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  1. Very Easy: Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Easy: SAW (the game is straightforward and you don’t really need to find any collectibles other than just one patient file and asylum file. There’s also a bunch of combat specific trophies that may come along the way if you keep track of what you used. Lastly, the only difficult part can be saving each of the Jigsaw victims from their traps since the mini games are either randomly generated or you would need to think quickly before they get killed) Medium: Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania (my whole gameplay guide on its Complete Conquest Trophy will help sum up why I ranked it as a medium). Hard: Mortal Shell (for a Dark Souls like game, unless you follow the 2 part platinum walkthrough by Optinooby like I did, the game feels like an unforgiving experience if you don’t know what you’re doing. The worst part being the final boss while in obsidian form since one hit will instantly kill you). Very Hard: Grand Theft Auto IV (not counting the The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, this game was such a long grind to 100% in single player. After that, there’s the multiplayer portion of the trophies that now heavily rely on boosting since you need to reach $5,000,000 in xp for max online rank, keep track of what game modes you won in, and dealing with random players who will always one tap you, no matter what gun you have or how far you are from them).
  2. I'm honestly not gonna bother 100% this game. I played through this game in the PS Plus Premium catalog and the biggest letdowns (trophy wise) are definitely the 8 hour trophy and 12 uploaded levels. The fact that I'm only allowed to upload one level every 2 hours is irritating for a 12 year old game. Plus, the 8 hours trophy is completely unnecessary imo. That trophy pissed me off because I tried going for it and i forgot to keep the game active from getting booted from streaming the game TWICE. 3+ hours wasted going for that trophy, so I'm done with it. I may be a trophy hunter, but those 2 time consuming trophies are just not worth it for me.
  3. Shaggy and Superman. Although I have used Taz a little bit
  4. The Spike trophies are so annoying. Im self boosting them, but I don’t know what Spikes count and what doesn’t. Most of my Spikes see the bots bounce around and get ring out anywhere else except the bottom of the screen.
  5. This is actually very cool. Please feel free to review my profile, since I play almost anything really 😅
  6. So I read that for Party Animal, you are to play 500 matches in a party. But, what exactly does that mean? Do I need to join a friend and keep playing rematches? Do I need to keep playing online matches? I’m so confused.🫤
  7. I got my 3rd and final DLC guide ready for Hot Wheels Unleashed (Looney Tunes Expansion). However, I’ll put it up for review next week since I’ve been following the habit of one or more guides per month so far since January. Just a fun little challenge for myself.😋
  8. Nicely done describing the cheats and how it will make the platinum much easier. I do need to point out however, that I first read about these cheats/debug mode over on Powerpyx’s website since he wrote a guide for the game. He also mentioned that you can use the cheats to spawn in enemies to help quickly obtain the enemy trophies and easily get S ranks on a mission 10 times for another trophy (you don’t need to do 10 different missions, thank god).
  9. PAC-Man World Re-PAC Official Announcement Trailer We have PAC Man World 1 coming to PS4 & PS5 in late August. This PS1 classic brings us back to PAC-Man’s birthday celebration, as he sets out for Ghost Island to rescue members of the PAC Family, who have been kidnapped by Toc-Man and his Ghost minions. Pre-orders include BONUS chrome noir PAC-Man chogokin skin DLC and Limited Edition figures while supplies last.
  10. As the author of the game’s trophy guide and its expansions so far, I can say that this game can be good for kids if they love racing games or playing with Hot Wheels in general. However, the trophies for the game may be past their overall experience since you are required to beat the Unleashed Time Goals and win 1st place in every race. Although you can change the difficulty to Easy, the time trials will still be challenging on their own. On the other hand, the DLC trophies are extremely easy, since you are only required to get one Unleashed goal in each expansion, alongside winning a Quick race on any of the DLC tracks and upgrade one of the new DLC cars once. But I would recommend either getting the Hot Wheels passes (Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3) or waiting for a discount on them because they cost $15 each and they are not cross-buy between PS4 & PS5. Aside from the trophies, the game is quite fun overall with a huge majority of cars to choose from. Most of which can be obtained in Blind Boxes, which are purchased with Hot Wheels coins that you obtain in the game and no micro transactions are involved. On the other hand, you can purchase special branded cars with actual money (Superman, Street Fighter, Barbie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc). As far as Pros, the game has two different forms of multiplayer: one for online against other players and another for local couch play. You can also design and publish your own race tracks, so then you don’t have to play the same ones over and over. You can even customize the cars in your collection, whether it’s from liveries that other players made or your own creation (one of my cars looks like Buzz Lightyear and another looks like The Krusty Krab on wheels). Lastly, recent updates and DLC releases have introduced Racing Seasons, where players can collect rewards for just playing the game and completing daily missions for a limited time. These seasons have 2 tiers: one that is free for everyone, while the other is Premium, which is only accessible after paying about $6 for it. They reward a variety of goods, such as limited time cars, coins, gears (for upgrading cars), player profile customizations, and more. Previous racing seasons were DC Super Heroes and Villains, SpongeBob SquarePants, and now Jurassic Park for the new movie. As far as Cons, the worst thing that could happen during a race is that your car can lose control and start bouncing all over the track on some sharp turns. Another con is that the boss race tracks that you first encounter in the City Rumble (the games story mode) have their own environmental traps that can easily ruin your race, although they can be avoided (one boss track has tornadoes that can stop your car, another boss track has scorpion venom that can drain your nitro boost for a few seconds, a third track has ice that can make you slide around and lose control of your steering, a fourth has ghosts that can blind you and cover your screen like the squid in Mario Kart, etc). Lastly, as I mentioned earlier, the DLCs are not cross-buy compatible, so you would need to shell out $30 for one expansion in order to play it on both systems, which is why I recommend getting them on discount. Even the main game itself is not cross-buy compatible ($50 for one copy, $100 for both). With all that covered, I will say that this is one of the best racing games I’ve played in a while. Playing Hot Wheels Unleashed as an adult really brings back the nostalgia of playing with Hot Wheels cars as a kid, while also helping me develop or retain my driving skills for racing games in general. In conclusion, I would definitely recommend giving this game a try.
  11. I already played Crash 4, so I will agree that it’s one of the best games in the franchise. But those going to platinum the game like I did will be in for a rude awakening. It took me a total of 4 weeks to get all of the clear gems (regular and inverted levels), get the N sanely Perfect relics (beat the story levels without dying), all of the PLATINUM time relics, and beat each flashback tape with all crates. I will say, this game has been one to really test my patience since a lot of the relics were absolute hell in my opinion. So I gotta say, good luck to those attempting to 106% the game. Fortunately, you can transfer your PS4 save to PS5 and auto pop the majority of the trophies, minus some small cleanups that you would need to do afterwards. The other 2 games I don’t really care that much about. Man of Medan, I can already grab that with my Premium subscription. But that’s just me. Another good month of free games nonetheless.
  12. After using the debug codes for Jak 3 on PS3, the following trophies have popped for me upon loading up the final boss level: I Smell A Rat Beat It Art or Facts? The Beast Beater Yippie Ki-Yay Do Gooder Is It Hot In Here? World Wild Fight Crunched Zoom Zoom (through playing last cutscene “The Universe Calls”) The Masked Marauders (through playing last cutscene “The Universe Calls”) After the trophies listed above, I followed IBaddriverI’s guide for the gems and orbs. After getting 125 gems however, when I used a second controller, instead of popping just “Head Over Here”, it also ended up popping all 3 of the Precursor Orb trophies (even though I never collected any when I was farming the gems). For the rest of the trophies, they will need to be earned legit if playing the cutscenes by using the level select in debug mode. Hope this helps!
  13. I followed the video guide from IBaddriverI and used the cheat code, but between Nightmare 3 and Level 13, the level skip just stopped working and forced me to restart the game. Because of that, I completed all the other levels out of order and had to use level select to clean those up. 😡 I don’t mind getting the platinum through level select, but that random issue on my part was frustrating. Did anyone else experience this issue or is it just me?
  14. Yeah, the trophies can be boosted. You’re gonna have to boost anyway, since the online trophies aren’t possible to do legit. The online servers are known to be “dead” as in you won’t find any random matches online.
  15. I did on the PS4 version. The trophy didn’t pop for me on any briefcase until I pulled one of the four featured cards of the month. So maybe pulling any featured card should get it to work.