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  1. Really interested about Little Witch Academy. The battle mechanics will probably be my deciding factor now.
  2. Looks like a lot of annoying collectables. The red star rings in Generations alone were bad enough, we now have numbered rings and silver medals. Rest of the list looks pretty standard. Challenges, collecting loads of rings etc. The dressing room one feels out of place in a Sonic game though =P
  3. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale I never even stood a chance at the plat because the game would constantly crash on me. It's only since I discovered this forum though that I realised it may have been because I had a Super Slim and seen reports of others having freezing issues with that model. Oh well.
  4. I like to see a trophy/achievement list that's had thought put into it though rather than just what they plucked out of their ass for the sake of it.
  5. Has anyone seriously thought about leaving their digital content in a will? Or even given a crap about what happens to it? XD. Prefer physical copies purely because if my internet goes down, I can still play them. Else I'd be pro digital to stop having disc cases pilling up everywhere.
  6. I know it wouldn't bug most people, but in PC gaming dialogue you get prompted to hit a certain key instead of a controller button. I know the obvious reason but still.
  7. I've played games on PC very rarely. It's a lot better now with Steam though as when I first tried PC gaming as it was like "you checked to see if this game is compatible?". I was at that age when I didn't have much clue and 7/10 times I bought games I couldn't play >.>; Anyway, I prefer consoles because I feel comfier playing games on my TV sitting on a nice sofa instead of my PC chair. I'm online anyway if I'm not gaming so I'd never get off my PC else. I also prefer to buy physical copies of games rather than only digital. Especially as I'm a sucker for pre-order goodies >.< I won't say either is worse. Steam is great if you love indie and VN games though. Boy does it have a lot of VNs.
  8. So does Valve generally not care about this or are they that oblivious? I never understood why they don't have some kind of realistic cap instead of the silly one they have now. Which sounds like they put in just to say "We have a an achievement cap".
  9. Speaking of, who actually owns Spyro now?
  10. No English dub huh? I hate constantly reading subtitles. Might still get it as its sounding really appealing. Sorry I know a lot of you guys are pro Japanese voices but personally I really don't mind English voices.
  11. Collectors edition on its way.
  12. In that case I'm throwing my money right away.
  13. Want to order this but I fear I'll suck at it as the only third person shooter games I've played are Ratchet & Clank.
  14. I have a feeling that side of her won't be last too long though
  15. I approve the new character.