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  1. I would love if there was a western RPG on the PS5 where it said in the medieval world you start as a peasant and work yourself eventually to a noble Knight you also customize and control every single thing about your life, it also touches on important things in European history like the Iron Age/Medieval age/Gothic age/and the Renaissance also major event like the Crusades and the Hundred Year War and many more. would you guys think am I dreaming of something that will never happen or is it possible? By the way what's your dream game?
  2. I just got a decent-paying job and I'm very interested in starting my game room that I have the finances to do so, But I don't know where to start. I will love to see your game room and have an idea where to start.
  3. Yes it's Amazing.
  4. All of them are great.
  5. I'm a big fan it's the only General I listen to especially when I'm at the gym lifting weights,Some of my favorite bands and their songs. Sabaton-7734 Sabaton-Shadows Sabaton-Coat of Arms Sabaton-Primo Victoria Sabaton-Carolus Rex Sabaton-The Lion from the North Sabaton-Winged Hussars Powerwolf-Conquistadores Powerwolf-Moscow After Dark Powerwolf-Werewolves of Armenia Powerwolf-Die,Die,Crucified Powerwolf-In the Name of God (Deus Vult) Powerwolf-Amen & Attack Metallica-For Whom the Bell Tolls Metallica-Enter Sandman Metallica-Master of Puppets Metallica-Fuel Metallica-Hardwired Metallica-Moth Into Flame And many more great bands and songs,What are yours?
  6. Games I would love to come to the PS5 are the ones that I have listed and many more because of a lot reasons but the main one is nostalgia. GTA III/Vice city- Ps2 Def Jam/Def Jam Fight for NY -Ps2 Legend of dragoon- Ps1 Tomb raider 1 2 & 3-Ps1 Chrono Trigger-Ps1 Mortal Kombat Armageddon-Ps2 Gun - Ps2 The X- Files resist or serve-Ps2 The guy game-Ps2 ←--------don't judge me hahahahahahaha
  7. I couldn't said it better.
  8. hahahahahahaha
  9. I'm pretty sure Americans are not the only ones that thing soldiers are true heroes I'm pretty sure the majority of the world thinks the same way as I do. But at least you got one thing right i am from the United State. But getting back to the trophies I totally agree with you.
  10. I also have this thing about getting my money's worth out of the game, do you also guys/girls feel the same way?
  11. I also feel the same exact way proud especially when I overcome a very hard trophy.
  12. What makes trophy hunting so addictive in your opinion? My personal opinion and how I feel about trophy hunting in a weird way I feel like there a badge of honor like a soldier making great achievement and getting medals for it (I'm not trying to say gamers are like soldiers, soldiers are true heroes and trophy hunting is just a hobby) and I always love to 100% games and to be honest trophies always boost my gaming ego. I will love to hear your thoughts.
  13. For me it was dark souls one but then I got used to it and now it’s one of my favorite games ever, how about yours any game that made you almost quit trophy hunting for good?