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  1. Disable your auto sync to cloud and play offline so you can save scum if you ever die. Other than that, turn your brain off and kill baal 4500 times.
  2. Just buy the maxed out shotgun and run a self revive or two and you can literally just rambo mind level 5. I did this on all 3 DLC and it's supremely easy, you can speedrun the objectives.
  3. Just got the platinum of this game. It was pretty fun gameplay wise and tokyo looked amazing. I had fun chasing the spirits because they were all over the place and had the beads to make it more hide and seek like. After the ~115 relics and the Kk notes it was getting a bit tedious that there was still beads, voice records, upgrade shrines, RNG food and drink, outfits.. paring that back would have been nice but overall with nothing missable and most easily tracked in game it wasn't too bad. Really liked the game up until the motorcycle point of no return at the end of chapter 4. Mari felt so underdeveloped and kinda cliché that i really just did not care at all about her story and basically just looked at my phone through most of chapter 6. Most of the side missions were better written and more interesting than the main story. Overall a fine game that i did have fun with and don't regret playing but definitely would have preferred the evil within 3. Probably a 6.5-7/10.
  4. I think the missable kids has been patched again because I've definitely encountered them more than 3 times
  5. Just noticed if you zoom out of the map completely you can see how many spirits you have from various encounters like the blue boxes and the parade. I messed up one of my box encounters but says I'm 5001/5000 spirits on that.
  6. What happens if one of the blue cube encounters gets depleted to 0%? Do those respawn endlessly? I assume you arent just out of luck if you mess up one of them.
  7. This game mode was incredibly easy, got infallible in less than half hour. Good luck to everyone who still needs it!
  8. Anyone know what time they typically make these game modes available? "Saturday" isn't very descriptive of a release date.
  9. They're sort of taking the realism thing to a cringe level. It's a video game, no one cares that the prices match real life. If they wanted them to be realistic then 95% of the cars should be unobtainable because only millionaires can spend 6+ figures on a car.
  10. The default response of many from soft fans when they encounter criticism of the games to suggest people stop playing really adds nothing to the conversation.
  11. Banging your head against the wall for hours isn't fun or interesting to most people, I certainly wouldn't call that "beautifully made".
  12. Welp mimic tear was just nerfed so malenia just got that much more awful. Sword of night and flame and moonveil also nerfed. I was doing malenia attempts earlier and reliably getting to phase 2. Went and got 5 or 6 levels then went back to her and was doing considerably worse after the nerfs. RIP about a day too late.
  13. Looks like an endless tower / horde mode situation. Definitely hope there's new trophies, would love a reason to come back and play this.
  14. The mimic is the best for every class, it's completely broken.
  15. Game has been working fine since day 1 but the latest patch corrupts install for ps5 disc version. Others getting the same - delete and reinstall fixes if this is happening to you.
  16. Just wait until they patch the game. They've already talked about retroactive fixes for bugged trophies.
  17. There's 250 collectibles and no one has found them all, so it's going to be impossible to play the game and not miss something. They've already confirmed NG+ is coming so just be as thorough as you feel like and mop up the rest when they're all found and NG+ drops.
  18. The spec ops are bad because theyre bug ridden like the rest of the game has been. Hardest part of cocodrilo is getting past 77% without the game bugging out on you and forcing you to quit. After being stuck with the infinite respawn loop for months from paradise lost and now this...this game has been such a complete chore.
  19. I definitely think the difficultly of the "full house" trophy was supremely exaggerated. I finished with a couple thousand extra of each resource even after fully upgrading. Unless you're B-lining straight to the main story quest collecting enough resources really isn't that hard if you do some exploring.
  20. I agree with most here that the forced camera angle has made an otherwise pretty fun DLC kind of awful. A game isn't fun or challenging when it's only challenging because you have implemented bad controls. If they left the camera unlocked this would have easily been the best DLC of the 3.
  21. 5 times the length of AC: Valhalla sounds legitimately awful. No game has 500 hours of content, it will be hundreds of hours of filler. In a world of dozens of outstanding releases every year a game/company that doesn't respect your time isn't worth playing.
  22. If you have an account and regularly post on a website dedicated to trophy tracking/hunting the "well I didn't know" excuse pretty quickly falls apart. No one in this community is a casual player lol. You're also kinda bad faith arguing as you have both a recent RLTW and hacked level trophies in this game.
  23. Im in an infinite loop on paradise lost from fast traveling. I see posts about this from over a month ago and still not fixed. What a complete disappointment, I'm not starting this game over again when i was on the last mission.
  24. It's not as simple as just "removing one trophy" from your profile. You now also have a platinum trophy you shouldn't and the logic required for all these scenarios and how they cascade into other areas like stats, completion percentage, etc are pretty far reaching. You can hide the game or not but eventually you'll get flagged.
  25. Super lame that it's offline only.