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  1. The PS4 wasn't ever supposed to be able to play PS3 games, the original run of PS3s did have the ability to play PS2 games.
  2. If i'm understanding your question correctly it sounds like you are asking why the rarity of trophies are worked out only on people registered on PSNP rather than the whole PSN user base?
  3. Appreciate the response.
  4. Shame they never discount the 1 month ones.
  5. Megaman Borderlands 2 or Metro 2033
  6. A very big and generous giveaway, cheers Grimy.
  7. God of War on the Vita is known to have trophies fail to unlock if you lose your internet connection whilst in game.
  8. No problem, happy to help.
  9. Thanks for this reminder, I was wondering why my Dead Space 2 list (despite being finished in 2011) was between my Mass Effect 1 & 2 lists from least I'm assuming that is the case?
  10. That's how I did it back on the PS3.
  11. The closest I can think of is the PS3 version of Sound Shapes icon changing from orange to red to match the Vita (and eventual PS4) ones and I think that happened years after release.
  12. Much better looking icons.
  13. It's got more merit in a list than a bunch of Rata stacks but it's still a bit of a black mark in my opinion.
  14. Pretty sure it was an accident when it first got uploaded to the store, seems to have happened to a few games recently.