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  1. I think where people are the most frustrated with this decision is you don't have the ability to reject bounties placed upon you. Yes you can try to die, but if you somehow miss the notification or the game bugs you've suddenly gotten a trophy you don't even want that results in you getting flagged. Sure you could just skip the online but having those unobtainable trophies on your profile and lower percentage really eats away at some people.
  2. The "if I'm going down I'm going to try to take as many people with me" attitude is beyond scumbag.
  3. There have been literal hundreds of posts for year(s) warning people not to do this and to level up in private lobbies if you don't want flagged when your rank is boosted by cheaters. Despite the warnings you chose to play in a public lobby where this was extremely likely to happen. The "well I didn't know" excuse really doesn't fly.
  4. The other trophies are valid because they can be obtained without custom firmware through normal means. RLTW can only be obtained with the assistance of someone with custom firmware/cheats, hence the trophy will get you flagged for having it. Im not sure what is so difficult to understand here? You're free to not hide the game but you won't be able to participate in the leaderboards.
  5. You have a RLTW from newer than 2017 so regardless of what discords you were in you're going to be flagged unless you hide the game.
  6. This isn't a court though and regardless of what you think is legit or not the CRT isn't considering trophies that require cfw to obtain legitimate. If you have run like the wind just hide the game and move on.
  7. Wait until the Halloween event ends then they should be back.
  8. I'm not calling him a liar but that's literally not how it works. You can't get a bounty in a solo session. Taking a screenshot of your notifications tab where the game doesn't show what type of lobby you're in is hardly "proof" of this.
  9. I believe RLTW is won/lost by other players killing you, not yourself. So if you get a bounty on your head by a hacker you'd want to go into a public lobby (or invite a friend) and get killed by another actual player to avoid getting the trophy.
  10. There are pages and pages of warnings of people saying don't play in public lobbies until after you've grinded out your levels in invite only. The people ignoring these warnings and then acting surprised about being flagged for this feels extremely LeopardsAteMyFace
  11. If the goal is RP and money doing heists with randoms is a complete waste of time. You'll get so many quitters and bad players. If you still need the trophies for them get a premade group, if you can't/don't have a premade group then just skip the trophies entirely. You'll never beat heists like prison break or humane labs with randoms that have no mic.
  12. People are speculating survival is only gone for the halloween event. It didn't seem like there was a consensus if the halloween themed survival was possible to pop the trophy still or not. Disappointing but the plats already unobtainable anyways i guess so whats another bronze or two locked out.
  13. Buy a decent gun and spam pier pressure and ballas to the wall on hard until you go insane. You can earn 20-24k RP/hr depending on efficiency. Its 1.58 million to rank 100 so you can do the math on how bad your grind will be once you figure out your pace.
  14. Seems like you'd probably want to complete, or at least get as close as possible, to career criminal before social club goes away. Tracking all of the requirements for that trophy would be a real pain and could be insanely frustrating if you somehow missed or messed up something tracking it yourself.
  15. Braindead take from someone whos hasn't even played the game. This is a multiplayer game through and through. Playing with bots is a terrible unfun experience that TR is rightly discouraging. If you want to play single player buy another zombie game, this is a team based MP game.
  16. I hope this trend continues, autopop sucks. Especially since it encourages you to play the inferior ps4 version typically.
  17. Even if you do that who are you going to trade with? There is no in-game chat and multiplayer is already dead (or server issues prevent anyone from joining). This is a faithful remaster in the sense that this game has the features (or lack there of) of a game made 20 years ago.
  18. These trophies have nothing to do with skill, they're just tedious. Farming the same boss you've beaten thousands or tens of thousands of times if playing alone is purely an exercise in futility.
  19. There's a big difference between trying to compete on the global leaderboards and being bummed out that others are having bots run afk or creating hacked characters on their PC to import for free trophies something that would take thousands of hours to accomplish legitimately in the intended way. It cheapens the accomplishment of those that earn it legitimate. Don't act like you're too cool for trophies, you're literally on a website dedicated to hunting them.
  20. Just insanely stupid that you can import hacked characters into ps5 to pop trophies. They've really just messed this trophy list up every way possible.
  21. That sounds even more awful than just having a near impossible trophy. Now you're going to have people buying/selling these 'impossible' trophies.
  22. Also the fact that auto-pop is destroying the leaderboards. Getting double the trophies for playing a single game massively disadvantages anyone that doesn't have a PS5 and doesn't play the inferior PS4 version of a PS5 game. Auto-pop can't die soon enough.
  23. This game also doesn't have the mechanic where a dead hardcore character turns into a softcore character, you just have to delete it and you lose all of your gear unless you turned item loot on your corpse for someone else in your game beforehand.
  24. Imaging grinding to level 99 in Diablo 3 if torment difficulties didn't exist and that's literally Diablo 2. Except there also isn't an adventure mode or any sort of bonus exp so it's literally just playing the end of act 5 tens of thousands of times.
  25. I would have been okay with a lvl 99 trophy for standard but for hardcore it's just stupid. They could have gone with 90 and it would still be a huge grind/challenging/risky without mind numbing frustration for one mistake after hundreds of hours. I have the platinum in Path of Exile but PoE was grinding strength for your character to complete difficult bosses/encounters. D2 is literally just running the same thing over and over for a tiny amount of exp. It's not a challenge, it's boring and pointless, and if you run into an insta-kill mob on one of your 4000+ baal runs this is without a doubt controller smashing scenario.