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  1. Lmao im going to enjoy reading the comments here idc either way ill just watch you ppl argue 😂
  2. Obviously digital I mean come on no brainer
  3. Ok nice flex I guess if you care about rarity go do re resistance or u one of those ppl that dnt bother with multiplayer lmao
  4. Lmao u are the first person complaining about this ain't hard to rank up at all just ply holy cow
  5. Yes it's only multiplayer
  6. Anyone wanna boost this trophy together its kinda tricky solo since the AI almost always seems to kill the charging supersoldier before he charges
  7. I didnt crash at all when i was doing these 3 arena's but i went fast and used elemental weapons only maybe the game cant handle all the bodies on screen?
  8. So from what i have seen this trophy sharing is caring is all over the place i haven't seen any social events at all so i contacted ubisoft and they told me that social events where no longer in the game and that the trophy was unobtainable but i have ppl who have gotten social events and just need 1 more to get the trophy so ima just keep tryn intell i get it hopefully