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  1. Curious what the difference between physical and digital copy of no man's sky is in regards to the plat? I've just purchased the digital version. Mine would be Until Dawn: Rush of Blood - probably rare due to requiring psvr, but the game is easy and the hardest trophy can be a cake walk with the use of uploading saves to the cloud after each chapter incase you perma die in psychotic mode.
  2. Last night I was able to complete about 5 UGC missions in FoB before I got disconnected and couldn't reconnect. As has been stated plenty of times the servers are still active, just very unstable. Simply need to continue trying at different times until you get lucky. No "shenanigans", just luck. Good to see reports of people still able to connect to both infamous 2 and FoB.
  3. As someone who has earned the infamous 2 UGC trophies recently I can tell you for certain there is no shenanigans. People aren't cheating to unlock these if that's what your implying. I actually obtained them the first time trying without any issue. I live in Australia so that may be due to the servers being quiet when I tried. Haven't tried Fob yet.
  4. What was the reason for the flag? You will also need to unhide the game if you wish to dispute it.
  5. What does the report say? Cause the 3 trophies that look dodgy to me are metahuman, around and around we go, feel the burn. All 3 popped literally at the same time. While you can set them up to be able to pop them within seconds of eachother. Having all 3 pop at once isn't possible. Each trophy requires 3 different actions to trigger each.
  6. Well shit you better flag me for Injustice then. Because I have unlocked both those trophies at the same time too. Might want to have some knowledge before commenting. In the ultimate edition all the costumes are already unlocked at the beginning of the game, but you can still purchase them in the archives. So buying 1 outfit will also trigger the trophy for buying them all as you technically already have them.
  7. Yes it would. Of you resync with the correct times simply post in the forum again or send a msg to MMDE or grimy and they can review it.
  8. Yeah unfortunately the report was already made before you hid your trophies. I know that what your arguing is that you were unaware at the time you hid the game that you had been flagged for it. But it doesn't matter, the point is someone already found your game before you did. You argue that its unfair that it takes time in order to sync to the system once a game is hidden. The same can be said for the reports, once someone reports a game a very small team have to review, research and then approve that flag, which all takes time, it's not an instant process. Would you be more ok with your flag if the team just instantly flagged your game without even making sure it was correct just so you knew about it quicker?
  9. You do have control over that. Once you hide the game, you earn at least 1 trophy in any other game and then immediately sync the trophy to the network on your console, and then sync and update your profile here on psn. It is essentially instantaneous. The reason why a trophy to be earned is a requirement is due to the way the website obtains data from Playstations servers, it is not a requirement set in place by the website itself. So no it is not a bit much to ask of that.
  10. At the end of the day you had a trophy list that broke the rules of the leader board (this you are aware of) and failed to hide the game before someone found it and reported you for it. It is irrelevant when the report gets approved, the fact is you were reported for it while it was still visible on your account. There already is a community standard set in place. What you are asking for is to break that standard by asking to have the report removed. Saying that you did not know about the rules prior and then trying to do everything right afterwords doesn't work. you should have read the rules of the site beforehand, that's on you. I honestly think all your flags are fair and should stay. If you care that much about the leader boards, then start a new account now that you know the rules of the site that you need to adhere to.
  11. No I don't think that is fair. Whether he proved to you his original timestamps or not, the ones he currently has synced, and the way in which he obtained those timestamps, breaks the rules of the leader board. His currently synced timestamps are illegitimate and should be removed from the leader board. Is he not transferring saves from one console to another, which others have been flagged for in the past and had it stick. If he really wanted to sort it out he should get the ps4 fixed.
  12. Got all these for Christmas / with vouchers.
  13. Thanks for doing this. Good luck to everyone.
  14. It's not hard to look up other legit lists and see the proper order in which to unlock the trophies, and then simply CFW or use a downloaded save to unlock them in the correct order/time. Don't be so naive.
  15. What do you mean? can you elaborate.
  16. From your explanation your messed up timestamp isn't due to your console freezing, it's due to you not syncing your trophies before doing a format on your HDD. Unfortunately that is against the rules and the flag would likely stick.
  17. PSN ID = AIDA_Tri-Edge PS Systems = PS4, PS3, PS Vita Accepts Blank Friend Requests = No, at least put a small introduction with your request.
  18. Dude calm down, seriously. It's not even a matter of "accidentally" setting your trophies to private without knowing, Hell a lot of people don't realize that setting them to private on your console affects their showing on here, hell I didn't know that setting them to friends only affected them here until I did it. Take a chill pill and try not to jump to a negative right off the bat and create drama when there is none.
  19. Your right, the area does have to be at least rank 2. As far as knocking out hollow missions, I'm not sure if you have to clear rank 3 missions, it's what I did when the boss mission appeared. Could simply be coincidence though.
  20. The game only allows a certain number of Hollow Missions to be active at the same time. I had the exact same issue as you with Strea's request. I knocked out a few rank 3 missions and the boss mission eventually appeared.
  21. No he didn't, he posted his "Defense" for the flags but has not posted the reason that was given to WHY he was flagged.
  22. To be fair, this guy is jumping through all kind of hoops that are being held up for him just to try and prove his innocence. And from what I can see there is nothing wrong with what he has shown. Couple that with the fact that making a mask well before even playing the game, whilst highly unlikely is still a possible thing, this flag should be lifted already. How many more tricks does he need to do honestly? And then there is the few people that come back and say "Well things can be very easily edited to look like it is all legit, so any evidence he gives should be treated as an automatic lie" None of those comments are necessary or warranted, if all disputes were treated with as much denial/theory/hearsay that is in this thread then no one would ever have their flag lifted.
  23. Upload it to a YouTube or vimeo account and post the link. Otherwise for images you can upload to tinypic or imgur and again post the link. Quick google search would yield dozens of results of ways to upload both videos and images.
  24. How long have you had the controller for? It honestly sounds like your controller is starting to bite it. Do you drop it often?
  25. Any record of this every happening in the way OP mentioned in his post? Cause I've never heard of it.