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  1. TLDR, but ty for your input. Also 5 likes (ironic because I was trashing the rep system lol) already and quoted by two people, so not ignored >:) Case cLosed. Yep, I agree. Yeah, actually I might have been harsh on the trophy guide argument. Some are good, some are meh on this site and pst.org. The Dagornoapapappappopoapa 3 guide we have on this site is amazing. That table/excel thing in the guide gets my juices flowing ; ) Anyways, it's no biggie, Yakuza 6 and God of War this week WOOT! Case cLosed.
  2. Yakuza 6 is Here!





    2 Days 12 Hours 13 Minutes left for God of War...



  3. Well in regards to this trophy forum, PSNP has a lot of problems. If they don't get fixed then PSNP will turn into the next GameFaqs/NeoGaf. These past three months we lost a lot of good people because they are frustrated with the PSNP forums. 1. The site owner is a recluse/mysterious/moody type. He doesn't foster a sense of community in this forum. He is proud of his "I don't give a shit what people think/say attitude", which is good in many certain situations in life, but when people have honest feedback, it's not good to ignore. You don't have to do what they say, but you know, have some "grace and dignity" about the situation. 2. You see the same people over and over talking about the same shit topics over and over, it has become so boring. The same shit over and over. The same elitist assholes posting the same drivel. Some of the nicest and most interesting people are the ones that don't have premium and/or few posts in their post history. So boring to see "How did people plat this already" and "Quality vs Quantity" posts. Really? With all the beautiful music, graphics, and gameplay found in these awesome Playstation games...nobody wants to talk about that? How it makes you feel when you experience them? 3. The mods are anything but professional. There is favoritism and other tribal bullshit. In one thread, can't remember it now, you had a mod call people idiots for liking a particular game. I have one mod stalk me on discord servers and crying about how I change my forum name every month. It's a freakin feature for being a premium member, asshole! Really professional, but what can you expect from jaded 20-year old somethings given responsibility over a website. You can write a novel about all the stupid shit the mods do. 4. The weeaboos (I don't need to name them, just look at their avatar to find one ) create these cliques were it's hard for new people to integrate to the site. Okay we get it, Persona 5 and some parts of Japanese culture are amazing. (Ironically Persona 5's main theme is to show you how oppressive Japanese society/culture is lol). Here's something fascinating: I like both Japanese and Western games. Wow I can like two things at once!!! OMG MAGIC?!?!? 5. Any unpopular opinion/fact is met with ridicule or outright deleted or ignored. The Mein Leben Petition and Zolkovo (people hating on Zolkovo) contest threads really showed how disgusting this community can be, that was really really cringey. I don't usually use the word disgusting to describe people, but at those times, it's applicable 6. People who payed premium still have to prove their not robots. 7. The dispute threads, just go into that subforum, so much cringe. 1 in 5 posts on this forum is a dispute thread. 8. This will trigger a lot of people, the quality of trophy guides on PST.org are better than the ones on PSNP. The tags system is just bad. Only thing that matters is the roadmap and knowing what are the missable trophies. You don't have to be a creator of something to critique it, so don't give me that "Well write your own trophy guide bullshit argument". Also just because a game is easy doesn't mean you have to write a half-ass guide. 9. People are more interested in collecting reputation points and followers. Just get rid of the whole point system and follower mechanic. So many people add each other and stuff, then never communicate again. Fuck off with that facebook whore blue-pill stuff, sick of people like that. Then they get mad if you delete them LOL!!! The one thing this forum/site that has something going for it, is it awesome website design in all areas (sessions, forums, profiles, trophy lists, etc.) Edit: Shoot lol, after typing all this, maybe it's not a good idea to visit these forums anymore. Edit 2: This post will probably get deleted, go ahead, don't care...
  4. All of these are great games, except for Elex. But you have Elex at 80% Just get it done.
  5. http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2018/04/you_wont_need_to_win_many_games_of_lucky_hit_to_afford_shenmue_i_and_ii It's releasing for $30! Nice!!!
  6. Faxing
  7. What I ate recently? Your mom 😂👌 Just 1? Like 1 individual sour skittle?
  8. No, you're incredible. Gran Turismo 6, I don't like racing simulators ;(
  9. You're welcome. Also play: Castlevania Contra Donkey Kong Final Fantasy Fire Emblem Halo Kid Icarus Kirby Luigi's Mansion Mario Mario Kart Megaman Metroid Panzer Dragoon Paper Mario Pikmin Pokemon Resident Evil Sonic the Hedgehog Zelda
  10. Welcome to the forums. Play the following games: Bioshock series Dead Space series Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Dragon Age: Origins Dragon Quest Heroes series Dragon's Crown Dragon's Dogma God of War series Horizon Zero Dawn Metal Gear Solid series Nier: Automata Overwatch Persona 5 Soulsborne series The Last of Us: Remastered The Nathan Drake Collection The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Until Dawn Yakuza 0, 1, and 6
  11. All that matters is that I like to trophy hunt >:)
  12. Walking Dead on PS4, so I can just play the PS3 version.
  13. You can create a boosting session here. https://psnprofiles.com/sessions
  14. God of War Yakuza 6 Dark Souls Remastered Dragon's Crown Pro Monster Hunter World Spiderman Bloodborne 2