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  1. Also the fact that auto-pop is destroying the leaderboards. Getting double the trophies for playing a single game massively disadvantages anyone that doesn't have a PS5 and doesn't play the inferior PS4 version of a PS5 game. Auto-pop can't die soon enough.
  2. This game also doesn't have the mechanic where a dead hardcore character turns into a softcore character, you just have to delete it and you lose all of your gear unless you turned item loot on your corpse for someone else in your game beforehand.
  3. Imaging grinding to level 99 in Diablo 3 if torment difficulties didn't exist and that's literally Diablo 2. Except there also isn't an adventure mode or any sort of bonus exp so it's literally just playing the end of act 5 tens of thousands of times.
  4. I would have been okay with a lvl 99 trophy for standard but for hardcore it's just stupid. They could have gone with 90 and it would still be a huge grind/challenging/risky without mind numbing frustration for one mistake after hundreds of hours. I have the platinum in Path of Exile but PoE was grinding strength for your character to complete difficult bosses/encounters. D2 is literally just running the same thing over and over for a tiny amount of exp. It's not a challenge, it's boring and pointless, and if you run into an insta-kill mob on one of your 4000+ baal runs this is without a doubt controller smashing scenario.
  5. Seems to reason that there would be, no way you're playing this game twice with how insane the list is.
  6. Did everything autopop on ps5? Im in the same boat playing on ps4 and don't really want to play the game twice.
  7. They posted on their official twitter that trophy bug fixes are coming soon. If you're experiencing problems may want to wait for a bit:
  8. You guys sure whine about the most ridiculous shit. Plus is 40/yr and well worth it. There's nothing insidious going on here by sp or Sony, it's a gamemode designed to be played online as team vs team.
  9. I think im going to do this same thing - play the ps4 director's cut on ps5, because i don't want to replay everything to clean up my missing ps4 trophies. Ill probably just grab the ps5 directors cut when it's 10 bucks for the autopop.
  10. It does seem kinda weird that we still have to stress over 200 points worth of trophies popped by hackers out of our control when the auto pop of half of the PS5 library is infinitely more toxic to the leaderboards.
  11. The max bounty you can place is 10k, so hundreds of millions is obviously hacked.
  12. That is almost certainly not true. You'd still be flagged for cheating as the only way to obtain it is via cheating. A 200mil bounty is obviously not legit.
  13. Hope we get trophies for the Yuffie DLC. Excited to have autopop to PS5 to not have to replay the game twice again but some extra trophies would make revisiting the game great.
  14. Finally got platinum after getting through mercenaries. Agree with pretty much everyone here that by the end mercenaries was an un-fun chore. I think Castle II was actually the most frustrating for me personally, even though I might have tried factory 2 more times. I think I liked/tolerated Factory 2 more because it was all about chasing the perfect run on the first level versus dragging it out over multiple stages. Learning the map and perfecting it actually wasn't so bad. The lack of a retry button forcing you to rebuy the exact same loadout every failed run was like pouring salt in your wounds. The videoes in the thread were also really helpful but don't bother waiting to buy the magnum on Mad Village II. Just buy the magnum on the first level and use it on the armored lychan + the big guys and you can literally SS in 2 stages with a full combo and then just suicide at the start of stage 3.
  15. This is actually super cool. Is this the first time a separate compilation trophy list has existed? Would've been pretty cool to see a combined list for the likes of crash bandicoot, tony hawk, spyro, etc.
  16. Finally got my hive trophy at 48 (including the elite heroic hive which ive heard counts as 3?) so it seems like my progress was reset completely at some point. This trophy really takes the fun out of this game, especially needing to quit to main menu after every single hive to get them to reappear so I'm happy to be done with this game.
  17. You have to quit to main menu after every hive to get them to reappear (yes, a bad/tedious trophy was made that much worse by then refusing to fix this)
  18. Platinum is nowhere near 3000 hours, thats an extreme exaggeration. If you play a meta build following a guide the plat can be done in 200, even less if you group for the fringe stuff like uber atziri or get really lucky with spawns for abaxath. If you try to do it in ssf without the market place its practically impossible, the RNG to get all map drops will never happen. If you like ARPGs like Diablo the game is a ton of fun. Research a character/build that interests you that is capable of doing end game content and jump in near the start of a league. Dont bother playing on standard. Good luck! It's an awesome plat to add to the trophy case at 0.55% completion. Also of note - while the game is free to play there are microtransactions for imrpoved storage (stash tabs), and the game is practically unplayable without at least the map and currency tab, although almost all of them are beneficial. They go on sale about every 3-4 weeks so dont pay full price, you don't really need them until you complete the story anyways.
  19. Quit playing this shortly after launch because i had some bugged trophies. Decided to try to finish the plat before returnal comes out so started my hive grind. Read about the bug that requires you to quit to main menu after every run - uhhh, sounds about right for this game. Check my old emails to see how many hives id done. Email from 10/2020 - 9 complete Email from 12/2020 - 5 complete So i guess i did negative 4 hives in november? Lol man returning to this game was probably a mistake.
  20. Imagine not understanding that the PS3 is completely different than the PS5 in terms of architecture, release date, hardware, etc. making the comparison irrelevant
  21. apples/oranges. MS standardized console hardware a generation before Playstation did. Sony didn't have the forward thinking for compatibility on generations 10-20 years in the future when they went with Cell.
  22. Some of you guys must have actually been born yesterday. The vita is a 10 year old console and Sony has shutdown production of carts well over a year ago. You're actually trolling if you didn't think Vita is on deaths door and that trying to make a new game for it carried a ton of risk.
  23. The logic that this means ps4/ps5 digital stuff is/will be worthless is a pretty flawed one. Sony has finally standardized their architecture with x86 so any new consoles can actually play all these games. The PS3 is a snowflake that is pointless to continue support for from a business perspective.
  24. Just because that didn't happen today doesn't mean it won't in the future. I doubt that service makes it to 2025.
  25. While some of ya'll are understandably upset that Sony is (allegedly) abandoning a 15 year old console, the ridiculous statements like "death of sony" and "playstations downfall" are so completely unfounded. By and large the people buying these consoles couldn't care less about EOL on old games. The average gamer just buys the latest call of duty and playstation exclusives, they aren't hoarding hundreds of discs for 20 year old game consoles. While I too have a house full of old games, let's not pretend doing this will impact sony in the slightest.