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  1. Anyone got a level 50, or close to level 50 clan? This is the last trophy i need for plat. My current clan is rank 44 but no one is active and grinding out millions of xp on my own is getting super boring. Any help will be much appreciated!
  2. dont help its in the racing section on psnprofiles
  3. Martinsville you go use manual keep it in 4th and just glide the walls. I got an 18.342 doing it that way.
  4. congrats! I'm on about 19000 miles atm. Should have it sometime next week!
  5. I can confirm this works. Thank you 👍
  6. Probably because no one can be bothered to do the huge grind 😂 As for your question, you probably already know but the best place is just a standard custom free play race round indianapolis on 99 laps. A new improved way which someone mentioned in 1 these forums is with the season 3 update. If you have the dlc, buy the veyron and you can actually rubber band it without any DNF so thats what im currently doing right now. Admittedly it takes triple the time than just racing round yourself but if you are lazy like me this is the best way to do it. Still only 5000 miles out of the 24k needed but hopefully i can find some good tv shows and films to watch on netflix in the meantime 😂
  7. thats odd that it wouldnt work with your disk copy? I bought the complete edition (unsealed with code used) and then a sealed copy of the normal edition and that worked fine for me. hopefully it works for you.
  8. i bought a sealed copy a few months ago. according to the slip the code was expired in 31/03/2016 but i tried it anyway and it worked! so there is hope. I would imagine most sealed copies should still work. Just be careful as on ebay I noticed from feedback on a few sellers that are selling this game that they are resealing games to sell so just make sure the seller is trusted.
  9. Little Big Planet
  10. #63 Twisted Metal
  11. Dead Space I started with 3 and it killed the series for me. Even going through 1 on an alt i cant stand the series but i know if i started from the beginning I most likely would have at least enjoyed 1 and 2.
  12. i can confirm with han that the pass is still up for purchase as i bought it yesterday you have to go on the game then purchase the pass rather that straight to the store.