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  1. I didn't even go to those lengths, just a quick search of Army of Two: 40th Day Masks bought that result up in seconds.
  2. That screenshot looks awfully similar to this YouTube video at around the 40 second mark with a completely different PSN account than either yours or the other one mentioned.
  3. And please don't comment if you don't even seem to understand the problem being discussed, however I would love to hear your explanation on how that is even possible.
  4. I think you'll need to elaborate more on either the reason you have been flagged and your response because I'm unsure what buy new ps would do to explain this.
  5. I believe the PAL version runs at a lower framerate than the NTSC version making some modes/trophies a lot more difficult to complete.
  6. Shame they isn't a platinum although I'm still wanting to play this game
  7. Trophy unlock dates do not get overridden, the earliest date the trophy was earned will always be the one of the PSN servers.
  8. This as well
  9. The reason you would have been flagged as too fast for Beach Buggy Racing would be because the second half of the trophies in the game most of them (20 excluding the platinum) were unlocked within a few seconds of each other NOT the total time it took you to platinum the game. As for LA Cops you earned the 100, 200, 400, 600 and 1000 kills trophies all at the same time and before anything else. I've never played either of these games but i doubt that is possible
  10. Is the crashing on PS4 that bad? So much so that it could prevent the platinum being earned?
  11. I think it might of only applied to the original 60GB units though i'm not certain on that, there wasnt any problems turning the console on (at least not mine) just that no trophies would unlock on 1/3/10 as it recognised it as 29/2/10 and certain PSN games wouldn't load up.
  12. I'm in although hopefully this isn't just a way to boost your reputation with everyone liking your post. Regardless, i'd go for the lifetime membership rather than the credit. Thank you
  13. It's unlikely, around the time the leap year bug would of been in place they would of only been around chapter 6 or 7 which is half way through the game. A question to anybody regarding Batman: Arkham Asylum - Although Nordstern's trophy list order looks perfectly fine (at first glance) should Big, Bigger and Biggest Bang really have an 11 and 27 seconds gap between unlocking? I'm not too sure anything is wrong here but mine only took between 6-8 seconds each.
  14. As others have pointed out it is not possible to complete the game on Impossible mode on your first playthrough, also the fact that you unlocked the One Gun trophy on your first playthrough despite earning the Autofire trophy during the run looks suspicious despite being possible. This is just a suggestion but hardly a defense without any explanation on why or how it was glitched.