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  1. Well after doing it I now realize that the pro mod progress is shared between all cars so this question is irrelevant. Also driving in DLC cars is fine to unlock them, but the DLC mods (jump nos, drift tire, ram chasis) do not count for Modfather
  2. Title. Also wondering if DLC cars/mods count for it
  3. Can anyone explain further about the "After all these years" trophy? I tried deliberately falling down in all 3 of the final events but it never popped.... is there something more specific you need to do?
  4. My advice for this is to just do it in a city you don't care about and leave it sitting for hours unattended while you do something else. It helps if you can check it every so often because time will slow down to 1x when a disaster does strike, but you could also just do it overnight while you sleep or while you go to work or something. It took me like 15 or so hours more gametime after i got the 1000 days trophy but it is really just luck
  5. Thanks for the answer!
  6. So a while back I tried a 30-day trial of PS now and I played Tales from the Borderlands for about 5 minutes and earned one trophy from it. I have been working on getting my completion rate up recently so I am wondering if it is possible to complete that list if I pick up a copy of the game on PS3 or is it only possible to do it if I sign up for PS now again? Thanks for any info you can give!
  7. Everything I have seen about the Act 4 shadow wars made me think I was in for a huge grind of 10 stages, but I just finished it after only 3 stages and 5 total fort defenses! Only took like 5-6 hours cause I had to level up a bit
  8. Can confirm it is working now with the new update! Woot! thank you dev's for actually fixing a trophy!
  9. Well the problem is I already downloaded it with updates and DLC. I was wondering if it may be possible to grab a used copy just to get this trophy
  10. I mean yes I suppose you learn either way but it seems like the logical equivalent of playing a football game to help make you better at practicing football. And yes I will usually try to do hardest right out of the gate IF it seems possible to finish in one play through, but this game requires you to play it 3 times anyway
  11. I realize this thread is old AF but I read this and I just can not fathom this mentality. Rather than making the easier difficulties easier why not make the harder one easier by playing the lower difficulties first so that you learn the missions more? I played on hardened my first play through and it was hard as hell I almost gave up a few times. Now I just started veteran this morning and I am already past Pegasus bridge in maybe 4 or 5 hours of game play. It felt much easier because I had already struggled and had to learn safe places to go. Honestly I have died less on vet than on hardened
  12. Can anyone confirm that the disc version will work?
  13. So I got the plat at launch and have been waiting for DLC to finish to go back and play it again. Now I hear that it may go down soon so I picked up royal eddition. My question is do I need to start a new play through to be able to do all the DLC (mostly worried about comrades right now) or can I use my old save file?
  14. Do you have to do it solo with this method or can you still play with others that have same patch version?
  15. I browsed the forum but somehow missed that