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  1. What do you mean? can you elaborate.
  2. From your explanation your messed up timestamp isn't due to your console freezing, it's due to you not syncing your trophies before doing a format on your HDD. Unfortunately that is against the rules and the flag would likely stick.
  3. PSN ID = AIDA_Tri-Edge PS Systems = PS4, PS3, PS Vita Accepts Blank Friend Requests = No, at least put a small introduction with your request.
  4. Dude calm down, seriously. It's not even a matter of "accidentally" setting your trophies to private without knowing, Hell a lot of people don't realize that setting them to private on your console affects their showing on here, hell I didn't know that setting them to friends only affected them here until I did it. Take a chill pill and try not to jump to a negative right off the bat and create drama when there is none.
  5. Your right, the area does have to be at least rank 2. As far as knocking out hollow missions, I'm not sure if you have to clear rank 3 missions, it's what I did when the boss mission appeared. Could simply be coincidence though.
  6. The game only allows a certain number of Hollow Missions to be active at the same time. I had the exact same issue as you with Strea's request. I knocked out a few rank 3 missions and the boss mission eventually appeared.
  7. No he didn't, he posted his "Defense" for the flags but has not posted the reason that was given to WHY he was flagged.
  8. To be fair, this guy is jumping through all kind of hoops that are being held up for him just to try and prove his innocence. And from what I can see there is nothing wrong with what he has shown. Couple that with the fact that making a mask well before even playing the game, whilst highly unlikely is still a possible thing, this flag should be lifted already. How many more tricks does he need to do honestly? And then there is the few people that come back and say "Well things can be very easily edited to look like it is all legit, so any evidence he gives should be treated as an automatic lie" None of those comments are necessary or warranted, if all disputes were treated with as much denial/theory/hearsay that is in this thread then no one would ever have their flag lifted.
  9. Upload it to a YouTube or vimeo account and post the link. Otherwise for images you can upload to tinypic or imgur and again post the link. Quick google search would yield dozens of results of ways to upload both videos and images.
  10. How long have you had the controller for? It honestly sounds like your controller is starting to bite it. Do you drop it often?
  11. Any record of this every happening in the way OP mentioned in his post? Cause I've never heard of it.
  12. Not sure I understand your reasoning but a platinum trophy will always pop at the same time as the last trophy earned before said platinum. Also thank you @BlindMango for editing in the reason
  13. This depends on the game and how they set up the trophy triggers. Some games have it set up to unlock all trophies in a line (1 collectible, 10 collectibles ect) at the exact same time if a save has been used with all the subsequent requirements met. Kinda like how difficulty trophies stack. Other games (Like infamous) will only unlock the trophy related to the exact requirement that was met. (Like how if you missed the 25% shard trophy by loading a save with more than 25% of the shards already obtained it just flat out will not unlock, even if you collect another shard. you would need to use a save prior to having 25% shards collected in order to then unlock it) Plenty of people have been caught out by these sorts of trophy unlocks, and is a damn good way to tell if someone has used a save... in most instances.
  14. Sorry mate but using a resigned save is against the rules of the leaderboard. If you care about being on the leaderboard you will need to create a new account as 3 flags gets you permanently off them.
  15. Yeah you need something to back up your story. I've never heard of a game auto popping trophies just from simply booting up the game (short of games that support cross saves, which none of your games do).