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  1. Sad face.
  2. Are you allowed to buy other accessories at that time? Or must you wait a week?
  3. If this happens, Sony will allow 2.
  4. Drum set or Droid?
  5. Banned for concerning yourself with the lack of information.
  6. Banned for missing the un-missable.
  7. That is sad. Another reason why the vita will consume your life.
  8. 4GB what do anything. I would rather buy the 32GB card and never have to think about another card for a while.
  9. 6/10. Here and there.
  10. PS3 Go bye bye.
  11. Lady Radiator - Kids For Sale
  12. Nice. Since, he has put up some more, about online gameplay and twitter. All the reviews for this are very great. Except for the fact that some games boot you off the network upon start-up. Which means you have to sacrifice 10 seconds of your life to signing back in. Hope they patch it.
  13. Banned for the mice.