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  1. Can anyone confirm if this is a flaggable offence or not? Does it matter what kind of version you use for this?
  2. can someone please confirm if the servershutdown is the 25th or the 15th? My friends keep on saying that it will be the 15th but it says the 25th so i dont kow.
  3. is this game shuttingdown the 15th or the 25th?
  4. Stop complaining and get better gear bruh.
  5. You can still buy it @JorgeSleep
  6. Are the servers still up?
  7. It has been 6 months bro
  8. Lawbreakers Boomshakalaka
  9. I really don't mind buying the membership at all. Its like you guys said "to support the website" and I do agree in that but it just feels bad in knowing you have only gotten it for 2 months lol
  10. Yeah, and it was my luck where a friend suggests that game to be played. That's the last time ill be hearing his advice lol
  11. yeah makes sense but I don't like to hide trophies and it will be the last time where I start a game blindly.
  12. what do you mean about rare cat pics?
  13. Good afternoon, I would like to know if I could switch my premium membership to a different account. The reason why I’m switching to a different account is that one of my games is unattainable. Also, I want to have a 100% account which in this case I can no longer have. I haven't had my membership for that long either. I would like to say that it has been 2 months since I gotten the membership.