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  1. I'm looking foward for this game. The game looks original and intriguing. Can't wait.
  2. Same, said fauna "absent" or smth. It didn't count...
  3. Same problem.. Found 6/7 animals and the last one couldn't find... Can they be underground, in caves or smth? Does anyone know?
  4. Too bad I'm from Europe..
  5. Do you guys think the season pass price will drop anytime soon? Anyone knows when the last time was?
  6. Don't worry, if the game as an easy platinum you will buy it anyways, like most "haters" did on this website.
  7. I just like zombies and I wanted this game just for that. At least WW2 had a good campaign and a great zombie storyline, BO4 has what besides zombies? battle royal and rainbox six siege remastered... Although I want to play with the Primis Crew.. I still won't buy it for full price. Got WW2 in April for 35€ and they're asking 50€ for the season pass.. like wtf is this, I'm litteraly going to pay more for the season pass than the base game.
  8. You know that the "black ops pass" it's the season pass right? 4 new zombie experiences, 12 multiplayer maps and 4 exclusive Blackout characters. It's all there, you just have to read it.
  9. The game looks away better now, even with all the hate it had (for releasing a beta version of the game for 60$, and a lot was told but not found *sweet little lies*) they made it way better with all this updates. But I still laugh everytime after watching this: NO MAN'S SKY IS GONNA BE THE BEST GAME EVER! YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT! 3:30
  10. @phantomfear9494 If you haven't already, play the Uncharted series and the Last of Us. Amazing games.
  11. One of the best games I've played, I still remember to this day how hyped I was when I unboxed it. God, I miss that day.
  12. @rolltideroll157 I agree with you, although I haven't played the game yet I heard it was "bloody good".
  13. Never played a Fallout game, but this game caught my eye. Although, I'll wait for some gameplay footage before making assumptions about it.
  14. Yeah, after I found him I started to listen some of his acoustic versions of my favourite songs, he is really good. Thanks @Zolkovo, btw what program did you use for the giveaway video? It's like I can't stop listening to his work... 😂
  15. If you guys don't know already the song from the giveaway video is an acoustic version of Feel Good Inc. from Gorillaz performed by Luca Stricagnoli. I knew I remember the song from somewhere, and then I realized it was from Guitar Hero 5, that I don't play in a long time. 😂 Acoustic version (giveaway song): Original version: Great job, the giveaway video is very well edited. Again, big thanks @Zolkovo, @Dav9834, @Beyondthegrave07, @eigen-space, @angelgrievous, @cr1s, @Silently, @CypherNova139 and @vincdel123for making this giveaway possible and everyone who decided to contribute for it. Congrats to the winners!