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  1. Nope, not time skipping at all. I personally consider it cheating, and dislike messing in the console settings. But I guess whatever floats your boat.
  2. 😅 Is time skipping not against the rules here? Anyway, why cheat?
  3. The physical copy of BO3 came with my PS4 I'd like to praise it, and tell ya'll how good it is (sarcasm), but it's still sealed.
  4. Mine popped when I had 2.5k on hand, don't know if I collected 10000 total though.
  5. I dislike how enemies scale, been grinding rushes in a small med lab, and the radroaches deal so much damage now. Using 2 weapons with 15-20 damage, and they're just tanking it. What's more irritating is you can only remove 1 quest a day, my quests right now are for selling weapons 3 times, and finding the mysterious stranger 8 times. Not quests i plan to do at all... should I spend the Cola i have to remove quests?
  6. You can do it France!
  7. Was playing Skyrim last night, and found this (in-game) book interesting. "You wish to grow but fear what you may become, so you push off the water, the dirt, the sun, to stay in your hole. But it is in the very pushing that you become a tree, in spite of yourself. How did that happen?" Entry #1 - Thanks for the generous giveaways you guys!
  8. Nice list! Also yes, enjoy the games. There's no point in playing if it feels like a chore to do so.
  9. Anything with 4 legs, and resembles an animal. Like the sprite second from bottom, 7 to the left (Looks like Nina from Fullmetal Alchemist). Also that pokemon 8th row from the top, 15th from the left looks cool. Stabbing itself.
  10. Got the Destroy All Humans 1 & 2 plats! Nice song, it must annoy you by now having listening to it so much in a short period of time.
  11. Just got my 1337 trophy milestone, Japanese Collector's Edition in Destroy All Humans 2. No idea how to screenshot or post pictures from mobile so no images! I'm a big anime fan, so the name is fitting. Time to plat DaH1 & 2.
  12. Binged watched Higurashi (So damn good), and Hellsing. Caught up with Hunter x Hunter 2011 dub (E96), and Steins;Gate 0 (E4). Currently watching Hellsing Ultimate, and Skip Beat.
  13. Really didn't like the controls, switching weapons, switching between building and combat is very awkward.
  14. That "Unlife is Strange" trophy though. Dontnod please.