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  1. People keep worrying about cheaters on leaderboards, when they real problem is "gamers" who play easy games for trophies just to climb faster. Of course they don't want a rarity points system, they would hit the bottom of it just as fast as they climbed the current system.
  2. None. If the day where I start playing games for trophies instead of the truly enjoying them comes, then I'll quit this hobby. Also there isn't no such thing as grind, if a game is a grind for you, why play it? Games should bring you joy, nothing less than that. Personaly I enjoy getting in-game completion rather than a 100% trophy list, but that is just me.
  3. Got Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice's ps4 theme 3 days ago and now I can't stop listening to it and I don't even have the game yet... Such a wonderful peace of art. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkPmokjohkQ


  4. I named my horse Impetuous, as in someone characterized by sudden rash and reckless behavior, impulsive, who moves with great force and violence of movement, like all horses should be. Wait.. Am I talking about the horse or Arthur? 🤔
  5. So.. why keep playing? Nobody is forcing you, right? Or the "dull shit" for 60 hours is worth just for that platinum? ofc 2/10 what can I say, hard af, don't sweat it.
  6. This is what happens when you buy a game because it's easy, so let's skip the entirely of the game and get the platinum as fast as possible, so mutch fun! I wish it was locked behind every ? mark or just harder in any way, that way this kind of topics would disappear. Why buy a game just to skip it? for trophies? Smh. Let the white knights come defend this "player".
  7. 1) Horizon Zero Dawn 2 2) Bloodborne 2
  8. No they didn't sell well because fans didn't like how both sequels went, personally I enjoyed them both. Also, asking to lower the difficulty just so you can buy the game and have an easy platinum is disgusting. Trophies should reward the player for what they achieve in games, not a participation award. I have seen "players" in this website getting "You ask for it... Again" (trophy for beating classic mode in EW2) after patch 1.05 and saying it was hard... please give me a break. You know that's not a real achievement, right? You literally walked the entire game and one shot everything, how is that hard? The hard part is feeling good with a trophy like that, but for people like you doesn't matter how good a game is, if it has hard trophies you skip it entirely. Such poor minded people and the saddest part is that they're the majority on this website. When I joined I thought this was a place to discuss trophies and the best way to get them, sharing gameplay experiences and helping the others, give advices and such, but in the last months I've reached the conclusion that this website is mostly frequented by players who create topics like "Can I plat this game, is it that easy?", "Hey, guys can't do this trophy, can someone shareplay it for me?", "What other regions can I stack this game?" , you see my point? What is the fun on that? And don't come saying anyone should do what they want because at the end of the day noone cares about your profile but yourself and I don't see how you can have pride on having such trophies, that's just my opinion.
  9. We always knew this day was coming given his age but still catches you off guard when you see it. The man lived a long full life and hopefully he went peacefully in the end. His work will live on forever and his name will never be forgotten.

    Thanks for everything, Stan.

  10. Mad respect old man, mad respect. May your work never be undone but improved upon. What a sad day that is today.
  11. Why EU never get any of this stuff? Is it that hard to make it available for everyone? looks at spiderman platinum avatar...
  12. @kielbasacomrade Just stay true to yourself, don't play games for trophies, if you're interested in a game don't let any difficult trophy talk you out of it. I was a pc gamer myself but when I bought a PS4 I never looked back, and I'm sure you won't. Making the most out of your games is truly rewarding not just for the trophies but as completionist standard, at least for me. Also, playing short/easy games to get a higher world/country rank is not going to make you feel better, because at the end of the day noone cares about our profile but ourselves.
  13. Gotta love this guy. Thanks man!
  14. Lmao this thread is hilarious 😁