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  1. singularity
  2. I can vow for wwe13 that online grind was insane i did it in a week nonstop boosting
  3. are u still dropping things , i could use everything lol started fresh never realy played ds 1 i finished ds 3 and had a blast tho
  4. i have a problem okay back off
  5. yeah i feel ur pain on monster hunter i took a break after the plat as well
  6. so i was checking my stats and saw i already have 535 km driven ( 332 miles ) , and the long distance trophy did not pop. do i just ignore this and keep on driving or is this a bug ? edit : got the platinum just dont look at ur stats its a broken mess
  7. after you beat the game the bosses respawn , just make sure to select the right playthrough .
  8. are u still doing this i could use everything lol
  9. are u still doing this cause i just started a new game and could use a lot
  10. wwe 13 433 ppl and shadow warrior 2 388 ppl
  11. wwe 13 it seems not many people have this one , its currently my rarest trophy
  12. also voted also voted lol said it twice
  13. i would go for gears of war and forza