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  1. Just bought the season pass today (waiting for the download to end..) I'm going to try your methods as well as @MAKAPOB_ strat for nightmare challenge. Thanks for the time you guys took to help us. Greetings from Portugal
  2. Can't wait, both Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider were amazing imo (besides Tomb Raider mp that I didn't even played, just one game, because it was boring af). This year, they said something like: "this time we are going to launch the game not far from the announcement date" (or something like that). So you can tell, I'm hyped. What about you guys? Can Shadow be even better? Hope this time they focus more on singleplayer and the story around Lara, also the DLC's from Rise were as good as the game itself, let's see if they can make it happen again
  3. Don't fight them, do as I did, if its just a treasure, pick it up and run away as fast as possible, because they will one shot you. If you have sleep darts use it. The system with the skulls above the higher enemies works just like on the Witcher 3.
  4. From Portugal as well, no e-mail either. Anyways, I was going to buy Bloodborne in January but I didn't, glad I waited, same for Ratchet and Clank The others "exclusives" don't really insterest me.
  5. I'm gonna start this post by saying, I did whine so mutch about this trophy, never sign the petition, but I was so frustrated because I thought it was nearly impossible and I didn't have the "time" to attempt it. Nevertheless, since February 24th I cut the bs and start ACTUALLY trying this difficulty, was so HARD at the beginning, not gonna lie. I thought of quitting more times than I can remember, but it was all worth it in the end. I couldn't have done it if it wasn't for Kreeper's and MariotheFalcon's methods, as well as @Dark section F revisit glitch and strats for the Ausmerzer Revisit final boss fight and A_B_Y_S_S_1 for his amazing strat for the 1st phase of the courthouse, not to mention all the other players feedback of their own runs in this thread, my special thanks to all of you for sharing. I did like 20-25 mein lebein runs, didn't practise that mutch on IADI, only for the hard sections (Courthouse, Panzerhound, Venus, Ausmerzer Revisit). Quick advise for all the players that haven't got this trophy but are considering a try in the future or just attempting it at the moment, don't use the same person strats. In my playthroughs I used like 60% of Mario's run strats, but sometimes is "run and trust they won't kill you" in some sections didn't work for me, so i searched more strats that are more reliable, for me at least (example: for the last part of the New Orleans, instead of running like a mad man, and or failed the ramp (it happened once..) or getting killed (again, it happened) I took it slow, camped where the weapon uggrade was and I took them all out, ran to Eva's Hammer slowly, killing the all enemies and the dog with the shotguns) after this method, never died in this section again. So my advise, make your own strats, don't rely 100% on others, because sometimes it won't work for you, and that was my mistake. I got it today, couldn't be more relief that it's over, although in a few months I'm gonna do another playthrough on any difficulty (maybe on the "Can I play Daddy?", ahahah), but this time on the Wyatt timeline, because with all the runs I did for this game never had a chance to play in his timeline. Right now, I just want to forget about all the strats I had to memorize for mein leben and think about what to play next.
  6. Yeah, can't wait
  7. No more than 45m if you skip the entire stage in every tour. I took a bit more because I mixed between Daily life (20 required for the trophy) and Pyramids (the one I actually wanted to know a bit more). Quick tip for all the players who want to skip the entire tour stages, everytime you reach a yellow marker, press circle, until the last stage, when you reach the last stage, if you don't want to hear the last message, just go back to the last stage marker and press triangle, this will end the tour right way.
  8. Glad to see someone like me for once.
  9. I'm an Assassin's Creed fan for years, and AC Origins is a great refresh for the series, cant stop playing, already have 50 hours and looking for more missions to do and places to go. If you came to this game, because it is 3/10 platinum ofc you will talk about griding, when you don't play for fun and only for trophies that's is what happens. So same advice keep playing easy games with no griding.
  10. That is what happened when you play this game for trophies instead playing for fun. Go play soundshapes and my name os mayo, those games are your type
  11. You want that? For what? To see how many easy games you have stacked and played for less then 1 hour? Called "trophy hunter" lmao, more like "trophy whore". I only play easy games if they're free and If I don't have any others games atm, and I get bored easily, but you're the men, keep it up. +Trophy
  12. "If you're finished reading this, you've wasted 3 seconds" come on bruh... you got me. Yeah i think the same, too good to be true :/
  13. well said. You're like me, someone who plays games that I enjoy the most and then accept the challenge to platinum it or try at least
  14. you're right I haven't seen it from that perspective
  15. I just notice that GTA V was at the top of the list with all the recent games that came 1-2 months (AC Origins, WW2, Battlefront 2) along with other games that came early 2017 (Horizon, RE7). This game came 4 years ago and there is still new players coming to the game, that's amazing.