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  1. Low point scene, when Andrew face Daniel and Taylor about to die from their demons, you need to choose to save Daniel and lose all QTE. Then when Andrew tries to save Taylor, lose all QTE again (just leave the controller down). Now in "Reflections" scene, Andrew must say to his "double" from the past to denounce Mary. Then right before factory, you will have a dialogue scene between Angela, Andrew and John in the "Ruined" scene where you have to insist with John that the group must go after Mary. Right after this, you will have another dialogue choice where you will have to choose "wickedness" (heart choice) that will trigger Angela to be on John's side. Hope you will get it now! 🙂
  2. So guys, I've just unlocked the "Odd Couple" trophy in Solo "Theatrical Cut" and here's the interactions you need: + Angela successfully hit the demon, throwing it off its course toward John + Angela stayed with John to face the demon together + Angela supports John decision to stop Mary + Angela expressed relief that she was safely reunited with Andrew and John + John supported Andrew in convincing Angela they would be safe + Angela sided with Andrew, deciding she will head into town with John + Angela chose to follow John into the fog + Angela respected John's desire to take the reins and progress into the fog (my french translation, when John wants to go into the fog, you need to be supportive with heart decision saying something like "Be careful" and right after, Andrew will ask you what you think about John's decision, you will have to answer with a heart decision saying something like "He took the right decision") Good luck y'all! 😁
  3. I'm going to mention this again because nothing has changed yet. This list is the EU version (not AS): Thank you! 🙂
  4. Hi! Just to let you know that I only play EU games, I only own an EU account (this one "Azedrun") and this version is the EU one not AS. Hope someone will fix it! 🙂
  5. Hello guys! 🙂 This is how my trophy level changed and I earn a platinum trophy after it to see how ranking up works, enjoy!
  6. Merci beaucoup ! Yeah I was so stressed in this match even if I can handle this mini-game easily usually by staying in the middle of the field and controlling the ball respawn and shooting it directly to the opposite cage but with so many players and 1 AFK in our team, I though I may not be able to make it honestly. 😅
  7. Thank you! I think it's just a difference between my connection and the ones from the others players meanwhile servers are a little bit weird like in "Tail" games people who grab your tail far away from you. ^^ I guess each player sees himself in front of the others when you start a race but in fact, you are at the same level as the others and maybe they see you behind them like we see them behind us. 😄
  8. Hello Fall Guys! I've earned the trophy yesterday live on Twitch (I'm french so you may not understand what I say) but I'm sharing with you my full video of how I've managed to win 5 times in a row. I don't know how to add an embedded video so here is the link:
  9. 1h30 approximately with a guide.
  10. No problem, you can check all my PSNprofile and see that I only play EU versions of games. I don't "stack" games from other regions. I've received an EU code from Ratalaika Games to play the game before its release so you can believe me at 100%. Of course I understand you'd maybe rather prefer to wait.
  11. Hello! Just to let you know this version is the EU one (not NA as it is mentioned here). I only have an EU account so it can't be the NA version appearing on my profile.
  12. Hi Trophy Hunters! Here is my Platinum Trophy Walkthrough video for Breeder Homegrown: Director's Cut:
  13. Hi Trophy Hunters! Here is my Platinum Trophy Walkthrough video for Bucket Knight:
  14. Hi Trophy Hunters! Here is my Platinum Trophy Walkthrough video for Word Maze by POWGI:
  15. I did it on hard difficulty in this video and yes, I can confirm that the gold score is broken right now. An update will be released soon to decrease the gold score required for this camp.