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  1. BioShock > BioShock 2 > BioShock Infinite
  2. At no point have I said (or even suggested) that they should be so lacking in quality control that this should even be a talking point, however seeing as this is evidentially a problem with quite a few games recently not making regular backups of your saves will only inconvenience you at the end of the day.
  3. Nice to see Sony pulling out the big guns after Microsoft buying Bethesda. How about some 'Whiteboyz With Attitude' style DLC trophies?
  4. Unfortunately that thread no longer has any working images.
  5. So why don't you just get a cheap USB stick as a fail safe in case the worst happens? It shouldn't be a thing that we should worry about but if you aren't prepared to even do that knowing what can (and does) happen you're just looking for any reason to avoid responsibility so you can start the blame game.
  6. You don't have to pay for PS+ at all to backup your save file, a simple £5 USB flash drive can be used as well. This is the same logic as not looking both ways when crossing a road, yes you shouldn't have to as people shouldn't be driving around dangerously BUT it is you that ultimately suffers if you don't take extra precautions.
  7. I keep getting Media Player download prompt sticking itself at the left end of my games tiles list but no other problems so far.
  8. November Medievil Yooka Laylee (Corrected the month)
  9. This is what I like to hear.
  10. Yeah I've noticed the same problem with my L.A. Noire, Unit 13, Shadow of the Colossus and Medal of Honor: Frontline lists all showing less than 100% even though I finished them all up years ago...hopefully just site maintenance.
  11. I've moved from level 29 to 416.
  12. You'll never be able to completely stop dust getting into any home electronic however I'm assuming those are there to help clean out dust from where it is most likely to gather and/or cause ventilation issues.
  13. I'm not too bothered by the PS3 side of things now but I'm hoping the Vita store is at least capable of buying everything on it still.
  14. Basic supply and demand, if enough people will buy it enough people will supply it.
  15. Big, brave talk taking into consideration. 1. Your own (some would say) lacking profile. 2. MMDE is very likely the one dealing with this dispute.