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  1. Very enjoyable game, 5 dlc brought many new content, 6th dlc is on a way. By for now, game has only 1 multiplayer related trophy, which requires to revive friend 20 times. About difficulty, base game is easy enough, any teammate make it even easier. But DLC trophies may seems harder, as my friend said.
  2. Well, I have a question, what is the best way to earn Overflow trophy?
  3. The challenges will be available on the 15th on June.
  4. Well, so I'm staying on ps4 version, thanks.
  5. Did it get any graphical improvements?
  6. Yes, they are autopop)
  7. As I can tell, they added patch 2.6.3 support with its two DLCs, some trophies like Level Up Your Federation or Have a Diplomatic Weight of over 9000 doesn't require DLC because it's a part of free 2.6.3 update. But built Juggernaut or have Mega-Shipyard requires DLCs itself, which are currently unavailable
  8. Got it, thanks for support)
  9. Cuz, I'm have some sort of fad: I have all my Ps4 games downloaded on external HDD, 2.1/3.7 tb is already taken. And, in a view of, that all PS5 games are 50gb+, and possibility to add new space will cost a lot, due to m.2 needed, I considering Ps4 version more suitable for me)
  10. Got it. Thanks a lot, man)
  11. Thanks, by the way, what dualsense features Miles has, and if u know, in Ps4 version are they included?
  12. So, I'm about to buy this game of The Pathless and to save space for future PS5 games I think to play the PS4 versions of this game. Does the PS4 version support adaptive triggers and other dulesense feathers, and what significant difference does PS5 version of MIles has?
  13. Not yet very clear for me how this all works, but okay, thanks)
  14. So, why some games like No man's sky, mk11, AC Valhalla have different list, but other don't have?
  15. Or they are journalists, reviewers or got somehow physical copy of the game or anyting else)