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  1. Hey there. Thinking of starting the multiplayer as soon as possible. Hit me with a message if you could help out
  2. Nevermind. Already got the platinum
  3. Anyone else having trouble with this or other trophies glitching out? I guessed the right adress with Ethan, then waited for the "Killer's Place" chapter to be over but the trophy didnt pop.
  4. Try this: before starting the game, turn off the internet connection on your PS4. Then start the game and load your save. Once it has loaded, turn the internet connection on again. My theory is that the leaderboards arent syncronising propely and are causing the game to crash
  5. Anyone having this issue? I'm trying to play a ps1 game on my ps3, but everytime that I do, my controls keep locking up.
  6. Could I also get the back cover in English too?
  7. I have been searching through the internet trying to find a good PAL English box cover for this game with no such luck. Could anyone help me out by either giving me a link of the image or scanning your own copy and sending it?
  8. No, you can still get the trophies. This only applies to uplay
  9. Does anyone know what the knightfall bundle contains besides the main game?
  10. Are you sure? It must turn off for a reason
  11. There is an option in the main menu that let's me stop the console from turning itself off. Won't that damage the system over time?
  12. Anyone else having this problem too? Every single time I do a few matches in multi-player, the console decides to turn off by itself. It can't be the console, because I played U3's multi-player for a month and nothing like this happened to me. Anyone with a solution would be very helpful
  13. Is it stated when they┬┤re planning to add them?
  14. I'm having trouble finding the uncharted 2 free dlc bundle. I'm currently using the Portuguese Playstation store
  15. Gauntlet: Slayer Edition. That game has a lot of grind trophies.