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  1. @Tianna_Mortis If i'm reading your profile correctly, you've just platinummed Skyrim?!?! How about that for some closure! 😀
  2. Yeah @SirPigFace (great name btw) thats what i'm finding. Nothign worse than waiting 30 minutes for a match an dthen losing too! Lol. I've created a boosting session here to try and find a few others who are aiming for the trophies but its all a bit quiet. Forgive my ignorance, i've heard of discord but not looked into what it is???!
  3. Hi @mjan8935 I've been looking at the link you provided. I know nothing about VPN, how straightforward is this to setup? I'm from UK and struggling to find servers throughout the day. Evening time is OK but because i'm off work at the momoent, would love to take advantage of the time i have during the day. I'm wonderign if using VPN and trying to find other servers is the way to go.I'd appreciate your advice further.
  4. You too @Rakinho993 Can't wait to see Div 2 pop for your 100th platinum!!! 💪
  5. @Rakinho993 If you look at my profile i only have one more trophy to get for Final Fantasy 7 (well two but one will be the platinum)... I'm going to leave it whilst I play other games to near platinum. That way, i can choose which game i want to be where for the miletsone - for example, because of the childhood memories, i imght make FF7 my 50th platinum so will leave it whilst i platinum others and then go back to it pop it for #50. For me personally, the milestones are important because they're so visible when i look at my profile. Its nice to have ones that stand out and mean something. But thats my opinion and what i enjoy doing. The very definition of ilestone is one of signifcance so i like planing accordingly! 👍
  6. Great topic @Rakinho993 YES I do! Haha. Didn't know about them at first so my 500th was random (Proficient fortune hunter in Uncharted), but then i noticed them... and yeah... I've taken them too far! Oh dear! Have a look for yourself, not only do i plan the trophy in advance, i typically match it with an upcoming platinum so the trophy art is similar. I'm an Arsenal fan and The Division is one of my favourite games so i combined Raid the Arsenal (1,000th trophy) with my 20th platinum. Similar with Last of US for my 1,500th trophy and 40th platinum. The tophy having a cool name or trophy art, and the game being a game that is memorable to me is more important than how hard the trophy was. For example, my 2,000th trophy might be Notorious from Red Dead Online because it sounds cool, has a nice icon, and is a game i love. I made the 1337 trophy more poignant by doing the platinum for 11-11 Memories retold because i felt it a fitting tribute to sacrifices that were made. I know its totally OTT, and not for everyone, but i get a lot of enjoyment from taking this sort of care to it
  7. @ZachGM91 Not sure i have much authority on this or what the marking criteria is (Spaz seems to have a better handle on this that I), but i enjoy this community and happy to contribute. Hope you don't mind my personal opinion of a very, very solid 7/10... No hidden trophies which i like and a high completion rating. Would have loved to seen the Uncharted games at full 100% which would have bumped the score up. I like the occassions where you have deliberately ordered your games i.e Crash 1 - 2 - 3 and similarly with Kingdom Hearts. Nice rarity on the Trine 2 trophies too! Good work!
  8. @geronimodegraaf I'd take Spiderman! Toss up between that and HZD. I know i'm late to the party with both games and look forward to doing them at some point!
  9. @padrinoapo18 You don't appear to have been active with the game for a few weeks but I hope this still helps. You have to purr (x) at two soldiers at the beginnnig of the chapter Collapse. Two soldiers will be kneeling next to a crate in the tunnel. Believe their names are Andrew and Phil. They will say "Go away cat! Shoo". Purr then and the trophy should pop. Also noticed you haven't got the Closure trophy which was the one i struggled with the most. I had it pop differently to others which leads me to think the trophy has two sets of criteria (done in either order)... In Life and Death chapter, you head to the graves at the north of the cemetry. Interatct with the five graves BEFORE inspecting the unmarked grave with the spade which progresses the game. After that, you go into the chapter with the poppy fields. Here you need to inspect every dead body in the poppy fields (Kurt normally offers a monologue of the soldiers name and makes some comment about how he knew him). People i know had the Closure trophy pop at this point but i believe this is only because they had inspected the graves in the prevcious chapter first. I didn't; i always progressed the sotry too quickly. And no mater hwo many times i replayed the poppy chapter, nothing would happen. It was only after i did the poppy field chapter in full, and then went back to the Life and Death chapter in chapter select straight afterwards and inspected the aforemntioend graves that the trophy popped.
  10. You've got some good ones on there. LA Noire and Spiderman are on my To-do list but i'll pick Horizon Zero Dawn because i've heard nothing but great things so deinately would want that on my plat/100% list @Jamescush147
  11. #37 Fe Sustain Forest Love 8-10 hour platinum with lovely visduals and soothing soundtrack and worth playing. But i've never been so friustrated with a game before either! The flying mechanic was clumsy and the amount of times i would jump between trees in totally the wrong direction, or mistime a leap and fall of ledges and then have to spend ages working out how to get back to where i came from was so annoying! So i echo the thoughts of @Phoenix_argentea in that getting all the collectables felt more of a slog than neccessary. I was lucky enough to not have the glitched counter so was able to so clear out each area. Its a game worth playing but i felt it a shame that a lot of the charm was lost a little on me towards the end because of the above frustrations.
  12. I just signed to offer my congratulations! I don't know whats involved with the platinum but anyone who sticks with it and achieves something after 8 years is worth something in my book. Awesome stuff @Jeffboy24
  13. @XSoul_D_EvansX Would have to be LA Noire!
  14. Powerpyx who appears to be a pretty big player on platinum roadmaps/guides says over and over again the need to play the first playthrough on easy/normal and get all collectables, side quests etc in that difficulty. And save DO difficulty just for the difficulty trophies on 2nd playthrough Source:
  15. Re: Raigz12 LA Noire! Great game!