is almost 40% lower. I've never competed on the leaderboards and play games that interest me (just for the record) so this hasn't been something I've obsessed over and just a mild observation, truth be told I think it stands out more being one of the few games on my profile from the NA region rather than EU.
  7. And here I thought that Inksplosion (that I got for free) was a bit of a stain on my profile, thank christ I'm not as obsessed with trophies so much that i'm buying any of those trash games just to increase my trophy count.
  9. Thanks for this
  10. Cheers guys, seems very odd that I noticed the problem straight away so wondering if it might be HDD related.
  11. Just a confirmation if you have had the same issue or not would be appreciated, wouldn't complain at a video but don't go putting yourself through any extra work.
  12. I've recently got my old PS3 back up and running and am looking to play this game soon, noticed on the first proper in game cut-scenes one of the 'doctors' talking to me but his mouth was not moving at that a bug on the PS3 version or does it happen randomly and often? I've had a look on a few videos on YouTube both playing on PS3, one has the same problem and the other appears to work fine. Not Moving - Mouth Moving - EDIT: I'm playing the digital version if that makes a difference.
  13. Luckily I managed to unlock the trophy shortly after my last post, I replayed Memory 4 on Plus difficulty and avoided the floor traps near the enemies which unlocked the trophy, oddly enough even though I activated these before I saw the guards survive next to every one of them so know idea why it worked that time.
  14. I'm sure you'll understand if I don't put any money on it happening at all.