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  1. Yeah the 4 year old just likes copying her sister! Haha. So moving the hole around in Donut County was fun for her and sort of 'included' her. They also played a bit of Brothers so they could have one stick each. Again, they weren't able to really solve the puzzles or anything, but just gave them an opportunity to run around with me providing silly commentary. Lego games getting a lot of mentions 👍
  2. 😂😂😂
  3. You joke.. BUT... the 6 year old has asked me i if can play the horsey game.... (god bless you RDR2) Lol!!!!! Needless to say that only happens when i'm riding the horse around and gets turned off immemidately when the sheriffs come to town! 😂 Interesting recomendations, thanks all, feel free to keep them coming
  4. Hi all, I've just recenty introduced PS4 gaming to my two daughters (6 year old and 4 year old). The idea is some weekends we'll sit together for an hour and play some games and its something they've really enjoyed. So far we have played two games; Storm Boy (mini games were fun) and Donut County (another fun game where moving the hole around is about right level for their use of controller). Any suggestions as to other easy games (similar to above in regard to aesthetic, use of controller/buttons - which is something they still struggle with) i can try with them moving forward? Thanks Oh... and if any of the games have easy trophies, then thats a bonus as they also really like it when the trophy pops in the corner! Hahaha, no idea where they get that from.. 😉
  5. @apfelpuffer Very true! I was already knee deep in uneccessary grind 😂 Certainly if @DaveMcDamage wants a more efficient/quicker way to tick it all off, then i'm hoping there are others like yourself that can advise him, I only have experience of going all in! And i recognise that isn't for everyone! ✌️
  6. Hey @DaveMcDamage Thanks for your kind words! 🙌 Yeah i loved the game, very nostalgic for my childhood and the longer summer holidays, when even us blondes didn't want to go out in the sun! 😉 I've only given half the story on the grind i did but it made me so powerful, i killed EVERYTHING and didn't use Zanamoto once 😇 But would you believe..... i've gone into my filing cabinet, deep in the garage... and found the colour coded sphere grid i made! Haha..... Is it possible for you to DM me or something with your email address, i'll send it across in case it helps. For maximum stats (on the standard sphere grid) you need... If you max luck, you don't actually need anything for Evasion or Accuracy; if i recall i put the remaining nodes in Evasion as it was a round number 😉 You can buy clear spheres from the trainer at the monster arena for 10,000. You would use them to remove any +1,+2,+3 nodes and replace with +4 equivalents. But i get the impression the grind is starting to take its toll, so if you are asking what whould i fill the gaps with because i don't want to remove anything and don't care about max stats, then I'll need to google that!
  7. Hi @DaveMcDamage Appreciate the initial conversation might have moved on but FFX was my first ever platinum (and before i moved from that profile RafeKage to this one Lidiardo). Such great memories. I still don't know why I did it but when i completed the sphere grid, i actually REMOVED all nodes to not only put the maximum +4 nodes back in (for max stats) but i colour coded them all! 😁 What i mean is i put all the STRENGTH ones together on the grid, all the LUCK ones together etc etc. I actually printed out a template grid and coloured them all in felt tip so i could make sure i had the right amount. Man... that must've added hours to my gameplay. Not sure these screenshots do it any justice but if you're feeling frustrated at the grind, just know i was even more of an idiot with it! Haha. 😅
  8. Grand Theft Auto V Masterminds I thought this trophy (and Elitist) would be beyond me and it has plagued me as the only game not at 100% in my backlog. Thankfully i met three high qaulity players and across the two man, three man and four man runs were able to achieve the 'impossible' and this bought me to 100%. The final heist as a two man took 50 minutes by itself - slow and steady!!! Haha. Red Dead Redemption 2 Legend of the West What a game, what a journey! Completing GTA V allowed me to pink the last couple of trophies on RDR2, with the platinum picture being of a certain landmark at the end of the game (Paying Respects > 100% > Platinum)
  9. @Tianna_Mortis If i'm reading your profile correctly, you've just platinummed Skyrim?!?! How about that for some closure! 😀
  10. Yeah @SirPigFace (great name btw) thats what i'm finding. Nothign worse than waiting 30 minutes for a match an dthen losing too! Lol. I've created a boosting session here to try and find a few others who are aiming for the trophies but its all a bit quiet. Forgive my ignorance, i've heard of discord but not looked into what it is???!
  11. Hi @mjan8935 I've been looking at the link you provided. I know nothing about VPN, how straightforward is this to setup? I'm from UK and struggling to find servers throughout the day. Evening time is OK but because i'm off work at the momoent, would love to take advantage of the time i have during the day. I'm wonderign if using VPN and trying to find other servers is the way to go.I'd appreciate your advice further.
  12. You too @Rakinho993 Can't wait to see Div 2 pop for your 100th platinum!!! 💪
  13. @Rakinho993 If you look at my profile i only have one more trophy to get for Final Fantasy 7 (well two but one will be the platinum)... I'm going to leave it whilst I play other games to near platinum. That way, i can choose which game i want to be where for the miletsone - for example, because of the childhood memories, i imght make FF7 my 50th platinum so will leave it whilst i platinum others and then go back to it pop it for #50. For me personally, the milestones are important because they're so visible when i look at my profile. Its nice to have ones that stand out and mean something. But thats my opinion and what i enjoy doing. The very definition of ilestone is one of signifcance so i like planing accordingly! 👍
  14. Great topic @Rakinho993 YES I do! Haha. Didn't know about them at first so my 500th was random (Proficient fortune hunter in Uncharted), but then i noticed them... and yeah... I've taken them too far! Oh dear! Have a look for yourself, not only do i plan the trophy in advance, i typically match it with an upcoming platinum so the trophy art is similar. I'm an Arsenal fan and The Division is one of my favourite games so i combined Raid the Arsenal (1,000th trophy) with my 20th platinum. Similar with Last of US for my 1,500th trophy and 40th platinum. The tophy having a cool name or trophy art, and the game being a game that is memorable to me is more important than how hard the trophy was. For example, my 2,000th trophy might be Notorious from Red Dead Online because it sounds cool, has a nice icon, and is a game i love. I made the 1337 trophy more poignant by doing the platinum for 11-11 Memories retold because i felt it a fitting tribute to sacrifices that were made. I know its totally OTT, and not for everyone, but i get a lot of enjoyment from taking this sort of care to it
  15. @ZachGM91 Not sure i have much authority on this or what the marking criteria is (Spaz seems to have a better handle on this that I), but i enjoy this community and happy to contribute. Hope you don't mind my personal opinion of a very, very solid 7/10... No hidden trophies which i like and a high completion rating. Would have loved to seen the Uncharted games at full 100% which would have bumped the score up. I like the occassions where you have deliberately ordered your games i.e Crash 1 - 2 - 3 and similarly with Kingdom Hearts. Nice rarity on the Trine 2 trophies too! Good work!