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  1. Can you get 2 platinum on dragon age inquisition From the PS3 and PS4?
  2. Game: far cry 5 Trophy: DeceaZed to ExZist Where you have to kill 5.000 zombies My question is if I do a run and I die dose the zombies that I killed count towards the trophy?
  3. I'm in progress of platinum DOOM and I'm really enjoying the game and am trying to get all the collectibles and I'm stuck it mission 4 I went to the area where the field drone and it's not there but the game is telling me i'm missing one out of two.
  4. I appreciate all of you feedback guys thank you. That absolutely makes sense that was exactly what I was thinking.
  5. I'm with you lol thx
  6. I regret selling my Vita and I want to buy it again but my friends are telling me to get a switch instead. So which system should I pick in this situation?
  7. Thank you bro for the help
  8. How about the trophy getting a S ranking on all story missions?
  9. Thank you that really helps. Thank you the help.
  10. I am pretty close to platinum the game, but I have some questions about the game and I will appreciate it if you can help me. 1. If I continue to game plus will my money that I have collected carry on to the new game? 2. When i'm going for the trophy that requires me to get a S ranking on all story missions do I start working on the trophy in game plus?
  11. Is the game a single player or only online? Is it worth pre-ordering? my last question does it have a platinum?