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  1. Hey, sign me up! I have the following: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Remastered Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Remastered Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
  2. It is, every 2 rituals you complete, doens't matter the order, you get a margwa to spawn, also If you wait until round 7/8 maybe 9, I don't remember exactly.. another one spawns. Combine this events together and optimize the round. If you have a team you can do every thing in round 1, just remember that it must be you the one who kills both margwas, not another player/teammate. You can also do it solo like I did. The more players you have in-game, earlier in rounds a margwa will spawn, just wait for it to spawn and complete the second/fourth ritual to spawn another and that's it. When I did the easter egg I must have killed 5-10 margwas when I was protecting the flags, so you also get it here.
  3. I know, but they did remove it later, and also being there didn't bother me because I've always recruited my own orcs. I understand your doubts about WB latest practices, hopefully this time it's not there at all... Regarding this game, from what I've seen, it could be a great Harry Potter game if not the best, a game we have been waiting for at least a decade. Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix, is still my favourite HP game (even tho it was made by EA), I played it along time ago with my brother on a PS2.
  4. Thank god it's not made by EA, otherwise every spell would be a microtransaction... Imagine open lootboxes for spells and cast timers...
  5. 26th September 2019 seems legit. (fingers crossed)
  6. I wanted to play as Kassandra because she is the "main protagonist" designed for the game, but since there are love interests and choices around it within the game, I might pick Alexios instead. Hard to choose, haven't decided yet.
  7. Westworld first season.
  8. More toxic than league? no way... You get flamed even when you get feed, because you didn't share the kills lmao
  9. Wait... didn't Jonah talked about his brother in the game, maybe you found him earlier... 😂 Doesn't matter how many Jonah's there are, they'll end up on Lara's friendzone anyways.
  10. It's the best one of the trilogy imo. If you play without survival instincts for exploration and puzzles makes it even better and rewarding. I recommend it.
  11. There is a difference between what we want and what we'll actually get, which is usually utter garbage. Although... this time...gotta pray for those Reddit genius to be right.
  12. Only the skills purchased and the resources you have acquired in your first playthrough, the collectibles don't carry over... if you want you have to collect them again...
  13. Great news! I wanted a new Wolfenstein game... but a co-op game like Youngblood wasn't exactly what I expected from a sequel to Wolfenstein: TNC. If it is just a spin-off, then I'm ok with it. In the upcoming sequel I wanted to keep playing as BJ and see how this "new" story ends as part of a trilogy. Maybe that's what they're doing with Dishonored.. we can hope they're working on a sequel as well. Edit: That last part in the article about Wallmart Canada had me dying.
  14. Another reason to pre-order the gold edition. Origins was amazing, Odyssey might be even better.