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  1. If you need more gears to upgrade abilities join other people's sessions and help them complete side-missions, they will receive gears and so do you. You don't need to start the mission just finish it with someone else since you've completed your own. That's how I did it. Good luck!
  2. I've only start playing console in Q4 2015 so I've missed so many good games, but anyways here's my list in no particular order, although the first 3 are my all time favourites. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt Red Dead Redemption II Uncharted 4: A Thief's End BloodBorne Horizon Zero Dawn The Last of Us Death Stranding God of War Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Batman Arkham Knight Since I can only pick 10 games there is so many others like Dishonored, Resident Evil 2 Remake, HellBlade, Prey, MGSV: The Phantom Pain, AC Origins, The Wolf Among Us and the Metro saga that I feel worth mentioning.
  3. I can finally get gold medal for all missions!
  4. Thanks Ben, will use it tonight. You're a legend.
  5. Not from US so I couldn't redeem it, but what I wanted is a avatar with Norman Reedus or Mads mikkelsen in it..
  6. Nice try, Todd. No thanks.
  7. Holy shit! That scene with Joel was amazing! Can't wait for this game! I'll grab the collector's edition as well!
  8. I'm only interested in Anthem, not really into sports games.
  9. Yeah, I've seen this news before. Can I just pay 4.99€ to get EA Access and "rent" Anthem for a month? I've also seen the game for 25€ on a local retail shop.
  10. I try to play The Witcher 3 at least once every year. It's my favourite game and to think I almost skipped it if it wasn't for a my friend's advice, I wasn't really into rpg games. I wish I could erase my memory of it so I could play it again for the first time. I'm also a gwent addict.
  11. E3 stil is the best source for memes and cringe, also some games are shown but that's beyond point.
  12. Thanks the gods! This game is a blast, wouldn't mind more content.
  13. Thanks for the giveaway! Couldn't decide between the Witcher 3, RDR2 and Uncharted 4 platinum icons, but went with my favourite game 😁
  14. Excited to see what Tribute trophy is all about, maybe an hint for the next Dishonored, please Arkane make it happen after Deathloop
  15. My birthplat is COD: WW2, got it in 19th May last year at 19:19pm. Reach first prestige in mp was my last trophy and I realized the date and time, so I waited a few minutes and talked to the General and popped the platinum, one of my favourite call of duty games. Edit: Even though I didn't made The Witcher 3 a birthplat, it is with great honor to say that my favourite game released in my birthday .