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  1. Lord of frenzied flame is the only ending that you are locked in to once you meet the requirements. There is a questline to remove that lock and be able to experience the other endings. It's a pain in the ass. If you are going for the platinum in one playthrough then you are meant to get the trophy for the other two endings first before going to meet the 3 fingers.
  2. Currently working through Elden Ring. Also playing Overcooked with my son so slowly working towards that plat.
  3. Yeah this game is known to have issues if you are playing it on the ps5. I assume it would have something to do with the adapter required to used the psvr on PS5.
  4. Can't say I ever had this issue when going for the platinum. I would have said it was your camera. Were you playing it on ps4 or ps5? Cause it seems there are issues playing it on the ps5.
  5. That actually makes sense, such a stupid design if that is indeed the reason for it. Just lucky it's only 10 enemies and not more.
  6. Rhinobot one is bugged. After my first play through in anniversary mode it tracked that I had only killed 1. Knowing full well I had killed more. Ended up having to replay act 1 and 2 about 4 times before the trophy popped. Killing about 5 each time. Not impossible to get but it seems the tracking is janky.
  7. This list just screams "we don't care" It almost insulting. "try boss rush" "glide with knuckles" It's like the list was made for a 5 year old playing their first game.
  8. Noticed they fixed the buster sword. Always found it wierd that they changed it for this game.
  9. It has a niche following, but not massive. I've seen talks about people wanting remasters of them but it's always been an issued with developers rights ect. I believe free radical design has confirmed a new one is in development. But thay have said that before...
  10. Time splitters is such an underrated series. Not enough people played it. That actually reminds me of another one... Get force gemini.
  11. 7/10 Ive seen that somewhere before but have no idea where it's from. It's bugging me.
  12. Wonder boy in monster land. God I miss playing that game as a kid. Nice profile btw.
  13. Not including World of Warcraft which as a teen I used to play from dusk till dawn... My post played would be Final Fantasy X. As a kid I maxed out the in game timer. Wasn't very efficient at statt maxing back then.
  14. Vanquish, plan to go for this one myself at some point but I'm worried about the challenge mode trophies. Looks like such a fun game.
  15. The opening theme for the X-files scared the shit out of me as a kid. I would already be in bed when my parents watched it. But I could hear it from my bedroom... Chills...