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  1. Im playing now and it doesn't seem terrible. I do wait upwards of 5 minutes for a tricke battle sometimes though even playing saturday morning at 8am.
  2. There are no stats tracked for co-op because the challenges are this weird tiered system, and some of the trophies like boss kills/jet pack/mini gun/etc don't have any challenges associated with them at all so you must keep track of this yourself. In general the extra trophies are probably not something you're going to complete naturally unless you explicitly go out of your way to complete them. The jetpack / minigun / killing air support / killing the boss yourself are all things that won't occur if you are trying to complete wins in the fastest way possible (e.g. tactician solo on DMZ, you'll clear the level before bosses or air support even spawn, and minigun/jetpack are dumb upgrades when you can just get base turrets).
  3. I'm really debating if i want to do the standalone or not. I never used minigun or jetpack and i think a lot of my boss kills were grabbed by the purchased turrets which don't count. Ive grinded this game so much in the last week to finish everything in the official release i kind of just want to take my victory lap and go play something else. But then again its only 5-10 more hours for something thats gonna ge gone forever in 2 werks.
  4. The question you responded to asked how much requires other peoples help - e.g. trophies you can't do solo. Doing the wins can be done solo just fine so you're spreading wrong information with that reply.
  5. This is not at all true. The only dlc trophy that cant be done solo is 50 medic revives in coop which you could do in 10-20 minutes with boosting. The coop wins can be slightly faster with a dedicated team but you're only talking ~3 minutes faster per match which equates to about a 2 hour time save (50 matches total required). Every other trophy is more efficient to solo with bots, especially when considering you dont spend any time helping others.
  6. If you're starting from 0 its about 50 hours to complete all multiplayer trophies including dlc so yes its mathematically possible to do that in 13 days, just depends on your playtime.
  7. Another pro tip: do insurgent abilities before you grind jack of all trades or new toys. I got nearly 300 e pulse stuns, a 100 or so shield kills, and quite a few revives and echo pings just from stuff i was hacking. If those challenges are already done its just time you wasted. Edit: just realized i got so many pulses doing hacking because i played as helgast on the forest. The vsa will place pulses right outside their base that are close enough to hit the base turrets.
  8. Oh interesting, that's clever If you are getting points off the base turrets you probably want as few bots as possible as they'll just get in the way.
  9. What settings did you use for epulse referenced in video 2? The pulses needed are on equipment not players so is that basically just luck that enemies above are using abilities?
  10. Its not the base game that's bad (although its still a pretty big grind of 20 hours or more depending on efficiency) its the hacking, collectibles that will only become harder to get as server close nears, and the epulse emitter that are really tedious.
  11. You dont have to shoot bullets to pick up the crate, in fact you shouldn't be doing that at all because it will despawn much faster than if you just spam circle on it at full ammo.
  12. The forest on beacon theft is seriously night and day faster to bot farm. Stop wasting your time on penthouse if you're still grinding that, wow what a difference.
  13. Ive been making some good progress but the guide saying the entire plat is 50 hours is kinda laughable, theres absolutely no way. The weapon and ability grinds are unreal. Edit: i guess to be fair to the guide ive been bouncing around the two dlcs as well so maybe if i -only- did base game it could be done in 50. Overall though the 100% is probably 50-100 hours of multiplayer depending on skill and partners.
  14. There's a lot of "but time zones or people are busy" ... then don't join a session scheduled at a time that doesnt work for you? You can make your own and scheduled it when its convenient for you. Dont join a session scheduled at a time you cant make and ghost everyone.
  15. I am the one creating sessions, and regardless if i put the time is not a placeholder people still no show because of the site wide shift towards session times not being meaningful.