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  1. I've S ranked everything on the hardest difficulty asides from episodes 3 and 4 of the very last Paradise stories. Miss R and whoever she's paired with keeps damaging me too much to get S rank. Any good card combos I should use?
  2. About damn time, can't wait.
  3. DRM

    I sorted it now. Thanks.
  4. I don't get why digital games aren't cheaper. Digital music is cheaper. Anyway, I was a physical only guy for years but now I'm thinking of switching. PS4 installs your games so the HDD argument is out. Digital is more convenient, your disc drive is likely to wear out first,I'm highly unlikely to forget my password, I'm seriously running out of shelf room and despite my hype for pre-order bonuses they just end up shoved away somewhere. So I'm really starting to think. Back on sales, I think this might be the time I finally buy Gravity Rush Remastered. Been eyeing that one up for some time now.
  5. DRM

    Huh... weird. I've only ever made one account on it. I'll look into that later.
  6. DRM

    My game still shows a lock icon next to it until the PS4 establishes an internet connection.
  7. DRM

    I noticed on the Steam page for Mania it says they're working on removing the DRM so it can be played offline. Are they only going to do that for the Steam version? My net isn't the most stable in the world in it's annoying that I can't play the game when it acts up. Also, I've seen some Steam users say they can use the extras on save slots and not just the 'no save'. Is this true?
  8. My thoughts exactly. The times I have played games on PC in the past remapping got such a chore.
  9. Chrome. Just like it and can't really explain why.
  10. I bought a new PS3 regular slim that was quite cheap because it only had a 160gig HDD. Then I bought a separate HDD to shove in. If you look around, you can find some listed as "used" but they're still in a sealed box. Good tip for anyone looking to by a previous gen console. Though it does require a good amount of searching.
  11. Definitely a completionist now. I mean, a lot of the games I own require that go get the platinum any. I never used to be in the PS1/2 era. It was only after I bought a PS3 I got a desire to explore every last inch of a game before I moved on to the next.
  12. The Super Slim was plagued with disc problems for me. I bought it brand new and all my games were brand new, though it froze on every disc I put in at some stage. I ended up buying a regular slim in the end at it's so much better. It also doesn't sound like a lawnmower.
  13. The super fight wasn't the most difficult of the 2D games but it was tedious. More attacks that can easily knock rings out of you. Makes Super Sonic feel less super when a simple energy ball attack can hurt him. It used to take being sucked into a mech or a really big laser shot. Something that looked powerful enough to actually lose you rings. It won't beat The Doomsday Zone that's for sure.
  14. I think I've finally mastered the turtles. I've yet to find out if it will get a better time, but I tried on normally gameplay and I jumped every gap without falling.