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  1. 25th attempt on the HQ, sucks that you can only run it 10 times a day. Made it to Floor 17 yesterday, only barely made it to Floor 15 today. Every single thing you, and your teammates do has to be perfect or you fail miserably.
  2. Great month!
  3. All right no trophies are glitched, at least from the ones I've gathered. A couple of them are just have vague descriptions. Crowns collected through Ranked matches DO NOT count toward "Long Live The King!" And as stated above you must get a triple kill with any gun/knife for "Striker Fury" C4, grenades, etc DO NOT work. Also to note the trophies for completing Special Operations are really difficult. At the moment I'm finding the "Easy" missions too difficult.
  4. Telltale is... was one of the best gaming companies in recent times, sad to see them go. Hmm, as for what I've been playing; I should have never started Warface, the pay to win style is suffocating, I've been in a couple games where some snipers know exactly where you'll spawn, and kill you before you can move. Mafia 3 is much more boring than I anticipated, I was expecting GTA action, and it's more like a knock-off Godfather which was great, on the PS2! Final Fantasy 10... 5 hours of progress doesn't get you very far. Need to invest alot more time into this. Once Warface forces me to break my controller, I want to strive for Dead By Daylight's platinum. I LOVE horror movies, and this game is a bit better than I initially thought, even though quick time events are the bane of my existence. Including DLC there's over 100 trophies, holy shi- BOOZLE is this PG? Finally platinumed Skyrim, but I have an urge to start anew, murdering shtufmuffs is fun. also hi guys.
  5. Explored every location, and done 95% of the quests in just under 400 hours WITHOUT ever fast traveling. Now I'm messing around with the character creation sliders making some douchebag ass Nazeem's.
  6. These trophies have glitched for me; Long Live The King!: Collect 100 crowns. -I currently have 375 crowns. Striker Fury Kill 3 enemies in a row in Versus. -Done this 5+ times. Tested in ranked, and unranked matches.
  7. Nope, not time skipping at all. I personally consider it cheating, and dislike messing in the console settings. But I guess whatever floats your boat.
  8. 😅 Is time skipping not against the rules here? Anyway, why cheat?
  9. The physical copy of BO3 came with my PS4 I'd like to praise it, and tell ya'll how good it is (sarcasm), but it's still sealed.
  10. Mine popped when I had 2.5k on hand, don't know if I collected 10000 total though.
  11. I dislike how enemies scale, been grinding rushes in a small med lab, and the radroaches deal so much damage now. Using 2 weapons with 15-20 damage, and they're just tanking it. What's more irritating is you can only remove 1 quest a day, my quests right now are for selling weapons 3 times, and finding the mysterious stranger 8 times. Not quests i plan to do at all... should I spend the Cola i have to remove quests?
  12. You can do it France!
  13. Was playing Skyrim last night, and found this (in-game) book interesting. "You wish to grow but fear what you may become, so you push off the water, the dirt, the sun, to stay in your hole. But it is in the very pushing that you become a tree, in spite of yourself. How did that happen?" Entry #1 - Thanks for the generous giveaways you guys!
  14. Nice list! Also yes, enjoy the games. There's no point in playing if it feels like a chore to do so.