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  1. Just got 3 trophies in Assetto Corsa Competizione. Now I’m hoping to finish up map pack 3 in Call of Duty: World at War before midnight.
  2. There is auto popping, but not everything will be unlocked after some experiments on my end. What autopopped were the following for me: Veteran & Champion (these autopopped after completing a championship and winning on the PS4 version, then Resuming the same championship on the PS5 version. It puts me in the final results of that championship and pops both trophies from there). Got the basics, Dialled-In, & The Knowledge (I got all the track medals on PS4 first. When my stats carried over to the PS5, all of my medals carried over too, but without the trophy notification. I basically earned another simple trophy to be safe and it showed on my list just fine). In the club & A step up the ladder (I already reached bronze and silver driver category on the PS4 version. They popped on their own as I was going for the other trophies on the PS5 version. The Gold standard and Best of the best trophies may also autopop if they were met on PS4 for reaching gold and platinum driver category, which wasn’t the case for me since I’m just doing what I can for trophies). Aside from these findings, I got Gold standard on the PS5 version, but not on PS4 since I stared the PS5 version before getting it. So I’m going to check if autopoping can also work from PS5 to PS4 for this one trophy as an example. Other than that, everything else will need to be earned again. The career trophies could be autopopped, but I don’t know cause I’m not gonna bother with that game mode. Hope this helps!
  3. So I read that for Party Animal, you are to play 500 matches in a party. But, what exactly does that mean? Do I need to join a friend and keep playing rematches? Do I need to keep playing online matches? I’m so confused.🫤
  4. I had better luck with this video from MJBrtn. Basically, I used the same track as shown in Floriiss’ post, but I used Pit Limiter. With Pit Limiter, I was at a fixed speed of 49-50 km/h because my car would keep flashing it’s light for a pit stop. Instead of going to said pit stop, I used it to improve my Consistency from 94 to 99 in just a few laps 😁. Just a couple notes however: 1. Once you activate Pit Limiter in the options, you must press the center pad to bring up the menu while driving, then scroll down to the Pit Limiter option and turn it on in order for this alternative method to work. Then just keep the gas pedal held down for your easy consistency laps. 2. Consistency Carries over across playthroughs from what I’ve observed. Because of this, I got to 94 consistency by simply going for the other trophies for fun while having to restart a few times trying Floriiss’ video. I used that to my advantage to better my consistent runs and have laps between -0.0 and -0.3 to help with the trophy.
  5. No. My digital copy had the latest update since I downloaded it from the PS Plus Catalog. Heck, I even studied the game and saw isolated reports of the trophy being fixed.
  6. I wish you good luck on it. I would play it safe and backup your save to the PS Plus cloud before buying your final customization or upgrade. Just in case you end up in the same situation I was.
  7. I know you get coins and gears from the city rumble, on top of winning races and selling or scraping duplicate cars, but is there a faster and less time consuming way to getting the trophies quicker? Getting 25,000 gears and 50,000 coins sounds like they’ll take a while IMO.
  8. If anything, the servers may be experiencing some high amounts of traffic now that the games free for the month. I’m sure the servers will either fix themselves on their own or the developers might fix the problem if it gets too serious.
  9. As I now notice, whoops.
  10. I'm not sure if there's already a forum or not, but I wanted to spread the word to anyone who didn't hear the news. Queen Elizabeth II has sadly passed away at 96 years old following her deteriorating health. Her son, King Charles III, is now Britain's new monarch following her death. She will be dearly missed .
  11. Silly me, I ended up making a separate forum about this. 😑 Anyway, I’m shocked to hear the Queen passed away. I was jokingly expecting her to last longer than Betty White, until I heard about her health issues. It now has me wondering who will be next of old legends to suddenly die next? This decade is only 3 years in and we lost so much in a short amount of time. My top two worst contenders on it are James Earl Jones (91 years old right now) and Morgan Freeman.
  12. This Music is what motivates me in some of my dedicated trophy hunting moments. What I really like about this is the smooth transition from Haunted House vibes to something you would hear from an arcade fighting game. PLOK Boss Theme Music
  13. I’ve placed my votes and I’m looking forward to this years Trophy Hunting Day. I will admit however, that I won’t be anywhere close to beating my record of 343 from last year. 😂 I’m actually gonna just play a game normally and get whatever trophies I can from there. Best of luck to everyone on the 24th!
  14. My god, when will this parade of constant easy platinums end? What really pisses me off about these games is that they’re $2.49 AND NOT CROSS-BUY!!😡🤬 these cheap platinum companies are just milking us trophy hunters of every last drop of cash we got to generate more profits by giving us games like this. As much as I like gaining trophies, games like these are taking away the whole rewarding purpose of earning them and feeling accomplished in the first place. As much as everyone has a choice on whether or not to buy these games with their own money, that’s their business. I’m just speaking what’s on my mind. There will always be a huge difference between Telltale and cheap ass games like these. Telltale you at least get an engaging story out of it and you can make your own decisions. Games like this? You can just press one button several times and POP, another platinum like seriously, PSN wasn’t this bad a couple years ago in terms of game releases. At this point, I would like to say the same. I’ve played more than a fair share of these types of games out of curiosity, but enough has got to be enough 😡. It’s honestly amazing how the landscape of trophy hunting can change drastically within a span of 3 years (2020-2022).
  15. Because of the Retro Gamer trophy, what does anyone who got the platinum trophy think the estimated difficulty would be? I’m making a guide for it and I think it’s a 3/10 mainly because it’s not a hard game for the vast majority of the trophies. For Retro Gamer, as long as you memorize the 3 patterns to help increase your chances of beating the 9 levels, it’s possible. But then again, I’d rather be safe than sorry and asks for opinions.
  16. Lol, wow I remember making this guide. But my gosh the trophies were a pain in the ass. Thanks for the shoutout man! But yeah, the guide was trivializing, especially when I was still getting used to how to put together good guides. That game was my 3rd guide on this website, so I wasn’t as perfect back then, but it gets the job done. I had SlimSanta help me on the Red Sunset, I Own The Quadrant, and Patience trophies since they were more complex in how to obtain them and I could not (for the life of me) get them in my playthroughs whatsoever. Congrats on the Major Havoc trophy btw!
  17. New MyFaction Locker Code! ”22CASTLE” 2x Superstar Series I Packs 1x Forged Series I Pack 3,000 MFP Expires September 5th!
  18. Pac-Man World Re-Pac (PS4) is my next project. I’m playing the PS5 version because of how good it is for an old PS1 game. Just a heads up on it however: I will be using a lot of screenshots to provide visuals on where the P.A.C.M.A.N. letters are among the other trophies, to help make the game feel informative to those who have never played the OG. I’m also open to anyone who was also planning on working on PAC Man World Re-Pac as well for a guide. Since i’m gonna capture a lot of screenshots, it’s gonna be a while before the guide is ready, so I could really use a hand to speed up the process.
  19. I would like to wish good luck to everyone and anyone who has yet to obtain head in the clouds now that an extra month has been added to its lifespan. Hopefully, you might get lucky like me and never experience a glitch with any of the Pivots. However, i did struggle for a bit in Boston trying to find a pivot on a rooftop.
  20. Great Extra line up, even though I played a couple of them years ago. But I’m happy they’re acknowledging some PS3 games from PS Now past and bringing them back with some new titles. The Sly Cooper games were fun when I played them. Toy Story 3 on PSP? I didn’t see that coming or even heard of that port until now.
  21. The trophy icons look interesting, but this list seem too underwhelming for a fighting game. And who in gods name would sell this for $40? This literally feels like a $5-$10 game from the looks of it, plus the lack of a platinum is hardly gonna draw support from its LEGO fan base.
  22. Thanks for the opportunity and glad to help out @Valzentia! It’s always good to help new trophy guide authors on creating guides like works of art. It also felt great to provide some tips down the road on their future guides to help them develop their skills. I had fun being a co-author and I hope to do so again if anyone needs help. Good luck on Saints Row Valzentia and congratulations on another successful guide 😃!
  23. Yeah man, I bought all racer suits, all special car skins, all upgrades, etc. I double checked everything twice and the game showed nothing left to buy, otherwise I would’ve seen an exclamation mark on a car I may have missed. The last thing I did to get Overachiever was drifting in Xing’s Speed Car. After buying it, nothing happened.
  24. I was unfortunately one of those guys affected 😡. I got Overachiever after several hours of grinding out the cars, and I never got Trophy Hunter. I bought out EVERYTHING and it never popped. I also tried reloading my save from the PS Plus cloud, just to see that it sent me back to before I started grinding them out. So I quit on that and the platinum. I just feel completely screwed out of the platinum and it’s complete bullshit. Congrats that you were able to get it to pop no problem.
  25. M-3 in SMB1 was also a nightmare for me (before doing it again for the gameplay guide). Luckily I made that level a bit easier when I mentioned two things in the guide: 1. when you get on the first platform after the incline at the start, they then retreat to the middle, where you will mostly fall off if you were playing legit. Instead, you could easily cheese that section by waiting for the platforms to close in at the middle, then build up some speed and jump across the gap to get to the platform that will move to the section with the green slide. 2. once you reach the green slide, you must stay within the right hand side while sliding down to the goal. I found it much easier to pass the damn level staying on the right side versus being in the middle. M7 in SMB2 (Long Torus) is just a patience test in my opinion. I mainly just bunny hopped on the right side as I went to the other end when it comes around. The only frustrating part was trying to keep yourself balanced while bouncing because even the slightest change in direction will be enough for you to fall out. Even when reaching the goal sometimes, your ball might not fall through the goal post when it should (like it did to me a few times).