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  1. Historically a shutdown/end of life of a console is removal of all services, not just their marketplace. Since this is still just a rumor who knows what the answer is but it seems very unlikely Sony cares enough about trophies to maintain that portion of the network after the storefront of PSN is disabled. I imagine these will be gone at the same time.
  2. Trophies require a manual sync on PS3 so a network shutdown means more than just "you can't buy any new games/DLC", it would also mean you can't earn/sync any trophies to your PSNprofile. If true better get to work on any procrastinating you've done with PS3 games on your profile stat.
  3. The number of maps it says on the Atlas is the number you have to complete (currently 164 as of ritual league, the guide is wrong it is no longer 154). The easiest way to determine what you've done and what's missing is just buy the map stash tab (honestly the game is unplayable without it anyways so if you don't have it then definitely buy it). Every map that appears in the list is required. One thing you have to be careful of is there are unique maps that aren't required - such as hall of grandmasters, synthesis maps, harbinger, etc. These maps won't show up in your stash tab until you actually have one and put it in there, which is how you will know it's not required for atlas completion. Source: I got the trophy yesterday.
  4. If anyone just starting out hasnt killed the boss in chamber of innocence act 5 and can open a portal to share the waypoints ill throw some chaos your way to get you a head start. Im getting close to sirus and kinda paranoid i missed these waypoints and don't want to start over.
  5. It kinda seems like this is no longer missable? The templar courts missable waypoint was removed entirely and replaced with the waypoint after beating sirus
  6. Saw the game updated yesterday, anyone still experiencing the console shutdown crashing? Been wanting to play this lately but like many of you am awaiting a patch before putting much time into it. History: 12/8 - did not fix 12/12 - made performance worse and made the game harder (lol) 12/16 (season 1) - seems fixed? I havent crashed yet with about 12 hours of play (ray tracing off) 12/25 die maschine seems unplayable again. Back to constant crashing/freezing 1/12 - new patch specifically aimed at PS5 zombies fixes - crashing/freezing issues with die maschine resolved again.
  7. Have played about 5 or 6 hours of die maschine on latest patch without any crashing or freezing. New patch has definitely fixed stability issues with zombies on ps5.
  8. I'm planning on starting this up again when Echoes drops on the 20th so I'll report back if it's still a crashfest. On Ps4 I didn't crash at all until maps/end game so it may take a bit.
  9. New patch yesterday that explicitly calls out fixes for PS5 and zombies stability in general. I haven't had a chance to play any games yet to see if it improves things but the crashes were pretty common previously so it should be fairly obvious if it improves things or not:
  10. Read the cold war subreddit and search 'PS5' and sort by new, there are new posts about ps5 crashing every single day. It's not a problem specific to my PS5 and reinstalling the game is a waste of time, that won't fix anything. This is a problem only Treyarch is going to be able to resolve.
  11. Same, as far as i can tell seems like the server side patch to implement challenges has ruined stability on ps5 again. This was seemingly fixed with the season 1 patch. Maybe reverted some old code or something, hopefully they fix it soon.
  12. The game was in good shape for maybe a week, but is now back to basically unplayable in die maschine. Crash any every other game. Mostly soft crashes but had one where my console froze completely and couldn't recover without holding the power button. Edit: second hard freeze requiring me to force shutoff my console today in less than 4 hours of play. Back to the shelf this game goes until a patch, RIP prestige master.
  13. Just played 8 hours of multiplayer and no crashes, seems like the crashing may be fixed? I have ray tracing off.
  14. They're patching frequently enough ill keep editing the OP with status while we all cross our fingers we can actually play a game we bought without our consoles shutting off. Played about 3 hours of zombies on the 12/16 patch with ray tracing off and no freezes but that's not much time. Will get in a longer session tomorrow. Unrelated to crashes theyve removed the ability to disable haptic feedback for some reason. Even if you disable it in game its still presently faintly. You have to disable it in the accessories menu of the playstation UI to have it function like it did pre-season 1. Why are they making this game slowly worse?
  15. Interesting, should make this trophy considerably easier. I'll have to give this a shot once they patch the shutdown crashing.
  16. If it shows complete on the world map mousing over the region with a checkmark you should be fine. If it's missing one go back to an older save and retry.
  17. Yeah this is just cold war in general, generally have this at least once a day if I'm playing several hours and it happens in every mode. Its a shame because the game is actually fun so i want to keep playing but it feels like im risking my console over it.
  18. Instead of upgrading you should spend your resources on buying the largest available gear upgrade(s) from the vendors to race to 130. If you don't buy vendor gear it will take forever to reach max gear level, especially on secondary characters. Also upgrade purple instead of yellow gear from 130 to 140. The cost to upgrade yellow is 2-3x more per level than upgrading purple, and either works for getting to 150 for the trophy.
  19. It should be +50 from whatever you were at when 1.3.0 released, gonna vary for everyone.
  20. I did this with the recommendation in the PS3 guide. Start a new game and sprint to the first town (Gorhart). Go aggressive and get arrested. Pick the lock to get your gear then kill the prisoner in the cell right next to yours and you're done... you could probably get this trophy in 20 minutes or less starting a new game.
  21. The marketing email they sent out today that has some stats mixed in tells you how many Hives you've completed today. I guess it could still be a bugged trophy that was reset with 1.3.0 patch but seems somewhat motivating to see it doesn't have 0 for me.
  22. Agree. I'm at 91% - only missing intel, hives, 15 villain and elite heroic hive. I might do elite heroic and the villains but then I think I'm going to shelve this game until they release Spiderman and hope that they've fixed the bugs by then and then mop up my last 2 trophies while checking out spidey.
  23. The whole point of the avengers is teaming up, not flying solo. The game is way more fun when youre not just playing with bots. It sucks that it causes the trophies to bug but crystal has done a pretty good job of releasing timely fixes.
  24. Im probably giving up on this until a patch. Not grinding an RNG drop for a bugged trophy i need an unknown number of collectibles left (im currently at 56). Also no way im starting a new game when i have maxed out characters.
  25. I don't remember how much intel i had before 1.3 but it was less than 50. Im over 50 now but pretty demotivating that i might have to go all the way to 100.