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  1. Really didn't like the controls, switching weapons, switching between building and combat is very awkward.
  2. That "Unlife is Strange" trophy though. Dontnod please.
  3. Will be getting Darksiders 1, Agents of Mayhem, and Sine Mora EX. If ya'll missed the humble bundles Destroy All Humans, and Legend of Kay are fun. Thanks for giving the heads up there is a sale. I don't check Playstation's website every day. This isn't spam at all, and the people that lists all the games in the sale only help those in the US.
  4. No Have you played Geoguessr or any other Google Map related games?
  5. Both look amazing. On my side of things, been having a bit of trouble with the PS4 shutting off, and not powering on randomly. Also broke the HDMI port on the TV (Pushed it in) because we switch between PS3 & PS4 a lot. Began MGS V: The Phantom Pain recently. Great PS Plus game. Might have to redo the game for the trophy to be a hero. Having way too much fun killing people (Am I evil?). Currently on the next trophy mission Where do the bees sleeo, or something like that. It's a crazy mission!
  6. For the past 2 days I had trouble turning it on, had to physically move the PS4 a couple inches to the side for it to turn on. Now is the first time it randomly shut off. This thread beought bad luck. Never touched the power button on the condole since day 1 so I doubt the buttons are the problem.
  7. Knew you'd be there when I mentioned dubbed. Summoning of Ookami complete! Will you be my servant?
  8. Hunter x Hunter (2011) Episodes 91 - 94 dubbed. It's so damn good.
  9. A Way Out seems pretty fhn.
  10. My friend had kind of the same issue. They created an account on my PS4 named "Psyche-of-Death" but when tried to login to PSN they had to enter another username (I dont recall doing this myeelf). The same username that was used on my PS4 wouldn't work. They had to add an s to it "Psyche-of-Deaths" that worked for some reason.
  11. Kind of off topic, did you guys rely on the Shorty (pistol shotgun) at all on grounded? I stopped playing in the sewers, I missed the gun pick-up. Wondering if I should restart when I pick it back up again. Getting to that point all ready took dozens of hours. Some places are just completely luck based to get through.
  12. Have my next couple milestones planned out, 1337 trophy milestone will be "Japanese Collector Edition" or "We all float up here" (IT reference) from Destroy All Humans 2. 20th Plat will hopefully be "Insanity" from Amnesia Collection. Since my 10th was from Until Dawn. Gotta plat DAH 1 and 2 back-to-back to satisfy my OCD. Same with Amnesia, and Outlast. A Hat in Time looked great at launch, same as Yooka Laylee, just hadn't had the money to buy either.
  13. Saved Sky garden till last when I popped the plat. No trophies glitched.
  14. No Have you seen Avengers Infinity War yet?
  15. Started playing 4, or 5 months ago. Currently level 23, and team Mystic. The town I reside in is pretty equal team-wise. Never done a raid battle yet, and only taken weak gyms by myself. Forever alone. Highest CP pokemon is Machamp 2000 CP, followed by another Machamp 1900 CP.