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  1. The forest on beacon theft is seriously night and day faster to bot farm. Stop wasting your time on penthouse if you're still grinding that, wow what a difference.
  2. Ive been making some good progress but the guide saying the entire plat is 50 hours is kinda laughable, theres absolutely no way. The weapon and ability grinds are unreal. Edit: i guess to be fair to the guide ive been bouncing around the two dlcs as well so maybe if i -only- did base game it could be done in 50. Overall though the 100% is probably 50-100 hours of multiplayer depending on skill and partners.
  3. There's a lot of "but time zones or people are busy" ... then don't join a session scheduled at a time that doesnt work for you? You can make your own and scheduled it when its convenient for you. Dont join a session scheduled at a time you cant make and ghost everyone.
  4. I am the one creating sessions, and regardless if i put the time is not a placeholder people still no show because of the site wide shift towards session times not being meaningful.
  5. Seems like the map makes a huge difference in coop success, was able to beat the weapons facility pretty easily. If you die and lose a bunch of points feels like you should just restart, the longer the game goes the harder the enemies get and it just compounds into wasted time. Also holding the capture points is essential for gaining points.
  6. Must be some secret to coop im not getting. Just played solo in the 2 player lobby and in a 30+ minute game i only had 700 points. By the end enemies take an entire clip and its nearly impossible to get ammo so just gave up. This feels like you could do it pretty easily with 2 people but just feels like a waste of time solo.
  7. Yes there is both a visual and audio queue that the collectible has been found. Also pretty much everyone playing right now is doing trophies so you'll see everyone quit. You can also see it on the map if its been gotten or not when you respawn so just suicide if you're unsure.
  8. Took me about 4 and a half hours to get 8 collectibles, not great not terrible. Sometimes i just straight up cannot find them or someone else gets them first but shouldn't be terrible to finish.
  9. Would be nice to have a gametype others cant join, its tedious enough spending 10+ minutes looking around without someone finding the collectible first.
  10. This online collectible thing is already so awful, dont know if i have the patience for 25.
  11. I'm guessing you have to buy both the DLC add on and the standalone DLC to get both of the trophy lists? But either way it seems like they auto pop so if you feel like paying 10 bucks for free trophies you can.
  12. good question, on the US store intercept is 6 and insurgent is 10, then season pass is 20. There's also a 10th anniversary dlc for 10 but don't think that is needed. Might as well save the 4 bucks and not buy the season pass, shadow of mordor is the same way where not buying the season pass saves you money by just getting them individually.
  13. Looking at the trophy list, it seems like very little of this will actually require playing online? It can be done almost entirely with bots except for a few trophies like 'Necromancer' in the second DLC.
  14. Crazy how little notice this is. If you don't follow games on twitter odds of you noticing this before it's too late are pretty high.
  15. Yeah the game literally just came out yesterday. Im having fun and don't need or want a 1 day platinum.
  16. The trophies aren't too bad for this game but it is really buggy on ps5. In arcade mode playing online its not uncommon to get gamebreaking bugs (like everyone being invisible) or the game just straight up crashing every few levels - which is not great in a game with 16 levels. That combined with you cant see what difficulty people are playing can make it pretty frustrating. When it does work the game is really fun though. May stop playing until theres a stability patch or two then come back to it.
  17. Are the bosses not random? Was playing level 17 and got dry'll 3x in a row. I guess they're predetermined?
  18. Do you try to melee or something? Just get a good hunter bow and tear off components at range. You're really never in danger of dying to anything because you autoheal by tapping up on the d pad with berries.
  19. I played through the entire game originally on Hard because the game is boringly easy with 0 threat on anything lesser so I'm not expecting ultra hard NG+ to be too bad. Edit: also since the PS5 version has tracking, you can see there are 17 "weapons, dyes, and facepaints" that it wants you to get for the obtain all NG+ rewards trophy.
  20. It was never supposed to work like this, the fact that it did for a brief period of time was lucky but they aren't going "fix" something that wasn't supposed to be working that way in the first place. The first games list is frozen, you're gonna have to move on.
  21. Good luck, doing 5 baal runs a day it will take you just under 3 years to hit 99.
  22. Disable your auto sync to cloud and play offline so you can save scum if you ever die. Other than that, turn your brain off and kill baal 4500 times.
  23. Just buy the maxed out shotgun and run a self revive or two and you can literally just rambo mind level 5. I did this on all 3 DLC and it's supremely easy, you can speedrun the objectives.
  24. Just got the platinum of this game. It was pretty fun gameplay wise and tokyo looked amazing. I had fun chasing the spirits because they were all over the place and had the beads to make it more hide and seek like. After the ~115 relics and the Kk notes it was getting a bit tedious that there was still beads, voice records, upgrade shrines, RNG food and drink, outfits.. paring that back would have been nice but overall with nothing missable and most easily tracked in game it wasn't too bad. Really liked the game up until the motorcycle point of no return at the end of chapter 4. Mari felt so underdeveloped and kinda cliché that i really just did not care at all about her story and basically just looked at my phone through most of chapter 6. Most of the side missions were better written and more interesting than the main story. Overall a fine game that i did have fun with and don't regret playing but definitely would have preferred the evil within 3. Probably a 6.5-7/10.
  25. I think the missable kids has been patched again because I've definitely encountered them more than 3 times