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  1. This story is really difficult without any sort of upgrades. Also having to switch between characters constantly and using their moves makes the gameplay so sluggish.
  2. This was an annoying thing in Stormy Ascent I can tell you that. Sometimes they would be completely out of sync.
  3. EU it isn't out till Tuesday >.> Would have expected a list by now though if there were any surely.
  4. The final boss is pretty easy compared to simply getting through the levels. I think the final form of the Dynamo even takes less hits here.
  5. Got the gems today. Great level design overall, though tough. A gold relic was the best I could manage but that'll do for me. I like that the death route was made as part of the main path and returned you to the same area.
  6. I just started Risky's story and I guess it's the weapon and health upgrades.
  7. I finally beat it today. The last bosses aren't difficult as long as you have 6 potions going into Risky. Just be smart with the invincible bubble.
  8. No there isn't one for the relic this time.I guess they figured we'd all go for it anyway
  9. Managed to get a gold relic with a time of 1:12. Wasn't easy though. Took an hour. Thanks Kyl542 for the explanation, now I can get the gems.
  10. Well, to everyone going for the platinum this mode is as the name suggests. Bloody hard. I'm about half-way through now and my advice to anyone is the following: The first level, just memorise it. This is where where you'll notice the difficulty spike from the get-go. Much more enemies and hitting them takes all your 2 hearts. Their projectiles don't however. You'll probably die a lot on Main Street and it's boss but just keep at it. Backtrack for heart holders as soon as you get the transformations to find them. Seriously, you'll need them with how touching enemies tears through your health so quickly in this mode. The small enemies in Mermaid Fallso for example, will give you an instant game over if you only have 2 hearts and you touch them. Focus on buying bikini armor, attack power-ups, and stocking up on revival potions first. With the way the small quick moving enemies can drain your health vastly, these items will help you avoid game over screens until you gather a good amount of heart holders. Attack items cause less damage to enemies than your hair remember. Also you can only hold 6 revival potions instead of 9 in this mode so bare that in mind. Pike Ball and Storm Puff level up to max first. The 2 items are the best to get to max level before any other. Pike Ball for close range, Storm Puff for long range. Then buy the items related to magic usage after. Enemies are more vast, and ones that would normally appear later are in earlier levels. A key thing to remember here. Mermaid Falls has a lot of Mermaids/Lamia enemies in the factory area where in normal mode it was just Techno Gruntz and Electro-Bats.If you haven't bought any hair power-ups or found any heart holders by this point you will be struggling a lot. Buy the Obliterate dance from the Snake Seller. It'll really help during bosses (especially the Mermaid Queen as she's tough in this mode) and the Spider enemies (as they take a lot of hits and they're everywhere during the Remains mission in Tassle Town). Hope this'll help you guys get through this mode as I've met plenty of game over screens so far and I'm not even at Ammo Barron yet.
  11. Surprised there isn't a trophy for the relic or death route though. Worth noting that the level number is officially 31. Meaning the 2 secret levels are indeed numberless it seems. I was hoping they'd use the new warp area to add in actual buttons for them but sadly not.
  12. https://www.trueachievements.com/a254110/c3--the-future-is-clear-achievement https://www.trueachievements.com/a254103/c3--fruit-fighter-achievement
  13. Completing the the first mode with 100% items gives you the trophy for obtaining all win screens. So looks like you don't need to do the speed run for this version of the game.
  14. Looking good.
  15. Supposedly it has 2 new trophies. "Fruit Fighter: Shoot a background UFO" "The Future Is Clear: Seek and destroy"