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  1. Sorry, mine was for manda60vise 3D Dot Game Heroes
  2. Diamond cup achieved. Thanks again everyone! 😉
  3. Thanks for the tips everybody! I noticed it was glitched today, but didn’t know about using the princess requirement (or even how to get the princess on the Murphy Challenges!) Just achieved 456.00m. 👍
  4. I remember struggling with Origins more than Legends for the time trials, but that was possibly because I didn't know about the different techniques for speeding up my run (attack + mini jump, etc.) Once I'd completed Legends I went back to Origins for the clean up and, although still getting frustrated occasionally, managed to finish it without too much aggrevation. Hope you manage it ok. 👍
  5. Plats without boosting (all Ps3) Motorstorm Apocalypse Ratchet + Clank FFA Ratchet + Clank A4O N4S : Most Wanted Portal 2 SSX Motorstorm RC Mass Effect 3 Disney Infinity 2 Disney Infinity 3 Burnout Paradise Fifa 10 Fifa 12 Fifa 14 Fifa 15 Rayman Legends Little Big Planet 1 Little Big Planet 2 Uncharted 2 Uncharted 3 I'd probably count Blur when I finish the solo part because although I did boost the online at first, I messed up one of the challenges and basically had to go through all the online again from scratch and redid everything I'd boosted. Also a few psn 100%'s without boosting.
  6. Skyrim - I like the look and idea of the game, but don't think I'd have the patience to deal with the glitches, etc.
  7. Burnout Paradise - I put a lot of time into that game, epecially the online (where the Bluray laser decided to die on me, forcing a new machine) Way back in 2008.
  8. No probs GRITTY_PITTY! I think you can increase the readiness total by about 16% every 5 hours if you choose the right missions: Terminus System - Omega Attican Traverse - Ket'osh Earth Systems Alliance Space - Camala Inner Council Space - Cherk Sab Outer Council Space - Thessia so you could realistically have it done in a 17 hour time frame if you immediately renew the missions as they complete. Also, if I remember correctly, the Readiness level slowly decreases if it's left alone for a period of time, but only if you are signed into the EA servers. If you have to leave it partway through going for the trophy, sign out and you should be fine.
  9. Try this link for the online 'Galaxy at War' program. I just kept working at it on my PC/mobile phone while playing through the main game on the PS3. Took what seemed like forever, but I preferred it to playing multiplayer. Hope it helps!