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  1. I to play offline I to update several platinum at the same time! I do the same thing with the PSvita. Look recently I have to update 28 platinum all at once via the psvita lol and yes i have 2 ps3 CFW? I know not that it is
  2. I am hopeless in IT or other software. I am a gamer it is everything. Saddened for my Englishman. But all my friends are in the (ranking) I shall have liked being with them I made many games ps3 by being offline. Then you me asked of thing his fact for a long time. With all the games that I did I does not remember me there anymore since. Seriously
  3. I shall not know how to tell you how this list of trophy is like that. On the other hand I am hopeless in computing so much that to register discuter / me with you it is hard then to use software or other one for cheating impossible. Then as I have I say have several friends who will can been attested
  4. I do not see or you want to come there? I have make every trophy of kill before finishing the history. He had to have an interesting spawn there. Want you that I bring in friends has I (in the 1st French) to give evidence that I am not and was not never a cheater?
  5. mayers45 Rango ??? What? I am not a cheater, I am on the site to no problem ! For the games ps3 it is just that I have of to play outstanding. Rango ps3 very easy lol