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  1. Thx fam, buying it!
  2. If I buy Sleeping Dogs Definitive Definition from UK store do I get the EU trophy list?
  3. Great work! Currently using the Transistor one you made for me, once I plat it, I'll switch to your Pyre Thanks again @ruffedgz.
  4. Could I get a cover image for Pyre? Pyre is a game made by Super Giant games, they made Bastion and Transistor. Thank you.
  5. LiS: Before the Storm


    What happened to Chloe's voice :( ?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. MidnightDragon


      I think she did the epilogue, though.

    3. Trophy Huntress

      Trophy Huntress


    4. Temmie


      I honestly couldn't tell much of a difference.

  6. Grats on all the pickups. What DLC comes in the Mass Effect Collection?
  7. I didn't know Trump could go Super Saiyan lmao.

    1. Best President Ever

      Best President Ever

      Time Magazine tried to make it look like a bad thing, but they unintentionally created a badass portrayal of our president. ;) 

  8. In time, yes... Yes in time, all will be revealed!
  9. My Name is Mayo on PS4 and the VITA. Game is too hard for me
  10. Nice deals at Best Buy:


    BioShock: The Collection (PS4/XBO) is $19.99 at Best Buy


    Hitman: The Complete First Season Steelbook Edition (PS4/XBO) is $19.99 at Best Buy


    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue is $19.99 at Best Buy


    1. Phil


      That bioshock collection is a good buy at $20. Nice find.

    2. Trophy Huntress

      Trophy Huntress

      Np, I'm here to help.


      And could you help me out? Stop bullying MMDE, spamming him with messages that "He needs to go"?


      He's not going anywhere.







  11. I love how when someone yelled out "You suck, Victoria!" she didn't even acknowledge it xD 

    1. Trophy Huntress

      Trophy Huntress

      The person who yelled that is the true Everyday Hero of Blackwell. LOL!



  12. Dark Souls games on sale at Bandai Namco Store


    Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin (PS4) $14.95

    Dark Souls III (PS4) $14.95

    Dark Souls III: The Fire Fades Edition (PS4) $22.49

  13. Oh you got it at 0%, you can delete it.
  14. What game is it? And who is us? lol
  15. Oh how about MAG?