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  1. 1 hour ago, Sebulba2000 said:

    You may find getting RLTW post 2017 illegitimate, but then if it was stated clear it can't be earned legit, why not just ban everyone from the leaderboards who got the trophy post April 2017 straight away? 


    I'm pretty sure that's exactly what the CRT is doing, but there's an overwhelming number of profiles to comb through and this likely isn't their full time job.  They'll get everyone eventually.


  2. 1 hour ago, Sebulba2000 said:

    Yeah, I got flagged for being on the server in 2021, while I got the 100% in 2018 LMFAO. I was just looking for a hacker to help my friend get it before they shut down the servers. I won't hide the game either. I got the platinum trophy legit, it was time consuming and I put a lot of effort into it. I don't care about the leaderboards. They are filled with region stacks anyways.

    You have a run like the wind after 2017 and ranked trophies that are 7 seconds apart, you absolutely did cheat lol.


  3. 1 minute ago, REAPER4536 said:


     Play in invite-only lobbies and nobody can place a hacked bounty on you. I did it this way and hadn't had any problems at all with hackers.

    Sure, but that's easier said than done.  A lot of people don't have a large group of friends that care about trophies, let alone that are still playing PS3 games.  Organizing a dedicated group for something like this is a not insignificant amount of work, and requires large blocks of time to help yourself and others.  Losing the ability to just be able to jump into a public lobby for an hour and logging out without talking to anyone or setting up anything is a real boon for gamers that play mostly solo.


  4. I think where people are the most frustrated with this decision is you don't have the ability to reject bounties placed upon you.  Yes you can try to die, but if you somehow miss the notification or the game bugs you've suddenly gotten a trophy you don't even want that results in you getting flagged.  Sure you could just skip the online but having those unobtainable trophies on your profile and lower percentage really eats away at some people.


  5. 6 hours ago, xTROPHY_LEGENDx said:

    What about the rank 100 by modder because I got flagged for that joined a random lobby and got leveled up

    There have been literal hundreds of posts for year(s) warning people not to do this and to level up in private lobbies if you don't want flagged when your rank is boosted by cheaters.  Despite the warnings you chose to play in a public lobby where this was extremely likely to happen.  The "well I didn't know" excuse really doesn't fly.  


  6. The other trophies are valid because they can be obtained without custom firmware through normal means. RLTW can only be obtained with the assistance of someone with custom firmware/cheats, hence the trophy will get you flagged for having it. Im not sure what is so difficult to understand here?  You're free to not hide the game but you won't be able to participate in the leaderboards. 


  7. 8 hours ago, bratMario said:

    Dispute conclusion (my case)

    FYI. It was closed when i slept. I have to ADD HERE that CRT hasn't ANY EVIDENCE that I ASKED HACKERS for help what was REASON for FLAGGING me. I admit that I was and still am on Discord (Boosting Buddies) Server because I was looking peoples for HEISTS, not HACKERS/MODDERS (Just like for other games, NFS for example). 

    My mouth were forcefully closed, I feel bad the way I was treated here. 

    You have a RLTW from newer than 2017 so regardless of what discords you were in you're going to be flagged unless you hide the game. 


  8. 3 hours ago, bratMario said:

    That's sad true. I also didn't seek any help in that matter, didn't pay or made exchanges any type and now after 10 years or so of honestly and fair gaming I look here like cheater and feel like double victim.


    People (or rather CRT) , please have in mind that even if R* disabled bounty system and Modders restored this (narrowing game funcionality only for them, it seems that only they can put bounties atm) IMHO makes getting RLtW trophy even harder than before and it IS ATTAINABLE until server closure. If I were COURT here, my sentence were LEGIT in that matter. 

    This isn't a court though and regardless of what you think is legit or not the CRT isn't considering trophies that require cfw to obtain legitimate. If you have run like the wind just hide the game and move on. 


  9. 24 minutes ago, kevao97 said:


    the fact is that he supposedly received a bounty in a solo session, killing himself wouldn't remove the bounty that's true, but it's still something out of the loop for that to have occurred.



    I'm not calling him a liar but that's literally not how it works.  You can't get a bounty in a solo session.  Taking a screenshot of your notifications tab where the game doesn't show what type of lobby you're in is hardly "proof" of this.  


  10. 12 minutes ago, Seba_Racer_GT said:

    I am in the same situation as others here. I was in a solo session and suddenly I had a bounty on me. I opened a dispute but it was closed with no chance for me to reply. The following happend to me:

    So first of all the 17 th of October I was loading to GTA online and suddenly I got stuck on the loading screen. So I restarted the game, uninstall the game, did all what I could find in forums to fix this issue with no positive results. So I contacted Rockstar support, I have all the emails as proof. They told me that my account got corrupted so the only solution was to restore my account which meant that I will lose everything and they will only be able to give me back my level and money earned. In order to give me my level and money back I had to create a new character and level it up to level 5. So the 19 th I did that, created a new character, did the introduction with the first race against Lamar and then the first mission immediately after that is to take the drugs to Gerald. After the mission finished suddenly I received a bounty from an unknown for $25.000. I was in a solo session and I have pictures as proof. So I suicide myself in game and I went to win some solo races in order to get to level 5 so I could reply to Rockstar support that I was ready for them to restore my level and money back. I hope it is clear that I never had the intention to get this trophy. After what happend to my account I only play solo or invite only sessions. Even all the progress that I had for the 30 platinum awards trophy was gone and I had to restart all over again.

    Link with photos:https://flic.kr/ps/3XEMKi

    I believe RLTW is won/lost by other players killing you, not yourself.  So if you get a bounty on your head by a hacker you'd want to go into a public lobby (or invite a friend) and get killed by another actual player to avoid getting the trophy.


  11. There are pages and pages of warnings of people saying don't play in public lobbies until after you've grinded out your levels in invite only.  The people ignoring these warnings and then acting surprised about being flagged for this feels extremely LeopardsAteMyFace


  12. If the goal is RP and money doing heists with randoms is a complete waste of time. You'll get so many quitters and bad players.  If you still need the trophies for them get a premade group, if you can't/don't have a premade group then just skip the trophies entirely. You'll never beat heists like prison break or humane labs with randoms that have no mic. 


  13. People are speculating survival is only gone for the halloween event. It didn't seem like there was a consensus if the halloween themed survival was possible to pop the trophy still or not. Disappointing but the plats already unobtainable anyways i guess so whats another bronze or two locked out. 


  14. 12 hours ago, black__bunny said:

    Picking this up again I've found I'm also feeling the same way - mostly due to only being lvl 13. Does anyone have tips for solo ranking up?

    Buy a decent gun and spam pier pressure and ballas to the wall on hard until you go insane. You can earn 20-24k RP/hr depending on efficiency. Its 1.58 million to rank 100 so you can do the math on how bad your grind will be once you figure out your pace. 


  15. Seems like you'd probably want to complete, or at least get as close as possible, to career criminal before social club goes away.  Tracking all of the requirements for that trophy would be a real pain and could be insanely frustrating if you somehow missed or messed up something tracking it yourself.


  16. 1 hour ago, MatThaRiPP3R84 said:

    so to dupe you would need to put items in shared stash, send them to a solo character, back up save, put them back in shared stash, give them to a friend in mp game to hold onto, load back up rinse repeat. if you can do that atleast, it would mean you could buy some heavy duty items after just 2 weeks of farming.

    Even if you do that who are you going to trade with? There is no in-game chat and multiplayer is already dead (or server issues prevent anyone from joining).  This is a faithful remaster in the sense that this game has the features (or lack there of) of a game made 20 years ago.


  17. 7 minutes ago, Elegy said:


    This feature is going to be the reason the platinum won't be as rare as people think.  It will be flooded with people using hero editors (no different from using a save editor or cheating with someone else's save file) and importing into the console version but everyone will get away with it because they can just hide behind the "well there is no way to know if I did it legit or not" reasoning.

    Just insanely stupid that you can import hacked characters into ps5 to pop trophies.  They've really just messed this trophy list up every way possible.