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  1. Thank you so much!!! I was dreading having to face a superboss just for ONE outfit i needed for an achievement. So glad the 2D mode saves me.
  2. Thanks. Though Hopefully they'll be guides to help prepare and defeat that boss.
  3. Thank you. I may consider rebuying these games then.
  4. Probably a strange question to ask but even if its the same trophies as original release, will i still be able to unlock a new platinum from playing this new version? I made the terrible mistake of buying that ps4 version of Ys Memories of Celceta because i thought it had a different trophy set. But since i platinumed PS Vita version, i couldn't gain anything new on that release.
  5. Yeah i had been writing down every time i successfully harvested something. And i got it to pop up before i even had 3 in a couple of them. But i'm not complaining. That trophy was one of the few i didn't get in original game i think. Glad i got it now.
  6. I feel bad for Sophie. I wish the devs had maybe made a tweet or post about this ahead of time. Its ridiculous not to give trophies for lower difficulty after beating it on the highest one.
  7. I can't wait to play this tomorrow. Loved the original PS3 version but never platinumed it. I plan to try to platinum this one though.
  8. I have some Golden Nexotraps stored up that i will only use on Tyrants. So far the basic Nexotrap has been all i needed to catch ultra rare and mega rare Nexomon. As long as you give them proper food first.
  9. Game is $30 both digitally on PSN and retail disk (which surprised me). So i'll be getting it at Gamestop next week. The trailer looks cute and i like the huge roster of creatures. The best part is that i'm unfamiliar with Nexomon franchise, so each monster will be completely new to me. Kinda like the feeling i got playing Pokemon Red for the first time as a kid.
  10. I like the new additions and won't mind double dipping for this as long as it has a separate trophy list, kinda like how Persona 5 Royal did.
  11. I really wish i had looked at this before plopping down $30. I was pretty disappointed after downloading and looking to see i already had a platinum, because it shared my Vita data. With how long this release took to come to PS4, its ridiculous that they couldn't be bothered to give it new trophy set. Oh well, the game is still fun so i'll try not to be too upset over double dipping. :/
  12. Nice. i don't have the game yet but went ahead and downloaded the dlc while its free.
  13. I've platinumed every Atelier title since Ayesha, so i'll give this spin off my best shot. Though i will admit some of the trophies seem tedious. Hopefully the game itself is fun enough to put up with it.
  14. Sadly i didn't see any. Planning to buy this game now, since its only $4 on psn.