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  1. This trend of paying $100+ for an "ultimate edition" that's game + season pass and then a year later release more stuff that's not included for $30+ dollars is getting old.  I begrudgingly bought the new stuff for borderlands 3 because I had a 100% but this is definitely making me not want to buy anything ubisoft going forward.


  2. So many negative comments from people that just don't like multiplayer games but i thought this was pretty fun. Its a short and easy game to earn the trophies in and a bunch of people that turned into monster clumping up and swinging at each other is pretty fun/silly experience. It's free so I'd say check it out. Buying the premium battlepass makes getting to level 10 faster but its not required at all. 


  3. How is this game these days? Looks like some comments have suggested updates have made some of the trophy guide inaccurate? Is it still an 8/10 difficulty?


    I downloaded and started playing re:verse and while it's pretty bad it's still quite fun so thinking of maybe checking out some more of the wacky RE themed games out there. 


  4. ^not sure if this guy is trolling or not but hes massively under exaggerating the difficulty, or he's giving an opinion under the assumption the infinite grenade glitch still exists (it doesn't, it was patched).  Act 5 no hope solo is absolutely not a 3 or 4 out of 10.  Also a lot of the extremely broken cards were nerfed into the ground like expired T5.  The game is definitely not as hard as it was at launch but it is still a significant challenge. 


  5. As predicted expired t5 was nerfed into the ground and infinite grenade was fixed in the halloween patch. The difficulty of no hope/nightmare is back to being a major challenge instead of free. 


  6. Is dlc 4 finally the last one? They're OK but I'm definitely ready to uninstall this game. Especially after dlc 4 forces you to fight a ton of weak enemies and wait for things to make it artificially longer than the others by almost double. 


  7. 6 minutes ago, Skurkitty said:

    It depends on the current running FFA event, some are much more popular than others. Showdown isn't a popular listing, and this week turning FFA into solo Showdown is pretty meh. When FFA is races or tricks and you're playing in peak hours you'll get around 3-5min ques. Which still isn't super fast, but it isn't awful. Helps when weeklies include MP challenges along with sponsor resets.

    That's good to hear, was hoping it was just the weekly event keeping it dead. Luckily you can still fast travel and fly around getting collectibles while in queue for a game. 


  8. 20 hours ago, M-C83 said:

    Shadow fall shouldn't have closed plain and simple. Its a PS4 game first party. Playable on PS5. Was still played by thousands. Shocks me how this is so acceptable by the majority audience. How much shit do we have to take from these big companies. Hope everyone made it in time. Happy gaming! 

    Hearsay about the number of people playing aside, the amount of people playing wasn't enough, hence it was shuttered. It's simple business.  The commentary about sony keeping shadows fall alive years past its prime before closing it being "taking shit from big companies" is beyond delusional.


  9. 4 hours ago, bigdaddykraven said:

    I doubt I’ll bother with stand-alone unless I look at my stats and see I naturally got most of the boss kills, drone kills etc.

    There are no stats tracked for co-op because the challenges are this weird tiered system, and some of the trophies like boss kills/jet pack/mini gun/etc don't have any challenges associated with them at all so you must keep track of this yourself.  In general the extra trophies are probably not something you're going to complete naturally unless you explicitly go out of your way to complete them.  The jetpack / minigun / killing air support / killing the boss yourself are all things that won't occur if you are trying to complete wins in the fastest way possible (e.g. tactician solo on DMZ, you'll clear the level before bosses or air support even spawn, and minigun/jetpack are dumb upgrades when you can just get base turrets).


  10. 1 hour ago, zulqarmessi said:

    I finished the entire intercept solo, i got one trophy left 500 headshots , i will wrap it up after insurgent new toys. Here is my suggestion for u

    1. Focus on 50 wins first, create ur own warzone , two player mode, the outpost map. The outpost map is small , only one spawn room in the middle of forest. U can quickly storm to A, B and C uplink zone from ur spawn room.

    2. Stick to assault class untill u get 50 wins, ur powerful shotgun and ur drone buddy is enough to wipe out the entire enemies easily. Plus u also have speed dash . In 10-15 minutes u can win each match.

    3. While u  r working for 50 wins, use the petrusite capacitor to get machine gun and jet pack 250 kills also.

    3. After u r done with 50 wins switch to any class of ur choice and work on 250 kills for marksman and tactician. For medic just work on bank points. Don't worry about victory in this run, only focus on bank points this time, just note down ur bank points...... because there aren't any trackers for back points. U need 2500 bank points in each category.

    4. When u play marksman shoot down air support drone with ur LS70 powerful sniper rifle. Two bullet enough to put that drones out of the sky. U need 50 drones destruction for a trophy.

    5. Finally u need a friend to work on revives. Hit me friend request if u need that one trophy. It will only take 20 minutes to get this trophy.

    Best of luck 1f44d.png

    I'm really debating if i want to do the standalone or not. I never used minigun or jetpack and i think a lot of my boss kills were grabbed by the purchased turrets which don't count. Ive grinded this game so much in the last week to finish everything in the official release i kind of just want to take my victory lap and go play something else. But then again its only 5-10 more hours for something thats gonna ge gone forever in 2 werks. 


  11. 2 hours ago, SnowxSakura said:

    Took my co-op partner and I about 15 hours for the 50 matches so don't know what to tell you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    The question you responded to asked how much requires other peoples help - e.g. trophies you can't do solo. Doing the wins can be done solo just fine so you're spreading wrong information with that reply. 


  12. 6 hours ago, SnowxSakura said:

    For the base game, probably around 30 minutes. For the co-op dlc, about 10 maybe 15 hours

    This is not at all true. The only dlc trophy that cant be done solo is 50 medic revives in coop which you could do in 10-20 minutes with boosting. The coop wins can be slightly faster with a dedicated team but you're only talking ~3 minutes faster per match which equates to about a 2 hour time save (50 matches total required).  Every other trophy is more efficient to solo with bots, especially when considering you dont spend any time helping others. 


  13. Another pro tip: do insurgent abilities before you grind jack of all trades or new toys. I got nearly 300 e pulse stuns, a 100 or so shield kills, and quite a few revives and echo pings just from stuff i was hacking. If those challenges are already done its just time you wasted. 


    Edit: just realized i got so many pulses doing hacking because i played as helgast on the forest. The vsa will place pulses right outside their base that are close enough to hit the base turrets.