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  1. For energy balance at stage 23 24 25 - try shoot then ball down towards the blocker and bounce it back up . do not die aka let the ball restart the longer u alive the more balls come out im sure.

    its very annoying level but doable

  2. I’m trying to get this truck you’re not having a hard time a co op partner send me a friend request on PN.
  3. I see now I understand what to do thank you for the help. One more question i’m having a hard time with the the hunters become the hunted trophy any 30 astral fissures missions work?
  4. I’m lvl 98 and I’m having a hard time fighting an enemy I read somewhere that you can upgrade your weapon to have a vampire ability but I don’t know how can someone help me and explain it to me how to do it.
  5. If I start a new game will I lose the ability to access Chapter select?
  6. So how does this trophy exactly work it will be great if someone can help me.
  7. 2 games only for me.
  8. I have just started the game and I’m on the Moscow Mission where me and anna are making a getaway and I got stuck On the barrier that I have to jump over it to go by her that’s where I’m stuck I loaded my last checkpoint and turn the game off and it’s still not helping it be great if anyone has any tips for fixing it.
  9. Thank you guys.
  10. With these two I think I’m just missing five of them but I have the rest is that still good enough to get the good ending?
  11. I don’t know if you guys can help me out I’m going for though (Enlightened) trophy and I’m on Black Station listening to two nazis talk about metro 2 and The drunk nazi is muttering to himself, and they’re not having the dialogue that the guide that I’m following letting me know and I’m also loading the last checkpoint and it’s not helping .
  12. In my case it’s (super dungeon Brose and L.A.I.R) those are the top games on my worst game list.
  13. Do you have a game on your mind that you have to platinum in 2019? I basically set a goal two of the games that I have to platinum in 2019 are RDR2 and MKxl. Merry Christmas everyone
  14. It can be the cost of the game or your love for the game. For me most money I have spent on a game was the god of war collection for the Ps4 and the most game I love in my collection is the Red dead redemption 2 ultimate.
  15. 90% of my gaming is done on the weekends and weekdays work from 6 am to 5 pm after work I go to the gym from 6 pm to 8 pm then I finish my day with class from 9 pm to 11 pm, I was wondering if there was someone that had a similar schedule to mine? And I also was thinking about a way where I can manage my time so I can play more, if you have any ideas please let me know.