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  1. I realize that this is not the proper place for this.

    However I would like for people to experience music I've been working on. Just give it a listen, feedback is awesome, but I am not doing this for fame.

    This is one of my latest ones, visit YouTube channel for Daily upload to keep the game going.

  2. I finally got it the other day. I spent all day building up a Mustang to 399 and then it easily got the first 2 I needed. The third one however was an off-road speed zone so after about another hour of tuning I got it. However I still very much hate that game. Lol
  3. I finally did it.. Can not express how much hatred I have towards Need for Speed Payback currently.

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    2. r-mercer91


      Thank you guys!

      DamagingRob, whatcha working on?

    3. DamagingRob


      It was One Piece: Unlimited World Red, but I'm taking a break from it.

    4. r-mercer91


      Yeah. I totally understand that feeling lol

  4. Only really pain in the ass ones lmao
  5. Yeah fr. I know that Burnout Paradise had that setting
  6. Since it seems that Need for Speed Payback is not wanting to give up it's Platinum currently, need some other game to overcome my trophy addiction.

    ANY suggested games on my list that I should be playing? I can never decide for myself, I usually spend more time trying to figure out what game I want to play rather than actually playing a game. Any feedback at all would be amazing thank you guys.

    1. MidnightDragon
    2. quintriplet


      Ooh you gotta see how Far Cry 5 ends!

    3. r-mercer91


      Ooh I do!! Actually haven't even booted that in months!!


      And Spyro, shut your dirty little mouth. No one likes you as much as we love Crash Bandicoot, problem being that whole Skylanders fiasco.

      Good luck with your trilogy tho, I am sure it'll be as linearly amd lacking as the original games!!!

  7. Yeah u totally can race them at any point all four of the crew and the boss just once and it'll pop
  8. I have done all but three in the regera. And they literally will not happen, no matter what I do.. Quite infuriating to constantly almost have it then traffic seamlessly spawning from nothing and swerving right in to me. I even have tried different tuning in it as well as all of my other cars but No! I FUCKIN hatevthis game rn!
  9. I have found that it doesn't matter about the performance points of the car more than how the car is tuned. My VW Bug, when tuned right out drifts some of my exotic cars. You just have to find the right feeling for the vehicle and the certain drift event.
  10. I haven't encountered these specific problems, however I have noticed that overall the trophies in this game, for some reason, have a delayed pop. I just recently got the one for billboard smashes and it took a good 30 to 45 seconds to ding after doing the task among the other trophies. Almost like the game doesn't want to award them..
  11. That would have been step one..
  12. I recently just passed this mission, although it took several attempts. However I did not experience a glitch as you have described.
  13. If anyone has got Burnout Remastered and is looking for some good competition, or just a fun time, I have been on recently and just want some rivalries with good ppl.

    Also if needing the plat for u and 7 players to meet at the stadium we shall as well.


    I'm sure y'all know how to send a friend request lol

  14. Awww look at you Jk, but trophies (or achievements) and the price, or lack thereof, aside it's just a really awesome experience
  15. That's whats seems to have occurred, seeing as both sets of them both have the ps3 and ps4 symbols beneath the game titles in the trophies collection on the system