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  1. The helicopter run part?
  2. Entry 2 - I'll take the (seemingly) unlimited supply of the brick you can get in TimeSplitters 2 as you never know when you'll need to build a makeshift wall.
  3. I would like to bring in the Taquito Grande from South Park: The Fractured but Whole as I'm pretty hungry right now. Thank you for the giveaway @Dumbgud and good luck everyone for the future,
  4. The Token Experience South Park: The Fractured but Whole
  5. I always been quite fond towards; #5. Avion #9. Basaran #12. Pelagia
  6. Are you playing whilst signed into PSN? If so then play offline.
  7. I've noticed this happening to a few different accounts on my PS4 but has, so far, not affected my main account.
  8. Nice idea for a long term giveaway, I'll try and remember to post from January next year.
  9. You unlocked all 11 Spec ops trophies within seconds on Modern Warfare 2 which is a blatant sign of using a cheated save file. You also have trophies unlocked not only before the games were released (Black Ops) but even before the trophy system existed. 🙄
  10. If you aren't that interested in the story in a video game then surely you mean you "couldn't care less" then? In regards to Freedom Cry I thought it was pretty rubbish and, as originally a Black Flag DLC, was missing so much from the main game.
  11. 89 matches in total
  12. This still makes the flag valid no matter how many other trophies were unlocked legit.
  13. Ever since Ratalaika games as well as stuff like Little Adventure on the Prairie and My Name is Mayo became regular on the PS Store anything that gets a disc release should get a platinum.
  14. I've never played a Super Monkey Ball game in my life so have nothing to compare it to but will probably give this one a try at some point.
  15. I was hoping for two separate trophy lists (one for each game) if I'm honest.