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  1. This may be a stupid question, but how do you collect cash stacks and horns from underwater?
  2. Depending on if you have the disc or the download, it worked for me on the disc with no updates installed.
  3. Out of curiosity, how do you know that?
  4. Does the article not state April 2018 and PS3 games are due to be abandoned in April 2019?
  5. I used the location in the Hollow where the police hang out in front of a diner
  6. The way i got this was by - Assigning the Hollow to Cassandra - Assigning point Verdun to Burke - Assigning River Row to Vito - Assigned all remaining rackets and districts to Cassandra (Southdowns, Downtown, Barclay mills, french ward, tickfaw and Frisco fields) - I didnt do any optional missions at all (Emanual, Nicky etc) or side missions (.45 in my hand etc) Vito and Burke never got anything after their first starting districts.
  7. Does anyone have tips on the best way to get the above trophies? They have glitched on me and not popping. I tried a new game from disc (latest patch), download from PS Store (latest patch) and now just trying download from PS Store (latest patch) but not connected to the internet. I am grinding on the Baka mission for the first 11 stealth kills then getting killed. Rinse and repeat but definatly got more than 100 stealth kills (assuming when an enemy is in "Search" mode it still counts as a stealth kill).
  8. For the first playthrough I collected everything and wire tapped before the DLC's came out and just copied it to a USB so I could do the kill playthrough. I found it easier to run from fuse to fuse rather than driving as you can cut down single alleyways as well. Lockpicking the junction boxes or regular doors? I usually just kick in doors rather than lock picking.
  9. Same here if i can get the setup sorted in time
  10. Yes, normally appears with me after 2 or 3 games
  11. Can't wait for this, long time coming!
  12. Agreed, I hate the zombie aspect of the game
  13. 56 Games Played 15 Completed Games 67.04%Completion 829 Unearned Trophies
  14. Thank you, new it would have been something simple like that
  15. Hello, Not been on this site long and was curious as to why the unearned trophies number differs to the number displayed on trophy advisor (which I take as being unearned trophies?) My unearned shows 957 Trophy advisor (no DLC) shows 634 Trophy advisor (with DLC) shows 1019 Wondered if anyone else has this or can enlighten me if I have missed something? I don't have any games hidden, nor do I have any filters on. Thanks
  16. Just wait until the next update...
  17. PSN ID jamesmar1909 PS Systems PS3, PS4 Accepts Blank Friend Requests Yes