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  1. Can anyone give a rough estimate how much time this will take (as in actual play time not calendar time) I am basically starting from scratch on the seal minus some lost sectors I gave done while leveling and exploring the game, I am a little under 900 power now so hopefully high enough to start cracking at these
  2. As someone also returning to destiny 2 to finish the plat, I am wondering if it would be easier to do a nightfall prestige instead of leviathon prestige?
  3. So I decided to go back and try to finish the game before the November changes. I am going to get forsaken since it has trophies but it is on sale bundled with shadowkeep as well. I really only care about getting 100% trophies but I am wondering whether having shadowkeep would make getting the trophies easier in any way?
  4. Sorry for the late response, hopefully this is still useful to you or someone: Raid mode is definitely easier as co-op. The enemies have the same health and damage regardless if you play solo or co op, so playing by yourself will be much more difficult because all the enemies are focused on you and you have to kill all of them yourself. That being said the game is quite a bit of a grind so it is not necessary to do everything 100% together. Once you have progressed to the point that you have decent gear and level, you can both grind XP solo in your spare time then get together to play through the hard parts (essentially the whole third difficulty is pretty damn tough)
  5. When trying to predict the number of episodes this remake will span, remember that "Disc 3" of the original only contained the final boss basically (and the ability to free roam and complete side stuff). If you wanted to you could be done with the original within 1 hour of reaching disc 3
  6. For any of you wondering the same thing, it is MUCH easier compared to PS3. I was able to basically finish all the time trials in 1-3 attempts. After only a week all that I have left to do is max out health/stamina
  7. I literally just finished the PS3 version of this game, and now got the ps4 version for free on ps plus haha. I spent at least 10 hours beating #3 HTA and that is not exactly an experience I want to repeat. So I am wondering how the difficulty compares. Are the times on time attack mode any more forgiving? Are the non reliable gripping/falling issues fixed at all?
  8. Well it took a couple tries but I finally got your method to work. Playing as Kongo really helped crank out those great people. If you go straight to industrial zone tech you can start getting engineers around turn 75 so at least it is quick to see whether you are going to get leonardo. The first couple times I still only got one renaissance engineer but eventually I did get two in one game and the second was leonardo. So it still takes some luck but this set up makes it go pretty quick so only like an hour per attempt as opposed to 3 hours or so per attempt that I tried before
  9. I assume that you mean to build theatres instead of science right to get michel angelo and donatello? Or is science helpful for getting great people in general for some reason?
  10. So I have been trying pizza party for a while now, probably about a dozen attempts. I just can not get the people to spawn! And I really don't understand how the game decides how many of them there will be. I have tried playing on huge maps because I heard that will help increase the number spawned but will only get 2-3 of a certain Era before it moves on to the next. And last night I had only ONE renaissance engineer spawn. Which is ridiculous because i literally rushed straight to industrial zones tech and built 6 of them! I recruited two engineers before any other civ even started producing engineer points! No one had even reached renaissance era tech and yet after recruiting ONE renaissance engineer (who of course was not Leonardo) it was already moved on to industrial era. So what can we do to get more great people to spawn??
  11. Well after doing it I now realize that the pro mod progress is shared between all cars so this question is irrelevant. Also driving in DLC cars is fine to unlock them, but the DLC mods (jump nos, drift tire, ram chasis) do not count for Modfather
  12. Title. Also wondering if DLC cars/mods count for it
  13. Can anyone explain further about the "After all these years" trophy? I tried deliberately falling down in all 3 of the final events but it never popped.... is there something more specific you need to do?
  14. My advice for this is to just do it in a city you don't care about and leave it sitting for hours unattended while you do something else. It helps if you can check it every so often because time will slow down to 1x when a disaster does strike, but you could also just do it overnight while you sleep or while you go to work or something. It took me like 15 or so hours more gametime after i got the 1000 days trophy but it is really just luck
  15. Thanks for the answer!