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  1. There is place at Trinity, where almost 100% spawns mini-boss (only after the story). Killing him provides you with nearly 1,5k xp for both parkour and combat. Video:
  2. Well, I tried for an hour today, no survivors at day, and barely got two of them at night. Maybe it because I finished the story, maybe because I gave all districts to the PK, but this encounters pisses me off..
  3. Thx, I'm a PK enjoyed, so I have only 2 survivors territories... And what is the better time to get encounters after story day or knight?
  4. What about A Friend in Need… just roaming around hoping to get encounter or there are some tips for it)?
  5. Congratulations! Any tips for A friend in need, been farming it for 2 hours, but got only 7 survivors encounters...
  6. Well, Valhalla had many activies, not collectables. First DL had nearly the same number of collectables, but only ~70 were neaded for the trophy. I don't think that it'll take long to get all 250 of them: u'll casually run to it, grab it and run to the next one, approximately 3-4 hours to get all of them, I hope)
  7. Nothing is certain for now, I looked through some people's profiles and in some of them I saw a few story trophies that were missed, but I assume they were glitched. Better wait for first reviewes and guides for further information (First reviews should be posted at February the 2nd) UPD: look the post below)
  8. The worst part, they even didn't make another season pass for new content, so we'll have to buy all 4 new and 4 last year DLC separately....
  9. Why all of you considering this 500 hours as the length of the game? First u should dividing 500h by two, because all game developers tend to lie or exaggerate of their game, cuz marketing and so on. Secondly, Techlends said that this 500h incudes getting all of the content. all dialog, all cutseen, all notes ets, so if we have a certain game dialog for example on 30h of story if playing and u skip it due to your choice in game, according to developers vision u have to replay all story till this moment to see this dialog. Sorry if I being rude 🙃
  10. A guy named Hinsusta got the trophy for completing story, 24 hours in game according to PSN, so Techlands didn't lied about time needed to complete story)
  11. Well, I watched a few side mission gameplay, and only in one of them there were 3 major decisions, which could end mission right after it. So, maybe some collectables will be missable, but I pray the God to this only be my worries...
  12. Got the info about the number of collectibles, 250 in total. Hope, none of them are missable🙂
  13. Sounds very interesting, I'll write you in psn)
  14. I don't get it... So, for example I give my account, you loading MD, and getting all the neaded trophies buy just playing along with your account on your console)?
  15. The event is over, Good luck.