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  1. Nice. i don't have the game yet but went ahead and downloaded the dlc while its free.
  2. I've platinumed every Atelier title since Ayesha, so i'll give this spin off my best shot. Though i will admit some of the trophies seem tedious. Hopefully the game itself is fun enough to put up with it.
  3. Sadly i didn't see any. Planning to buy this game now, since its only $4 on psn.
  4. Are these trophies completely unobtainable if you only have one controller? If so, that sucks. I have no need for a second controller and just wish they didn't have forced co-op trophies or at least offered an online multiplayer way to get this.
  5. Is it possible to get all the trophies for Gwent just playing single player against the AI?
  6. Came out today but seems incredibly overpriced. Its $40 a pop. I feel like that should be the price of the entire bundle.
  7. I'd be willing to give this game a shot if it was closer to the $10 price range. I find it hard to even justify Sims games being priced high, so no way would i pay alot for this title.
  8. The 'toys to life' aspect was a huge turn off for me initially but looking at reviews, it seems the toys aren't required. So i'm more interested now. Though i may still wait for a price drop with Red Dead right around the corner. But it depends on the price of this. I'll look on the psn store later today.
  9. Trophies mostly look fun except that one about getting first place in a multiplayer match. I already dislike online trophies, but requiring me to be the top of the match is ridiculous. So far i've only platinumed Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 and Reborn. Looking forward to hopefully making this my third Gundam platinum. Gundam Breaker 3 had too many tedious trophies and difficulty based ones.
  10. Yeah. The developers listed a workaround on the steam page. You have to choose to decipher the cure before any of the other tablets. Sadly, i did it last because it was at the bottom of the options. https://steamcommunity.com/app/761030/discussions/0/1698293255136812952/
  11. Sadly i think one of the quests may be glitched. Its tied to a trophy for curing someone.
  12. I'm pretty annoyed to see the medals return. But hopefully Namco at least tweaked something to make it less tedious to collect them this time.
  13. All i have is both this and the Elder Kai challenge trophies to worry the most about. I had how much a pain some of these trophies are.
  14. Great review! I've enjoyed the Atelier series ever since Meruru on ps3. But Escha & Logy is my favorite. Currently playing Firis myself and enjoying it. Love the more open world.