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  1. I have a friend who plays every day. He told me every season they fix a trophy and fuck some others. I am waiting for 28 days left and I will try this trophy next season. All trophies which were glitched in the past season (like Bad Company) I did without problems in this season. In the last season people could get "Money Bag" but in the current season did not. We can wait until next season to see what happens.
  2. I´ve been playing with that character for so many games doing 70 or 80K and never got that trophy.
  3. Listen in BF4 is almost the same problem. What I did in BF4 is rent only 1 day (This is a experimente until EA give a server so I do not waste money) and I did in the first time. Then I renew the contract for 1 week. Game sucks because it tells you no content is available so is just luck (Exit the game or go to a server and then comeback to rent) How many PS3 do you have? I will try to rent only 1 day to see if it works.