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  1. so lets show what still broken after the patch - old fashion beat down ( all harm challenges done multiple times ) - information overload ( at 92 still nothing ) - gold star succes ( 7 days of bounties 7x16=112 basic math ) -treasure trove (over 50 ill just wait for a update ) edit : gold star succes popped a couple of days ago
  2. well thats unfortunate i had a glitched blueprint or skill cant quite remember but i quit for a year then decide f it lets try it anyway and it popped
  3. dont worry about it just finish up trophy should pop
  4. yes you can
  5. wwe '13 platinum 0.47 only 420 achievers out of 89 355
  6. its a shame but i guess this is one for the never complete list
  7. so lets get right to the point this game has potential but missed the mark by 80 miles graphics in this game are rly bad , like no joke city area reduces ur frame rate to 10 if ur lucky i actually felt sick after 15 mins mechanics great ideas horrible execution i will prove this below - no tutorial u get a truck u need to fill it and good luck after that - for some reason when u reset ur truck ur trailer disconnects i thought no biggie ill get out and reconnect it i tried for at least 10 min but i couldnt reconnect it cause i needed to look at the coupler and i physically couldnt. - dont get me started on the steering its horrible it rly drives like u are on a iceskating ring - the menu's lag when navigating i played this game for 1 full hour ok i rly want to like it but i cant i hope that this is a alpha version of the game or a joke cause this isnt even worth 5 bucks in it current state
  8. ets 2 came out in 2012 and this in 2021 thats all i need to say
  9. all good
  10. oooh im sorry i didnt learn english in school
  11. so i have a question i defeated the chicken boss whilst doing story before i had the bird and didnt recieve anything do i need to restart or do bosses respawn in the open world
  12. its probably in game km like they do in ets2 100 km is about 3 minutes in real time but that would still be a 250 hour grind . but i am sure we will be able to buy trucks with mileage on them
  13. so they want us to drive around the globe 10 times ok
  14. it still crashes but only when u play zombies it crashes every 2 matches but at least it doesnt shut off my ps5 anymore
  15. update my save just got corrupted after reaching lvl 40 with 1.5 mil i am done. i am selling this game
  16. so does this mean i could play the game without crashing every three to four races
  17. same i played for 5 hours had 6 crashes lol
  18. that would be appreciated
  19. so for the harm trophy i played with my friend and he didnt get it either
  20. ok so first of i 100 percent agree with you that a new save could potentially pop trophies , but the fact is this game is made to play co-op so its weird the stats dont track
  21. i had the skyfall glitch happen a few times
  22. so do you just upload your save to the cloud , then delete local save and replay all missions ?
  23. i always start the vault in snowy tundra plenty of chests at least 6
  24. does anyone know if u need to do this on a single hero ?
  25. i feel you i have almost every single file