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  1. Major leaked spoilers from an accidental update to Mania. These include:
  2. It took me a few tries, but there's no trick really other than using the helicopter forward-jump thing.
  3. I just spammed it on anything that moves.
  4. Simply because I feel damn accomplished.
  5. At least there's no relics in Spyro >.<
  6. Hopefully we'll get it in the UK too.
  7. I don't remember Spyro 2's skill points but I remember YotD's mostly.
  8. These would be the toughest for me. Especially as in Spyro 2 I never beat the turtle soup, Scorch flag, and Agent Zero missions. Not sure if I ever rounded up all those animals in Zephyr either.
  9. I initially thought this too but after seeing the trailer, I'm not as sceptic now. Developer interview too.
  10. It most likely will, just like the N.Sane Trilogy. "Have trouble with the trolley 10 times in a row" ~hidden trophy
  11. It's too easy a money maker for them not to do.
  12. No mention in the Activision stream. YouTube is a was with complaint videos.
  13. The original PS1 Rayman is a game I would really like to see get remastered. Only thing is the original was hand drawn with a vast variety of colours so I guess that might be a challenge. The re-released the third game in HD but not the other two and I think that's criminal.