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  1. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Finally beat and platted the game, I liked it, it was a fun game liked the story...but my main problem is, the backtracking gosh im never one to complain about it, but this game desperately needed a fast travel system. If/when they do the sequel, it needs fixed as the maps can be huge to backtrack all the way for collectibles.

    1. DamagingRob


      Ew, that sounds like it could be a nuisance. Nice one, Kenobi!

  2. As someone whose never played a dragons quest game before, I really enjoyed Dragon Quest Builders 2, plan to play dragon quest 11 someday because ive heard alot of good things about it. That Kotaku review for it was actually surprisingly amazing xD

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. NERVergoproxy


      DQ Builder 2 is the only one I haven't played. I never actually liked the 1st but its definitely something I want to buy when the price is right. I am in now rush. Hopefully its better than 1.

    3. Edunstar84


      I liked DQ Builder 1 well enough, except for the time challenges. Heard the 2nd one was leagues better. 

    4. Nemmy_Wemmy


      @ClintonLS90yeah ive heard nothing but great things of it! 


      @NERVergoproxynever played it, i got dqb2 off of ebay for decently cheap tho! 


      @Edunstar84really the only thing that was annoying to me personally in dqb2 was breeding a 4th generation animal. 

  3. @ClintonLS90 welp that was fast, I can confirm medic does work now, got my plat. But i definitely didnt do all 100 this day musta got a bunch of heals since the patch by just regular gameplay lol
  4. Guess ill start running a medic build and start trying to go for this so i might be able to confirm it in a few days.
  5. Yeah i know i saw that so i figure wed have to start at 0 again lol Medic build here i come ig lol
  6. Yeah the update is out as soon as anyone can confirm that medic is now obtainable let me know!
  7. You have to be the last one alive -> do a generator (ive heard it can be any gen as long as u are only one alive) -> then escape the match
  8. I wonder how in the world ican convince the killer or straight up boost to get this.
  9. We were right about that guy btw he did the ole i know someone who works there gimmick lol
  10. Well i hope they fixed it!
  11. Yeah but the trophy called Medic, is still completely bugged almost no one has gotten it in months.
  12. My mistake I know its 3, I dont know why I typed 4, fixed it.
  13. You must use only the 3 unique teachables that the killer or survivor has. Then escape as the survivor. If you are the killer you will want to double pip (meaning you get Merciless killer)
  14. Yeah I finally got handyman but i still dont have Medic yet.
  15. IF what he is saying is even legit, not trying to be mean but people make false claims of them knowing someone who works somewhere all the time. He might be trolling us. Just using healthy skepticism not trying to be rude to anyone. If its true tho its thats cool