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  1. The biggest 'injustice' in the trophy system to me is Resident Evil 4 not getting a full trophy list with a platinum especially as not only was it released twice but physically as well. Even though i'm enjoying it a game like Inksplosion should not have more trophies than Resident Evil 4.
  2. Of the 14 games I've played on my Vita so far only two (FIFA 15 and Resistance: Burning Skies) have been physical copies one of which was a present. The Vita has had fantastically cheap deals in the past for it's digital library so I haven't minded going mainly digital with it as opposed to my PS3/PS4.
  3. Can anybody recommend any racing games with a similar graphical style to Horizon Chase Turbo but with a more 'traditional' racing gameplay style?
    Haven't played the full game yet but after liking the demo I would like something a bit slower paced with proper corning, overtaking, etc.

  4. Picked up the following from the US Store flash sale a few weeks back.
  5. Regardless if the trophies flagged were because of your actions or someone else's they are still illegitimate.
  6. Did you 'die' during any of the life upgrade puzzle sections?
  7. The border colour on your profile doesn't have anything to do with premium.
  8. Nope but nice to see you jumping to conclusions. My reasons for wanting the online removed are; 1. Because it was (from what I've read) buggy as hell on the PS3 version so I've no faith they will make it anymore stable on the PS4. 2. Will give a limited amount of time to unlock the trophies as most online modes do. 3. Will probably have a small amount of people that will bother picking up a remastered PS3 game on the PS4. 4. Means I won't have to bother renewing a PS+ sub.
  9. This dispute is in a thread completely open to the public, any user can comment on it (to confirm or deny your claims) and any none member can view it...this would have been shown to you before the dispute was made.
  10. The start of the list is a mess really. "Completed Welcome" or " Toaster in the Tub" should be the first trophy unlocked, excluding any DLC ones. Both "One Successful Hack" and "Hacked a Security Bot" should be unlocked at the same time as your first hacking chance is at the beginning of the Medical Pavilion level when a security bot is stuck in a door. Also you cannot invent items until a few levels in (Arcadia I believe) so "Basic Inventor" and "Ammo Inventor" cannot be unlocked that early.
  11. It is impossible to upgrade more than one weapon at a time as the Power to the People machines are one use only and each weapon, if I remember correctly, has 2 separate upgrades. Correction: Each weapon has two upgrades not 3.
  12. Pretty sure that was the same on the PS2 version.
  13. Love Max Caulfield...a 8/10