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  1. Bethesda E3 conference is about to start, I hope Arkane brings Dishonored or Prey back, want to see more gameplay of Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Doom: Eternal and who doesn't want see Todd on stage after the disaster that was Fallout76 lmao

  2. Ribbon of Effort should reward platinums with 30% or lower not 75% which is way to high, most platinums above 50% require almost no effort at all, that's why 30% or lower would be a better gap and reward players for their time investment and skill acquired for the games they played, not a discrimination whatsoever, just a reward for your effort, same with the ribbon of rarity which is an amazing idea. Also @BlindMango you mentioned a poll to vote the addition or removal of this system and I can say straight away most people on psnp don't want this system nor a rarity leaderboards, they want to keep stack their VN's and Ratalaika's games, the thing is, since people are biased about it and most active members on this site do this, you don't need to be a genius to know that the system won't go forward. Following this stupid logic I wouldn't want a top 50 ribbon because I never were in the top 50 achievers in anygame I've played? Of couse not, this players should be reward for their effort, it's just a goddamn distiction, I don't feel discriminated for having 0 in the the top 50 ribbon counter, just that I wasn't fast enough, that's it, on the other hand, it's implement would encourage me to go for it, the same applies for every other ribbon created, what is so hard understand?
  3. Took me 4 days and 13 hours to reach 100% in RDR2 including all singleplayer trophies, all online trophies came afterwards.
  4. That's exactly how I feel about this whole mess, can't describe it better.
  5. It's on my birthday 😊
    1. PhantomBlade19


      Howdy, sir! For your payment, if I rob anyone that I come across in god loving (un)civilized America, where should I send the moneh? I gotta speak to Dutch Plan der Linde first tho, he must know our gang has been exposed!

    2. douchebro


      hope he has a real plan this time instead of mangoes in tahiti

  6. Just started RDO for the first time, completed the intro and after that went to try a random online mode and got Overrun (like Capture the Flag) and you won't believe this but just straight up got MVP 3 times (required for the trophy "The Real Deal") in a row while losing two out of 3 games, just kept running like a degenerate all around the map capturing all areas, one of the matches I had 37 captures lmao all without killing anyone. I heard people struggling with this trophy, with online races even, but hey just play this mode and run around like an idiot you'll get it trust me.


    1. MidnightDragon
    2. NERVergoproxy


      People too busy shooting each other...haha.

  7. For a platinum goal this year I'd say between 80-90 plats, but my main goal is to reach below 40% average trophy rarity.
  8. I don't know if anyone mentioned this but you can play without a ps plus subscription until May 27th, starting today. Source:
  9. Really Sony? Again? Another set of avatars just for the US? First you take away Got avatars, now RDR2... Just make it available to everyone, is that so hard? I'd even pay for all of them.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MMX20


      I am only interested in games from Japan that have PSN avatars and are E to T ESRB ratings. The RDR2 avatars don't really interest me because I don't like M rated games.

    3. Nightstream88


      Then again Japan and Europe does have some avatars I want as well about what I hate about PSN avatars being exclusive to a region. 
      Since I know Europe has Tales of avatars and I think Japan has Sword Art Online avatars along with everything else.

    4. ee28max


      @ihadalifeb4this You made my day. Thanks for the laugh! 😂

  10. I'm as disappointed as the next guy with the way D&D handled this last season, but you know who didn't disappoint me in the slightest? Ramin Djawadi. He did an amazing job yet again Game of Thrones OST is something I will always remember and it pains me that I can't say the same thing about the show itself. We all waited almost two years for an ending to this incredible show, and the days passed as months, but now that is almost over... I feel... I don't know... it's like I wanted to go back to that feeling I had prior to the start of this season, the anxiety of not knowing what was going to happen, the meetings with my friends to formulate theories about how the ending was going to be, who is going to rule the seven kingdoms? who is going to die? who deserves to live? But now... those questions don't seem to bother me anymore. I really wished some of the fan theories I've heard and read actually went through, at least those weren't out of the blue like someone said in this thread. In the end, this TV show might be still called "Game of Thrones" but I don't recognize it anymore. So much potential wasted.
  11. Is it good news tho? 😏
  12. Why not both?
  13. Guys. Guys. Listen. Why waste your time here in pointless discussions, when you can get another easy half an hour platinum? Think about it.