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  1. Looking forward to this one!
  2. Limited Run are holding pre-orders from the 30th of August for 4 weeks only for physical release.
  3. Online races give you a good few hundred coins.
  4. It's something people were still worried about that.
  5. I don't see a drop in in-game coin rewards though. Which is what people feared.
  6. So far we haven't seen any of these items they keep mentioning. There was meant to be new power-ups.
  7. Didn't Beenox say every item will eventually be in the pit stop anyway? It's just a chance to get things before the rest of us.
  8. It's only if you want to bump your coin count though right? So... it's not that bad.
  9. It took me 2 attempts to get that trophy for Blizzard Bluff. I think it's just temperamental.
  10. I wouldn't say super easy but... Also the glitch doesn't work anymore.
  11. Luck of items is the only way you'll beat hard mode.
  12. I used Crash. For me it was just getting lucky with items early so I could overtake him then spamming Nitros/beakers to keep him behind me.
  13. I've found doing drift boosts on straights just slows you down. I've copied videos too but you just end up going all over the pace and Oxide casually trolls passed you. Also for keeping USF, it just makes me hit walls or fall off the track because you slide like you're on ice. I'm using speed characters all the time too.
  14. Nothing to make ghosts more manageable to beat >.<